Ishqbaaz – Ek Bhar Phir Episode 5

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Oberoi’s Mansion

Dadi get emotional by seeing Annika – Shivaay Pic. She remberers Shivaay-Annika how they fight and their marriage, how they faced
Problems and their love. She thinks Annika make my Shivaay into believes in love and they are united till end


Shivaansh – Mannat move back while bodygaurd says these girls need to chance to take advantage of heroes and says Mannat to move.
Mannat scolds him I have not fall on him with a plan and mind your words. I know girls are fan of him But I’m not and also not interested
in him. Shivaansh says attitude ha. At first every girl will say like this.Mannat says look Mr. Shivaansh Singh Oberoi I’m not in that category
of girls to take chance on you. He says my acting was best and I’m good-looking and I have money every girl wants to take a chance.
Mannat says really – acting there are also good actors and you not only one. He says Of course there – but I’m Unique. She says all you
done same topic movies love drama ..Boy likes girl and she likes him. Songs and the end. Actor wants to do all the roles and I have not
seen you than love drama.Shivaansh fumes anger. Rachna taps Mannat to stop. She says to bodygaurd another time if you talk to any girl
like this I will hang you at Bandra Bridge. Understand. While Shivaansh was looking she leaves from there, Rachna also follows her.

Oberoi’s Mansion.

Sahil comes to Dadi and he sees Annika-Shivaay Pic. He asks Did you rembered them. She says yes while I’m looking Shivaansh & Shivani
I feel bad that they miss their parents mainly Shivani she was very small when they died in accident. Sahil says Annika Di was with me every
time when my parents died when I’m Kid. Sundari Mami never take care of me. Annika Di was with me and treated me as own brother.She
sacrifices so many things and Shivaay Bhai also bring me into these house. He gave me a family and he also adopted me and give surname Oberoi.
He gives me good education and learn business also.Dadi says yes you are the reason they got married. First they got problems in marriage and then
they love each other unconditionally. They helped Omkara-Gauri & Rudra-Bhavya relationships and realize love is everything. He says yes after
their death Omkara & Rudra leaves from here as they can’t protect them. She says yes I try to explain them they both died in accident and
not their fault. But they said they cannot leave in this house.After some years god have taken Tej , Shakthi and pinky also. I have get injustice
by god as he snatches all happiness from me. I’m still living because of these kids. I am happy that Jhanvi was there with Omkara-Gauri ,
Rudra-Bhavya. She is taking care of them and business also.These Kids are going there but they never stepped after Annika-Shivaay death.
Dadi says Shivaansh was like his father’s attitude and mother’s emotions.

Shivaansh gets to car and looks very angry , Khanna comes and says congrats Bhai Our film was super hit. He looks at him and says Driver
to take home. While Khanna looks at bodygaurd . At hall they talk about their college incidents where shivani says these boys are they fell
easily in love where Prem says and girls are so stupid. She says stop Chota Packet don;t call me that name. She says are you feeling bad and
she again calls him Chota Packet, Chota Packet. Radhika says stop you guys are always fighting. He says everytime Shivani DI teases me.
Dhruv says you guys

In Room

Rachna asks what was all that you said him that he was not good actor and he can do only love drama. She says what – he was thinking
every girl want to fell in his arms.Rachna says Arey he was super star and he will have some attitude. She says attitude ? how can he says
that i have a plan to fell in his arms. Mannat gets a video call she picks the call her sister and Badi ma she asks how is your college she says
fine and intoduces rachna to them. Rachna says Hi where Badi ma leaves while somebody calls her. Mannat’s Sister asks so how is you
college Di. Did you have any cool & handsome boys in your class. She says Stop it Jiya.
Looking at you i think you have quarreled with someone. Rachna says yes. Jiya asks who that was. Mannat says your superstar. Jiya says what?
Shivaansh goes to his room. Dhruv , Shivani , Prem and Radhika thinks why Bhayya was at angry mode. Khanna comes behind him.
Radhika asks what happened he says nothing and follows him to his room. Dhruv says something fishy we want to know what is it?
Khanna comes to room. Shivaansh says how dare she is? Dhruv , Radhika, Shivani and Prem hide at the door and listening and
Dhruv says who bhayya was talking about. She says i can’t do action movies. Dhruv and all look at each other. Shivaansh says I will do
full action movie this time and i will prove her I’m best at everything. Khanna say ok Shivaansh says i want to do action movie .
Khanna thinks is that same girl bodygaurd says to me. While at the wall Dhruv and all others says who was that girl to talk bhayya
like that and Prem says i want to thank that girl i was also want to see Bhayya in action movie. Shivani taps him and says here problem
is not movie , Chota Packet. That girls says to Bhayya he was not doing action movie and he was now doing fully action movie.
We want to meet her.

Jiya says what you meet shivaansh and you fought with him. rachna says it was. How he can think about me like that.
Jiya says Mannu Di cool. Maybe it was accident. next time when you meet him sort of the matter. She says what Jiya
Don’t support him without knowing the situation .

Dadi comes to Shivaansh room and sees all the gang outside and asks what all are you doing outside. Shivaansh look at outside.
They move step aside Dadi enters into room with them. Shivaansh asks what all are doing outside of my room. Dhruv says we
are playing hide & seek. Shivaansh says you all are playing and hiding here and who was the catching . Shivani says Prem.
Prem says what Dhruv press his foot .Then what he was doing with you. Dhruv says he also hiding with us. Shivaansh says what?
Dadi says ok guys listen to me Bittu(Shivaansh) in these week we are going to temple for special puja. He says Ok Dadi.
She leaves from there .While Shivaansh was looking at them. They also left by saying we have work. Shivaansh thinks why they
are behaving strangely .They think we are saved. Dhruv says our mission to find that girl. All of them say yes.

Shivaansh and Mannat thinks about each other.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    oh it’s sad that mannat got insulted.omg.what an attitude for shivansh? mannat insulted him to prove himself to mannat he wants to do action’s words were nice.happy to see him so loving.rikara ruvya living abroad not taking care of their children was stupid hope they come back in your ff. druv radhika Shivani scene was they all want to see

  2. Your article was good
    So sahil was goodman and here Shivaansh and Radhika both died in accident
    Cousins scenes were good
    Thank god Mannat was also Takkar ki Shivaansh

    1. HI Myra

      It was Shivaay and Annika
      not shivaansh & Radhika

      Ansh is rachan for Dhruv
      Is there any other leads for Dhruv & Radhika

  3. So Finally Mannat & Shivaansh meet with quarell
    that was good like Shivaay-Annika
    But Shivaansh & Mannat story want to be different from them.

    You are also focusing on other cousins also that was good
    Is there any opposite leads to other characters also
    Jiya is that Mannat Sister name
    and finally Bittu……………..Where that came from…………………

    Dadi called shivaay as Billu and now Shivaansh Bittu………………….good one
    Waiting for another episode

  4. Your version of story was good yaar
    Gul mam can take this line and can develop

    In this season also can see oberoi Siblings plans, masti and all
    Started Mannat-Shivaansh Nok Jhok and i will see how they will trouble eachother
    It was good that Sahil was Postive …………….
    I wish they soon meet Mannat and make crazy plan to unite Mannat-Shivaansh

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