Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat wants to kill Saltanat

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kainat sending the big trunk with Hamza. Rubina looks on. Zaroon argues with Mamoon and says love has no place in your life. Mamoon raises hand on him. Zaroon stops him and says I don’t deserve the slap today. Miyajaan comes to thank Zaroon. He asks Mamoon to come with him and see marriage arrangements. They go. Zaroon sees Saltanat’s broken bangle. Ghazala gets upset. He says its a part of my broken heart. She hugs him and asks him not to marry. She cries. He says Saltanat has no courage to accept her love.

Nilam collides with Ayub and hides him from Dadi. He says you asked me to come home if I dare. She says you aren’t from family to come. He says I will become baraati soon. She sees Hamza and asks him to come. Hamza drags the big trunk. She asks are you leaving the house. He says its Kainat’s trunk, she asked me to throw this in river. She asks why, did she hide any dead body. He says don’t say this, she has dumped some old things in it. She thinks Kainat took Saltanat’s help. She says this is Jibraan, he will help you in lifting this. A lady comes to ask about Zainab. Nilam takes her.

Zaroon asks did you see Saltanat. Hamza says no. Zaroon calls her. He says something is wrong, don’t know what. Kainat says my prayer is answered, I m getting my love. Zainab says I wish Saltanat was part of our happiness. Kainat says no need, I don’t need her, she will never come back, is my love falling short for you. Zainab gets shocked. Kainat says forgive me and hugs Zainab. She says I m scared that my happiness will catch bad sight. Zainab says no, Saltanat fulfilled your wish. Hamza says Kainat asked me to throw this trunk today. Ayub says we will look for a driver. Saltanat says Zaroon…. Zaroon turns to see and says Saltanat.

A feather flies to him. Zaroon recalls Saltanat. The feather flies to the trunk and falls over it. He sees a pigeon there. He runs to get the feather and falls beside the trunk. Saltanat tries to move. She says help…. is it you… He finds the trunk locked. Sabina worries seeing him. She comes running to Kainat. Kainat asks how do I look, Zaroon will be glad seeing me. Sabina says Zaroon is with the box. Kainat asks did he see the trunk and open it. Sabina says no, I stopped him, don’t worry. Kainat says none can open the trunk, none should get Saltanat, is the trunk still at home, it means Hamza is useless, you have to take the trunk out any how. Sabina asks how. Kainat gets angry. Zainab comes to Zaroon. She asks what happened, are you thinking to leave.

He says don’t worry, I m not going, this marriage will complete, I m feeling afraid, something wrong is going to happen. She says no. He says I want to marry Kainat, not a compromise, I have to get Saltanat out of my mind, I know she is bound by your promise. She gets shocked. He says I always loved Saltanat, if she wants me to marry Kainat, I m fulfilling her wish, I want to tell her that I m making her out of my heart and wish, she will die for me the moment I marry Kainat, I can’t move on this way and can’t give rights to Kainat, if you do this for me, please…. Zainab promises to find Saltanat before his marriage and get her to him. Kainat says you have to take the trunk out of this house. Sabina says fine, I will throw it somewhere. Kainat says no, see the house pool, you have to throw it here. Sabina says fine, we will get it out after your marriage. Kainat says no, it won’t come out until Saltanat dies. Sabina says no, you can’t kill anyone. Kainat says fine, I will do my work, I will kill Saltanat. Sabina gets shocked.

Kainat cries and says Saltanat can never love Zaroon, just I have a right on Zaroon, if you don’t want me to get happiness, go and save Saltanat, kill my happiness. She says I have always lived as her shadow, she is perfect, the best, she will snatch Zaroon from me, like Rubina snatched Nadim from you. Sabina says I will not let you bear the same pain, I will throw the trunk. Kainat asks really, go and do this fast. Sabina goes. Kaunat smiles and says Nadim is your weakness, see how I trapped you in my talks.

Sabina drags the trunk and throws it in the pool. Zainab gets shocked and steps inside the pool. Saltanat begins to sink.

Update Credit to: Amena

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