Strangers (Part 26)

I started thinking is this what kiran was saying that day?, he gets obsessive and stuff, but this was so stupid and arrogant and careless towards me, but then I loved him, I loved him with all my heart, even though he was arrogant , dint care for me then, he’s sorry now, but yeah his behaviour was way off the limits, I dint know what to do at all, I somehow fell asleep thinking about all this.
Next day morning, I opened my eyes and saw vini and sandy sitting on my bed waiting for me to wake up. I said, “what are you both doing here?, when did you come, I was so happy looking at them, I hugged vini. Then she asked, “now tell me the truth what really happened?”
I said, “about what?”
She replied, “your mom and dad are so worried about you, they told you are not talking to anyone and looking sad since the day of your accident, now tell me whats going on”
I told them everything that happened that day, both of them became so angry, sandy was like, “how dare he behaves like that with you?, he is not worth you, its enough there is no need for you to think of him anymore, just end it, tell him that you don’t like him”
I dint say anything, vini said, “what happened? Why arent you saying anything”
I said, “I love him vini”
They both looked shocked, vini said, “what?? Even after all this , you are saying you love him?, you dint even say yes to him and he behaves like this with you, leaves you at the hospital all alone and goes away and you still like him???”
I said, “yeah , I know he behaved like an idiot that day and all but he loves me, I know that. He is the first guy I fell in love with, it is my first love, I don’t want to give up on my 1st love just like that, not so easy”
Sandy said, “then what are you gonna do about it? Bare his insane behaviour like this? You don’t have to put on with all that, you know that”
I said, “I know I don’t need to bare all his stupidity , but I choose him over anything, I can change him, make him overcome his insecurities by winning his trust, I can make him love me so much, he wont be that idiot he was ever again”
They both looked amazed, vini said,” you really think you want to do that and you can do that?”
I said, “yes, I don’t know if I can do it, but I want to do it with all my heart, and I believe my love is true”
Sandy said, “are you sure? You can get a much better guy divi”
I said, “hehe yeah I know that but I want to do it sandy”
Sandy said, “you have really grown up huh!! And we were thinking you are still small “
I smiled now for the first time after the accident.
Again vini said, “but don’t forget we’re always here for you, always!! And don’t let him act like this again ok”
I said, “ok”
I was just about to get down from bed and go freshen up, when vini stopped me again and asked, “are you sure you want to do this?”
I said, “yeah, don’t worry I know what im doing”
She said with an evil grin now ,” he better change his attitude soon and also …..he better be very rich and cute enough then ” hehehehe
Uffffffff …hehe … I got ready with my moms help and now I wanted to go down but couldn’t without someones help, just then sonu came into my room and asked, “you want to come down for a while?, im missing my devil sister “
I said, “yeah , but I cant walk”
He said , “just a sec” paused for a moment , thought something and said again , “so you ready na?”
I said, “yeah , but why?”
He came to me, lifted me suddenly in his arms, I was yelling at him to put me down and he was like, “you keep quite, im grown up, if you shout both of us will fall down”
I closed my eyes cos I was scared he would let me fall or that we both will fall, he carried me downstairs and made me sit on the sofa and said, “thank god your not fat”
He carried me downstairs all safe I was releived
All laughed lol, I have such a lovely family I love my brother aawww!!!! sonu was never expressive about his love on me but when I needed him he was the first one standing for me, may be some distance with anyone you love , or anyone who loves you will pull them back to you. I hope rohit understands this and comes back with a little change in his behaviour!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. thanku bhgi for this beautiful update……………..nd i too hope that he changes…..

    1. ty kirti it means alot to me

  2. Divya ko yeah sab karne ki kya zarrorat hai yaar… that to ek idiot ke liye..
    .. he dont deserve anyone love….. divya life going to hell with this guy….

    1. she dont want to give up her frst love so easily thats y she want to chnge rohit

  3. I like Divya’s positive thinking and hopeful thoughts… I hope she get success in this…very nice episode Bhgi. Keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  4. Wish divya changes him and everything gonna be fine. But what abt rohit?

    1. definitely divi vl chnfe rohit

  5. Di Epi is Amazing…i liked Div’s Attitude to change him..But I know she will try her best to change him..I Actually don’t know what to say about Rohit..he will change or not..Worried for that..i hope he understands her and help him to change his Attitude and mentality..
    Is First love ❤ is so important?.. I know it can’t replace..But if a Person doesn’t understand u then how can u adjust with him..
    Y girls have to think about this..y that stupid Rohit can’t think that Div is his first love..he have to change him for her love..y girls have to think and act..y can’t this boys..i am getting irritated..Everything is on stupid. Yaar..i hate this..?
    Waiting for next part to know he changes or remains stupid..( Sorry if it hurts )
    Take care ? di and thank u and love ❤ u..

    1. ya frst lv is special to evry one so she dnt want to gice up so easily hope rohit vl chnge soon

  6. Hiiiii ur ff is soo interesting……. Keep on writing

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