Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Zainab learns Kainat’s plan

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The Episode starts with Nilam criticizing Zaroon. He asks her to shut up, she is doing this just to fulfill Saltanat’s wish, Saltanat has sacrificed everything for Kainat, she has no courage to accept her love. Zainab comes to ask Rubina about Saltanat. Rubina asks her to just go. Zainab reminds her the favor and begs her to tell about Saltanat. Rubina asks how much sorrow will you give to Saltanat. Nadim asks Rubina to stop it. He says Saltanat went to her friend, I can call her. He gets her phone off. Her phone is fallen under the bed. Rubina asks why will she talk to the people who ruined her life. Zainab thinks to make Zaroon meet Saltanat at any cost. Sabina greets the guests and says I have to get rid of the trunk before marriage. Nadim says I will go to Saltanat’s friend’s house and get her. Zainab thanks him. Ayub stops Nilam for a talk. He offers her help. Nilam says you couldn’t lift the truck. He makes her smile by his cheesy talks.

Miyajaan asks Zaroon are you happy. Mamoon says yes, surely, he has accepted this alliance by his happiness. Dadi says we lost the heirship. Nadim says I m going to call Saltanat. Zaroon asks is she coming. Nadim says lets see. Mamoon asks Zaroon to remember that he is marrying Kainat, come its time for the marriage.

Zainab looks for Kainat. She thinks Kainat went with Sabina. She sees Kainat’s pic. She recalls Kainat’s words. The frame falls from her hands. Zainab worries. Nadim comes to her and says Saltanat is not at her friend’s house, maybe she went somewhere. He asks her not to worry and take care. She says I will come. She says maybe I know where is Saltanat. She gets Saltanat’s phone under the bed. She says no, this can’t happen. Kainat asks why didn’t you not do my work. Sabina says I didn’t get time. Zainab comes and asks Kainat to come with her. Sabina asks what happened. She gets Kainat to room and shuts the door. She asks Kainat about Saltanat. Kainat refuses. Zainab says you know it, just tell me, else I will lock you here.

Kainat says its my marriage today, I don’t know her. Zainab asks how did her phone come here. Kainat says I don’t know, she was going to her friend, she told me. Zainab doubts on her. She recalls Kainat’s words and gets shocked. She asks what was inside that trunk. Kainat says I told you, my old memories. Zainab says no, there was just Saltanat, whom you don’t love. Kainat denies. Zainab asks how dare you Kainat. She raises hand. Kainat holds her hand and twists. Zainab gets hurt. Kainat pushes her away. Zainab gets shocked seeing her mad rage. Kainat says don’t dare to raise hand on me again. Zainab recalls her husband, who tortured her the same way. Kainat laughs. Zainab recalls her husband’s evil laugh on seeing her. Kainat says you are my mum, you have no right to question me, so next time, don’t come between my decision. She takes Saltanat’s phone. Zainab says stop, you will never stay happy. Kainat says I got my happiness. She locks Zainab and goes. Zainab knocks the door. Zaroon is leaving for the marriage. He says I want to meet you once before marriage. He sits on the trunk. Mamoon asks him to come.

Zaroon’s cloth gets torn by getting stuck to the trunk. He thinks dad is in hurry to get his throne. Kainat removes the landline phone. She says I don’t want mum to call anyone. Sabina asks why, what did you do with her. She hears Zainab shouting. Zainab shouts to everyone and says I m locked here. Kainat asks about the trunk. Kainat says relations aren’t anything, need is everything, I don’t need you, I m going to marry Zaroon. She dons the ghunghat and goes. Zainab hits the chair to break the door. Kainat asks Sabina to hurry up. Kainat leaves in the car. Sabina pushes the trunk in the pool. Zainab shouts to Zaroon and Miyajaan. Sabina also leaves in the car. Zainab says everyone left. Water starts filling in the trunk. Sabina locks the main gate and goes. Driver asks did you hear any sound. Sabina says nothing. Zainab shouts for help. She sees the trunk in the pool and runs.

Zainab tries to save Saltanat. Zaroon gets restless. Kainat smiles seeing Zaroon,

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  1. Nina

    In fact, Zainab hasn’t known her daughter. Wandering closely during many years, Kainat mother didn’t see false obedience and real hypocrisy. Zainab has only noticed in nature of Kainat what wanted to see herself.

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