Patiala Babes 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Punishes Ashok

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Patiala Babes 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita asks Mita what will she do next. Mita says she will return back to London. Babita says that would be a good decision. Mita says her parents may not reaccept her, but she has to try hard to reaccept her and her child and till then, she will stay in some hotel. Hanuman Singh/HS says she can stay here as she can get better care here, asks Minnie and Babita if he is right. Minnie nervously says even she feels Mita should stay here. Babita walks to her room and Minnie follows her. She says if Babita stays here, Ashok will insult HS and she will not tolerate that. Minnie asks how will pregnant Mita stay in hotel, anyways she will inform her to leave. Babita stops her and says she is right, Mita will not get any care in hotel, so let her stay here tonight.

Lovely informs Sukhi how Ashok insulted Mita and crossed his limits and Mita packed her bags and left with Babita and Minnie. Sukhi says she must be with them and confronts Dadaji how could he tolerate Ashok’s nonsense. Ashok walks in and yells that instead of supporting him, his family is supporting Mita and Babita. Lovely asks when did he consider them as his family, he always disrespected them. Ashok insults her next. Sukhi warns to behave with Lovely. Ashok yells that a ghar jamai is speaking now and because of lovely, he has to face it. Sukhi warns that he does not care being taunted and is here for Lovely’s sake. Argument continues. Ashok insults him more and leaves no stone unturned, yells he is staying on his charity and should get out of his house if he has any self-respect left. Sukhi says he will leave his house right now and asks Dadaji and Biji to accompany him if they really respect him.

Mita sees Minnie’s photos and praises in technical terms. Minnie says she is expert in photography. Mita says she learnt a bit in school and Minnie can pursue photography as her career. Minnie asks Babita if she heard what… Mita says she can call her Mita, then says in India they don’t call elders by name, so she can call her M like her friends address her. They hear inebriated Ashok creating havoc outside house and shouts at HS to come out and send Mita out. He sees Mita and Babita in balcony and yells HS is misusing Babita and Mita and starts tarnishing their character. HS walks in and trashes him royally warning to dare not insult women. Ashok continues his rogue behavior. HS continues trashing him and drags him to police station. Ashok continues he will disrobe him from service like last time. HS throws him on table and orders Laala to file FIR. Ashok asks on what basis. HS gives a long list of IPC sections. Ashok asks who will complain, Mita or Babita. HS says he will and orders to throw him in lockup and not let him out until he orders.

Dadaji and Biji in their room discuss that nothing is left in this house now and they should go with Sukhi. Ashok calls Biji and asks to come to police station and take him back as HS is filing complaint against him wrongly. Biji asks if he is inebriated and what did he do. Ashok says he wen to his house to get Mita back as he has confined Mita forcefully. Biji says they cannot support his wrong doings and he has to repay for his sins.

Babita nervously waits for HS to return home and tells Minnie that Ashok may use his influence and harm HS. Minnie asks to stop worrying about HS. HS walks in and says he is fine, Ashok is behind bars and may get bail soon until Mita files complaint. Mita cries reminiscing Ashok insulting her and Babita slapping him. Minnie walks in with Hs. HS says she should file domestic voilence case against Ashok.

Precap: Babita offers tea to HS. HS says he does not like troubling anyone daily like this. Babita asks if she became anyone for him now. HS nervously says their relationship is not yet defined.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thank you for the past update today
    Biji and bauji should have left with dignity when they had the chance. Now that they refused to help ashok, ashok will insult them more when he returns. I wonder if mita will have the courage to file domestic violence report… Loved that sukhi and lovely finally decided to leave
    I can understand how babita still feels insecure when mita and minnie talk. Babita still has no idea abt many things of photography and social media and she is still learning… But mita can already talk with minnie as an equal and can even give proper advices. Babita would again feel that she is not good enuf
    It would have been good if today nayeenbi had come forward as president of moholla association and tackled ashok. But am happy that hanuman at least dragged him to poloce station. @SsiYAa i agree that jail wont be the answer to change ashok. But i feel nothing can change ashok anymore…

    1. SsiyAa

      i agree nothing can change him… i have instinct that if khatri will bail him out?.. and i doubt if mita will file complaint against him as that can only make the strong case against him… also, i feel why biji – bauji should leave’s their home n.. why don’t they throw ashok out.. waise bhi kamata dhamata hai nai.. neither good person nor financially stable.

