Reporters season 2 episode 4

kabeer is tensed ,he walks in to dr.mehta,s cabin.he says he can’t believe all this.a DNA report is shown to kabeer,he breaks down and shouts at doctor this can,t happen,dr.says he can lie but test can,t lie.kabeer is shocked.kabeer remninces his college farewell when he was dead drunk.he remembers sharing drink with taruni and next day he woke up with a heavy head in m.d hospital.he tried calling taruni alot,then he checked up her home.which was locked.neighbours told him that taruni has left home,and then she came after 12 years with annurag and told kabeer about divorce with annurag,s father .kabeer is unable to control his anger he rushes out and drives veryy fast with overwhelming thoughts that he can,t cheat annanya he,ll tell her the truth but then he stops car and gets thinking will annanya be able to trust him and move on.
annanya is making anurag have food.Shreya,s words echo in her mind that kabeer had an affair with his stinger so she divorced ,she she is lost in thoughts.annurag speaks up don,t worry kabeer loves you a lot ,you,ll have happiness.annanya hugs him and says how can she even think of it?if annurag was kabeer,s child why did she left home and came after 12 years,may be she was pointing to someone else.i need to trust my husband.
kabeer enters bathed in sweat,annanya in her punjabi dress makes him look at her again and again,annurag calls kabeer and asks about his mom.kabeer takes him to see sky and shows him a shining star ,he tells annurag that mom is there watching you .annanya tells annurag that you have to grow strong like your mother and then mom will never stop meeting you.annurag smiles.annanya and kabeer both hug him.while kabeer is tensed about the truth.
Inspector khanna calls kabeer and informs that they have let them perform last rituals because the case was proven suicide by forensic but still her shouting for help has got no meaning.that is why media will question him alot.kabeer says he is not worried about him but for annanya.
annanya in her room asks kabeer about dr.mehta’s envelope,kabeer takes it from her hands and says i was having headache so got a scan.annanya says you would have told me,have you taken medicine?kabeer nods yes and tells her i didn,t want you to get worried as there’s already great tension.he says sorry about marriage night.annanya says it is ok but she needs something from him,kabeer says what? annanya asks will he help her finding annurag,s father?kabeer is shocked.

PRECAP:a man about 65 is shown giving money to dr.Mehta for false reports and claps for his acting,he says he was going to expose me,now i,ll expose him.Tell tinu that you have a lead for him at m.d hospital

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