Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 28th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat reveals truth to Ghazala

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 28th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the men offering prayers. Zaroon says I will go to police station and come. Mamoon asks why, are you mad, what’s the need. Nadim asks Mamoon to hear out Zaroon first. Zaroon says dad never listens to me, I want to find out who was that fake doctor, from where did he come, what was his motive, he didn’t harm us being here, I want to go to police to get these answers. Mamoon says fine, this is valid. Zaroon says I don’t say any useless thing. Mamoon says don’t react on my words always. He goes. Nadim says keep us updated. Zaroon says fine. Ghazala sees Zaroon and screams. She says you scared me. He says you thought I m a ghost, its just an illusion. She says the day I die, you will know, don’t joke. He says don’t say this.

She says you don’t believe me. He hugs her and says I won’t let you go anywhere, I will go. She says say you will come. He says fine, be fine, I will come, don’t lose your life. She laughs and says come soon. He leaves. She goes to water the plants. She fills water. Rubina says Saltanat had drank haldi milk, she used to dislike it, Kainat used to drink it, maybe she is missing Kainat a lot. Ghazala waters the plants. Kainat looks for her things. Ghazala stumbles and gets the white cloth and specs. Kainat says I had thrown my dupatta and specs out, its still outside. She runs and sees Ghazala there. She says I made a big mistake, Zaroon has gone to police station, his mum is alone at home, I know what to do.

Dr. Sharma says we shall see if your eyes opened. He displays some sharp patterns to wake up Saltanat. He says if these harsh lights won’t make you conscious, then nothing else will work. He gets a call and says don’t call me again and again. Kainat comes to Rubina and Nadim. She says I fixed the appointment for Zainab. Rubina says but we are going to call doctor home. Kainat says no, fake doctor incident happened with us, we should go there and not take risk, I got a migraine attack, do you have any medicine, I have to take Zainab to hospital. Rubina says no, you take rest, I will take her. Nadim says I will go. Rubina says I will stay with you. Kainat says no, you should be with Zainab, I will ask Ghazala if I need help. She sends details of appointment to Nadim. Nadim and Rubina leave. Kainat smiles.

Ghazala comes to Zaroon’s room. She says Zaroon didn’t come yet. She calls Zaroon. She says whom shall I talk, something wrong is happening. She says I will tell Dadi what I got. She finds the door locked. Zaroon’s pic falls down. Ghazala cries and fixes it back. She shouts for help. Dr. Sharma says I won’t give answers right now, I just know that you are my target, Kainat, you are alive, but not conscious, I m sure you will get conscious. He gets a call and says I know, I m coming back. He asks Saltanat to get up or not, its her wish, she will regret when he takes her to some place. Ghazala shouts. Nilam opens the door. She says Rubina and Nadim took Zainab to hospital, what happened. Ghazala says I have to show something, this dupatta. She sees the dupatta gone. Nilam says there is nothing. Ghazala says when I was watering the plants, you remember Zaroon said…. Kainat says that he had seen Kainat… did you also see Kainat. Ghazala gets scared and says no. Nilam says let me hear her once. Ghazala says its nothing. Kainat says let her rest. Ghazala says yes, we will talk later.

Ghazala thinks where did the dupatta go. Kainat thinks I m a superhero, I came to room by climbing pipe and took away the things, you can’t tell anything to Zaroon. Nilam asks did Ghazala see Kainat’s ghost, I had also seen something, even Rubina felt something, who knows Kainat is really alive, think if she is alive and comes out. Kainat thinks if Saltanat comes and tells truth to Zaroon.. Nilam says if she comes back alive, Zaroon will hate her, he worries for her now, this will solve your problem, you will have all his attention. Kainat thinks of Zaroon giving attention to Ghazala. She asks her to take Dadi to Dargah. Nilam goes.

Ghazala looks for her phone. Kainat comes to her. Ghazala asks where is my phone. Kainat asks why do you need that, what were you going to tell Nilam. Ghazala says get out of here. Kainat asks what else, will you shout, there is no one at home, Nilam has gone to Dargah, are you finding Saltanat. Ghazala gets shocked. Kainat says Saltanat is gone, I m Kainat. Ghazala gets back.

Ghazala says you killed Saltanat. Kainat says yes, I took Saltanat’s place. Zaroon finds the grave empty and shouts Kainat.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Dear writer.
    Please kill everyone and end the show.
    Everyone in this series is going one by one because of its dumbness ahahah now it’s time for ghazala to go ?? this is too much

    1. She’ll go into coma or maybe a full stop. The question is what dosage will she use ??

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