Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Saves Samar

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya and Vicky check Shalini’s wedding file and finds paper torn. Vicky says Shalini is playing a big game with them. Jaya cries asking how to save Samar now. Vicky says let us take this torn photo, god will help them. They drive towards home when Samar calls Jaya and asks where is she, already engagement rituals have started, if she got any proof. Gowri Shankar walks to him and asks what is he doing here, panditji is calling. Samar disconnects call saying his friend had called and walks along. Pandit asks Samar to pray god and exchange rings. Samar and Rama eagerly look at main door.

Shalini smiles at Samar and signal to exchange rings. He is about to fix ring in her finger when a few women with police reach and say this engagement cannot happen. Samar withdraws hand and with family rushes to them. Women say they came from Bhopal’s mahila mandal and came here to stop this illegal wedding as the got a complaint that groom is already married and has not divorced his wife yet. Shalini says Samar’s ex-wife has already given consent for this engagement. Lady says she does not know all this and will follow the procedure. Shalini asks who filed complaint. Lallan says he did as he cannot see someone else taking Jaya’s right. Gowri Shankar (who got a single dialogue after many months) shouts at Lallan to be in his limits. Lallan says when Gowri Shankar fixed engagement without anyone’s consent, there is no other way than complaining. Lady says Samar has to spend whole night in police station for his mistake. Shalini says if Samar goes to jail, how will she get engaged to him. Samar shouts he not let his papa’s promise break and will get engaged to Shalini at any cost. Lady orders police to arrest him. Samar continues acting and in lieu of punishing Lallan thanks him silently for saving him. Lallan says he should thank his sasumaa as she planned all this.

Mahila mandal ladies and police drag Samar from there. They take Samar to Satya’s house. Samar hugs and thanks her for saving him on time. Satya says she should have done this long ago and greets mahila mandal ladies in. Samar says he will check where Jaya is and calls her. Jaya asks if he reached mamma’s home, even she is on the way. Samar via window sees Shalini outside and informs Satya. Shalini rings door bell. Satya opens and nervously greets her in. Shalini says she needs to talk to Jaya and calls her. Satya thinks she cannot let her up as Samar and mahila mandal ladies are there, stops her and says let Jaya come here. Shalini continues when Jaya walks down and asks what is she doing here. Shalini explains whole situation and requests her to meet mahila mandal and take back her complaint. Jaya stands nervous and Shalini hopes she agrees.

Precap: Samar says Shalini that he will marry her and has decided to divorce Jaya.

Update Credit to: MA

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