Strange magic (Episode 9) Nagin3 FF

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Hello Guys how r u all? sorry for the late update but i was really busy in my collage work plzz read this episode n do share ur views ..


Future fairy-So maithali wants Nagmani & The crown

Trio-whos maithali

Future fairy-oh that black foam lady name is maithali


Future fairy-Yes she is maithali

vish-Tell us more about her

Future fairy-Maithali is icchadhari nagin but she possesed more power than nagin because she learn some dark magic which is normally restricted to learn & Use…She has her own team created by her ..Her team blindly follow her,she has some big motive shes really dengerous ….she want nagmani & crown

Jeevika-Why she want crown?

Future fairy-I dont know about crown …but she can do anything to get naagmani & crown

Bella-Naagmanis owner is now changed

future fairy-No,Naagmani does not have any owner now…Naagmani is lost somewhere

Vish-what? How can this is possible? Naagmani is lost somewhere how can we find it?

Future fairy-I dont know where is naagmani,but The creature it may be naagin,mermaid,fairy or may be human must have clear mind,selflessnesss,loyal to find naagmani

Vish-You mean for finding naagmani one has clear mind naa…bella is the one in whole naaglok who is loyal,selfless

Bella-No vish im not the one…If i had such mind n selflessness then Naagmani will surely show me its path

Future fairy-bella,Ur not the one who can find naagmani..someone is exist in this world who has such loyalty,selflessness,,whos not greedy..U have to find The person who can find the naagmani

Trio thinks about founder of naagmani

Bella-Future fairy,we forgot we r not here for the naagmani we r here for sea

Jeevika-Ohh yes!Actually the king of the sea Yuvraj is very rude….Trio told future fairy the story of all the mermaids n sea

Future fairy takes Jeevikas hand in her hand n close her eyes n saw Jeevikas future

Future fairy saw vision which she shows To trio

The vision -“Deep inside the sea,In future There are no groups in mermaid like royals n servants all the mermaid n mermen are happily living their life,Sea is more beautiful in future …The there is Beautiful castle decorated with flowers n pearls …Then comes the king & queen of the sea queen is none other than the Jeevika who is super happy n The king….The king is Karan yes karan who is now  a merman n is equally happy as Jeevika …Both rule the sea n take care of Mermaid & mermen ….Vision ends here

Bevish gets happy by seeing Future of Jeevika

Jeevika-This was like a dream,really beautiful but how can this will be possible

Future fairy-Dreams do come true darling …Bevish happily nodes

Jeevika-But karan is human..He does not have any power n moreover I make him forgot all about me he now forgot me..n my spells will always works he will never gain his memory back

Future fairy-Jeevika,His love is more stronger than ur magic spells…Only he has the power to kill The king

bella-But hes human ..king is powerful merman how karan will kill the king

Future fairy-Because he has the power of true love ….Trio nodes…Naagrani i gave u all the information that i know about the naagmani,maithali n the sea …U guys have save me today thank u so much …If u guys need me in future just call me i will happily come to help u

Trio thank Future fairy n left from there …

They came on earth n seats on the rock near the sea …..Future fairy gave them idea about their future but still number of questions r running in their mind which left unanswered..They have to find the anwer of that questions…There is silence between the trio..

Jeevika-Guys stop Thinking yaar…My head is going to burst by listening thoughts of both of u ….(Mermaids can read the mind of persons they truely love)

Bevish smiles listening this

Bella-Jeevika now u can read vish mind also that means now u love vish

Vish surprisely see jeevika…Jeevika is numb for a moment

Jeevika-How can this will be possible i love this red scale naagin ? she said while making faces

Vish-You fish….I will not spare you ..both runs ..vish run after jeevika to catch her…This nok jok brings smile on Bellas face …Finally both gets tired n seat on the rock n trio laughs

Vish-If we 3 r togather we can solve any problem

Bella-Yes we r each others strength

Jeevika-Yes! I love u both!!!!

trio hug each other

bella-Now Jeevika,Im sure swara will find some mermaids who can fight againts king..Dont wory we r with u always

Jeevika-I know bella,but i dont know how karan will be back n how i will handke him how he will react …

vish-Dont worry everything will be fine,karan will definately understand u

Jeevika nodes n says-N also we have to find about the crown why maithali wants that crown n also we have to find the founder of naagmani


vish-I will ask aghori baba about the crown

bella-I will try to found about founder of naagmani

Jeevika-I will visite swara n tell about the future

Trio left

scene shift to The jungle …There is darkness everywhere…Haveli is shown in the jungle which is made up of dark black stones….2 footsteps r walking inside the haveli hes none other than Rudra …..Rudra goes inside the  haveli hurridly…

He goes inside the haveli

Rudra-Maithali my love! Are u ok?? why u called me this time?

Yes hes talking to maithali,black foam lady …she seating on the black coloured throne in front of him

She smirk n says-I know rudra u will come this time also if i call u

Rudra-Anything for u my love! but what happened?

Maithali-U know rudra i was in fairyland i nearly caught future fairy but then there also that bella came n she save that fairy from me …N i know That fairy will now help her,Rudra what bella was doing there?

Rudra-I dont know maithali

Maithali-Rudra,Go close to bella,tell her that u love her…made her fall in ur love

Rudra-Im trying maithali but this is not easy

Maithali-Trying ur trying….Ur trying from so many days.. if u made her fall in ur love then We will know about her next step,u will know about her plans …we will know about naagmani…Go now n try to find out what that fairy told bella

Rudra left from there.

Episode ends here

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  1. Jasminerahul

    oh black form lady is maithali.jeevika’s future is sweet.waiting to know how karan will become a merman n kill the ruthless king.wonder who can be the person who is loyal enough to reach naagmani.can it be mahir? missing behir.please show behir scenes.shocking that rudra n maithali are love

  2. Jasminerahul

    shocking that rudra n maithali are lovers n rudra is trying to trap bela through his fake love.good that bela never liked him n tried to keep a distance with him.vish bela jeevika scene was cute n hilarious

    1. Sushama

      Thank u so much dear….Karan will soon enter again in ff, from next episode i will add behir scenes…Thank u dear stay tune

  3. Anuva

    This is awesome. Maithali is a bad naagin. Guess that selfless person will be Mahir. Fabulous to see future sea. Surprised Karan will be King Merman. Now, Jeevika loves Vish too. Lovely. Shocked to see Rudra as Maithali’s lover. Good going. Whole epi remembered me of HP little. I love this FF

    1. Sushama

      Thank u so much dear..You will soon know about whos that selfless person..Thank u for loving this ff stay tune dear

  4. thanks for uploading
    awesome episode
    the story is getting more interesting
    lots of love and respect

    1. Sushama

      Thank u sabeeha for reading n commenting…stay tune dear

  5. bakwaas

    1. joh khud bakwas ho uss ko sab kuch bakwas lagta hai

  6. Superb…like it… A different story….hope 2 see some more from u….

    1. Sushama

      Thank u so much dear.. Stay tune

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