      1. The house belongs to biji & bauji but they gave it over to Ashok when they were going through some financial troubles. Ashok used it as collateral against money to start that business. The bank or the money lender can come and take that house anytime. I don’t want them to leave but they can’t stand up to Ashok and tell him where to get off. If they can, I’d be happy with them staying.

      2. @SsiyAa, i agree with amandaS here. Biji bauji’s main problem is financial insecurity. Even in the very beginning bauji wanted ashok to leave the house with mita, but ashok paid the mortage for their house for which bauji didnt have enough money of his own. So bauji essentially came under the burden of ashok’s favor and let him stay. After that ashok used a lot of things as collateral for his business venture. Even babita’s jewellery is still with the money lenders. When ashok got involved in drug case, the family had to shell out more money for his bail… All in all, biji bauji wont be able to survive in that house alone. What work bauji will do in this age? They might sell their house and move to a smaller place, but i am not even sure what legal claim they still have. Their’s no shame in living with son in law. Ideal situation wud be if they could live happily in their own house. But in the present case they will be more comfortable living with sukhi.

    2. SsiyAa

      Ohk… I started to watch this serial regularly from mid April… So i wasn’t updated about that portion.. Thankyou ??

  2. Will Any of these Ladies actually file a domestic complaint? I’m very interested to see that. In other serials (Krishna Radhe, something something), one of the bahus files domestic complaint, then is pressured to withdraw it.
    And in real life when women file domestic complaint, they are vilified and the abusive husband acts as he is the victim. At most he is thrown out of the house, but not arrested. #reallife

  3. SsiyAa

    now i have started worrying about characters… things have become more complex after today’s episode… by precap it looks babita has started to have something for hanuman (by her words for him)…. i enjoy the versatility by all actors especially babita, mita and hanuman… in one episode they give infinite expressions with so realistic touch…. expressions of fear, insecure, anger, calm, happy, serious, confuse, strong, crying, romantic, attentive, caring, etc. etc. etc. so many continuously varying expression in same episode…
    also i liked the way sukhi took stand for lovely.. appalaud… finally i realised today lovely cared for mita and understand her actions.. basically no one is bad here… felt bad the way his own brother criticised her for being infertile…

  4. I love this story, all of it including the budding relationship between Hanuman and Babita. I don’t ever that I need to skip certain parts and watch others. I’m happy that Babita is being pulled towards H and she doesn’t know it yet. I’m looking forward to her finding out, her falling in love with someone who loves her back. She’s never had ghaty. She marryAshok at 18 and thought she was I love because it’s her husband whereas she was just fulfilling her duty/ role. I just wish the producers don’t forget about ‘life’ that happens besides falling in love. I’m a sucker for 2nd chances, everyone deserves it and I think this is a mature love relationship that will handle this very good way.

  5. Not sure if mita will file case but she will leave ashok and go to London. Mita character is being written out as she does not want to play role of mother

  6. what would the name of the son of hs and babita’s son ? # poll

  7. but i feel minnie will not so easily accept hs as her new father

    1. she should after seeing the true and ugly side of her own father. HS has always protected mini and babes, mini should realize how good HS is so caring and honest unlike katri ashok . it should not have this story line if mini being hindrance to babes and HS relationship.

    2. I hope Mini won’t have a problem with HS. 1, he’s a good man. 2, Babes is falling inlove, she’ll have to see how happy her mother is. 3, Mini wants to live her life the way she dreams like any other young woman, study in London, as she said yesterday. Knowing that her mom is with a good person, who loves and respects her and won’t be alone should make her feel at ease. Yesterday, I got the feeling that Mini won’t be able to leave and study far from home because she’ll be afraid of leaving Babes alone. I know HS is not Mini’s replacement but Babes not being alone, having a partner should make Mini’s life a little easier. They rely on each other now for support especially emotionally.

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