Bepanah Pyaar 28th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir takes Pragati’s side

Bepanah Pyaar 28th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghbir, Pragati, Priya, Shefali and Nakul reach home. Pragati asks Priya if she is fine now. She nods. Thank you so much Bhabhi. Raghbir blesses Priya. Pragati receives Prashant’s message. She had handed over a glass to him stealthily to match with the one he had given him previously.

Raghbir’s mother asks Pragati if she couldn’t wear something nice. Priya tries to explain but her mother does not let her. Raghbir’s mother taunts Pragati again. Raghbir asks her what’s wrong in this dress. Pragati decides to leave so the matter isn’t stretched any further. Raghbir’s mother, Gopi and Shalu reprimand Pragati yet again. Raghbir says it was my choice. His mother insists that a DIL has some limits and some obligations, dignity and traditions to follow / maintain. Raghbir asks her if she is hinting at her kitty parties. His mother asks him if he will argue with his mother for Pragati. She hasn’t done any favour on us. Raghbir asks her if she did any favour. Pragati has married me and has a right to be here! It is she who has done a favour on us! She married me to save me. Dignity should be in your outlook and not your clothes! Raghbir’s mother tells Raghbir that his outlook is changing since this low class girl has come here. I was sure she would create a rift between us! She is such a cheap woman! Raghbir warns her to make sure no one calls Pragati that. She is my wife! Pragati tells him to let it be but Raghbir explains the meaning of a Bhabhi to his family. Nakul, Shefali and Priya have found a gem, reliable person in her. She is living every role as a DIL, Bhabhi and friend honestly. I don’t have to even tell you how much she takes care of me. His mother asks him if this is how he will speak to the mother who has raised him. Raghbir retorts that she hasn’t raised him. You have only given birth to me and Bhaiya and had sent us away to hostel! His father tells him to stop but Raghbir insists he dint get his mother’s love. People ask me why I am like this. It is because of this truth! A guy can get anything in life but he is incomplete if he does not get his mother’s love. I dint get your love! Pragati has lived all her roles brilliantly. No one here should be able to call her cheap! Pragati looks at him emotionally. Raghbir tells Pragati she need not answer anyone now. He takes her with him.

Raghbir is misffed in his room. Whenever I try to fix something it breaks. What was the need to say all that? Pragati says mothers can never be wrong. Raghbir asks her if she means he is wrong. She reasons that both of them are right in their own way. It is all about perspectives. She gives him an example. You shouldn’t have spoken to her like that. Raghbir says I speak my heart. Pragati reminds him that he called her precious. He says I said it from my heart. Pragati wishes she had seen this side of Raghbir before. She sits next to him while he is drinking. He apologizes to her on his mother’s behald. She could have been nice to you but not every mother is same. Pragati says I would have understood only if I could remember my mother. He apologizes to her. I did not know. She says its okay. You are lucky that you got mother’s love. He says I got name from her and love from Badi Ma. She says I don’t know what you have been through but I don’t want mummy ji to feel upset. There must be a reason. Who talks to a mother like that?

Aditi is upset because of the way Raghbir spoke to her downstairs. He insulted me in front of everyone. I wouldn’t have heard it if it was someone else but I listened to Raghbir quietly! It is all because of Pragati. She has become more important for him than his mother. His husband reasons that she was over reacting and so did he. She says I am a mother. Don’t I have a right to say anything in this house or not?

Pragati says a mother can say anything. Raghbir explains what a mother is. She holds your hand when you are in trouble; a kid can win the world if she blesses him! She never gives you pain but unfortunately, there is nothing like that here.

Tina says a mother is like that only. She has a right to shout on her kid but Raghbir was really out of control today. Have yuo ever done that? Why were you quiet? Harshit says I was quiet as I could see pain in the eyes of both of them. She asks him who seemed to be in more pain. You were there too. Harshit says I am not emotional like Raghbir. There was a wedding once in the mess and Raghbir was very emotional. He cannot see anyone in pain. He was about to burst. It is good that it came out.

Pragati tells Raghbir to apologize to his mother. He asks her if she wants to win Nobel Prize. She says a mother is who keeps the family together. Please apologize for my sake. Badi Ma asks Raghbir why he gets so angry. Pragati says it stays on his nose. It changes the moment he loses his temper. Badi Ma says it changes his face. Raghbir tells them to stop now. I will apologize tomorrow. He goes. Badi Ma tells Pragati she has always seen Raghbir living in his past. He has changed now. Pragati gives her credit but Badi Ma tells her she is the reason why he has changed. Stay with him like this only. He will be able to step out of this darkness. She hugs her and murmurs a thank you. Badi Ma leaves. Pragati realises that she completely forgot about Prashant.

Prashant is waiting outside for Pragati. He is about to call her when he notices the mystery man in the rear view mirror. He steps down to check who it is but the man disappears. Prashant wonders if he was hallucinating. Whre are you Pragati? The mystery man calls the maid (Sushma). She asks him why Pragati will go out at this time. What does she have? He tells her something. She agrees to keep an eye on Pragati.

Gopi and Shalu are trying to pacify Aditi. Pragati is stepping out of the house stealthily when she collides with Shefali. Everyone comes there. Shefali asks her where she is off to. Pragati lies that she was going out for a walk. Gopi points at her clothes and purse. Shalu calls it her Independence Day. Go ahead. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed over anything. Aditi walks away in a huff. Gopi and Shalu follow her. Nakul asks Pragati to come with him. I have to show you something. She tries to make an excuse but he manages to convince her to stay.

Harshit and Raghbir sit down to play video games. They reminisce old days. Raghbir calls it the best days. Harshit advises him to think of good memories which can keep him happy. Don’t be sad. Raghbir agrees. He wins the game. Harshit calls it cheating. They start another round.

Guard whistles at Prashant. He nods that he will leave soon. He wonders where Pragati is.

Nakul brings dessert for Pragati. She thinks to taste it and leave asap. Priya also comes there. She is impressed seeing his surprise. Pragati tries to leave but Nakul requests her to have some more. Raghbir and Harshit also join them. He notices Pragati lost and feeds her. Everyone says aww in unison. Pragati keeps glancing at the door. She tries to excuse herself but Nakul asks her to feed Raghbir as well. Harshit tells Pragati to go ahead. Don’t worry. I am here. Pragati feeds a bite to Raghbir. Tina tells Harshit to learn something from his younger brother. He convinces her easily. Pragati thinks to give the scarf to Sushma. She can give it to Prashant.

Pragati asks Sushma to give the scarf to Prashant. She explains her everything through hand gestures. She opens her purse but does not find the scarf there.

Precap: Raghbir shows a bottle to Pragati and asks her about it. Pragati is outside the house. She is on a call. Even Sushma is talking to someone nearby. Pragati moves aside as a car drives past her. Sushma is seen lying dead on the floor with a knife stabbed in her stomach. The mystery man looks at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  3. The female who is acting the role of Pragathi is terrible. Her portrayal of the role is not up to the required standard. At the initial stage she was ok… but as the teledrama progresses, she is a pitiful site. I am watching from Sri Lanka.

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