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Okay!!!! So first of all i want to say SORRRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so much know that i have not posted in last three months and you guys have been waiting for so long……….. im really veryyy sorrryyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????
And also I want to THANK all of you, who have supported me through out!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️



Doctor comes inside the ward with arnav and sanskaar. Everyone looks at them.
Doc : Mrs. Swara how did you fell down from stairs?
Swara ( tensed, looks at sanskaar nd then everyone ) : doctor.. he pushed me..
She said pointing towards sanskaar. He closes his eyes in disgust. Sujata is about to say something but rp stops her.
Doc. : and why would he do that?
Swara : how would i know? aSk him…
Doc: well… Mr. Maheshwari.. there is a bad news.. i’m sorry to say but we could not save your baby…
<dhoom tana dhoom tana> everyone looks on shocked.
Laksh : what are you saying?? My baby?
Doc: you heard it right.. as she fell on her stomach so …………
Swaar : but this is not possible doctor…
Laksh : shone.. calm down..
Swara: how can i calm down laksh… my babay.. he cant go,….
She starts crying. Doctor hands over the reports to laksh.
Arnav: this happens when you try to create havoc in others lives.
Swara: but i asked my doctor friend if i’ll fall like that nothing will happen to the baby…..
Everyone now looks at her shocked and confused. Sanskaar and arnav look at each other. Swaara realises what she just blurted out. She covers her mouth with her hands.
Laksh : swara? Did you do this intentionally?
Sanskaar : yes laksh.. firstly, she as hid ragini somewhere and then she fell down herself..
Arnav : and we have a proof. Cctv footage. Maybe she forgot that this is a 5 star palace and each area is under cctv surveillance..
Ap: why did u do this swara?
Sujata: do you have any shame left or not? Jijji look at her now.. she accused my innocent son… n ragini……
Swara : stop it… just stop it everyone… i’m tired of hearing these names.. sanskaar ragini sanskaar ragini…..
Laksh : swara stop it.. how can you do this? How can you risk your own child’s life ?? we have lost him bcoz of you and i’ll never forgive you…..
Doc : relax mr. Maheshwari.. your baby is fine…
Arnav: we did this so that she admits her mistakes…
Everyone relaxes. Swara faints there.

The door of the room opens, a person comes inside and sprinkles water on ragini’s face. She slowly opens her eyes and hugs the person tightly.
Ragini : khushii…. khushi please save me.
Yep. It’s Khushi.
Khushi: ragu.. calm down.. you’re safe. Come lets go.. sansky and arnav are on their way.
Ragini : it’s my fault khushi i fought with sansku… and then….
She cries. Khsuhi tries to calm her down.
Khushi : ragu.. calm down.. you are nowhere at fault. Stop crying. Here drink some water…..
She makes ragini drink water and cleans her face with wet wipes. Ragini slowly calms down and tries to stand but falls again and moans in pain.
Khushi : ragu are you okay?
Ragini : no… cramp…
Khsuhi : okay wait.. i’ll call sanskaar..
She calls sanskaar and hen after few minutes sanskaar reaches there with arnav.
Arnav & sanskaar : ragu/ginu… are you okay?
Ragini cries seeing them. They hug her. Khushi takes arnav from there to give them some private time. Arnav explains her everything and she was just too shocked to digest the fact that swara actually kidnapped ragini and kept her in the back house’s store room and blackmailed sanskaar.

Sanskaar carrying ragini entes ragini’s room. He puts her on the bed and covers her with a duvet.
Sanskaar : ginu.. are you okay bacha?
She nods. Khushi brings the medicine box and food for both of them and then goes.
Ragini : sansku.. i’m sorry.. i shouldn’t….
Sanskaar keep his finger on her lips. They are so close to each other that they can hear each other’s heartbeat. They have a deep intense eye lock which sanskaar breaks and takes volini spray from the box and moves down towards her leg.
As soon as he touches her leg, she moans in pain. Sanskaar heart hurts seeing her in so much pain. He slowly caresses her leg and sprays on the affected part and then wrap it with crape bandage.
Ragini’s eyes are moist. Sanskaar can feel her pain and trauma. He comes near her, holds her hand and tries to assure her that he’s there with her and she’s safe.
Sanskaar: ginu! Calm down… Now you are with me… Stop crying…
Ragini ‘ sansku I really got scared… Who did this to me… What I ahve done to anyone…..
Sanskaar: shss… Ginj.. stop… You have not done anything…. And whosoever has done this will get it back… Don’t worry….. And I promise this will never happen again….
He hugs her tightly and kisses her forehead.
Sanskaar’s POV!
Swara… I’ll never ever forgive you for this. My ginu is in pain because of you, again and I’ll never forget this… You’ll have to pay back for all the tears and pain….

He looks on into infinity with determined eyes.

Sanskaar is sitting on the bed while ragini has kept her head on his lap. He’s caressing her hair. Silence silences have filled the atmoshphere.
Ragini looks at him with hopeful eyes but he’s looking straight. She sighs.
Ragini : sansku…
Sanskaar: hmm?
Ragini : are you angry ?
Sanskaar : no
Ragini : are you upset?
Sanskaar : no
Ragini ( gets up, irritated): then talk to me na… why are so silent? What are you thinking?
Sanskaar ( thinks ) ( looking blankly at her ) : what should i tell you ginu? What your half sister swara has done today is beyond my senses.. i feel scared for you ginu? I don’t fell like leaving you alone here even for a minute… i just want to go back to our house now….
Ragini shakes him.
Ragini :what? I am asking you something?
Sanskaar : mmm… nothing ginu.. come sleep..
He again puts her head on his lap.
Ragini ; i know sansku.. something is bothering you.. and you are not telling me and………..
And she keeps on blabbering. Sanskaar closes his eyes trying hard not to just shut her mouth but she is not taking a name to stop. So he takes out his brahmastra and puts his lips on hers.
Shocked ragini looks up with her big eyes wide open. Sanskaar looks deep into her eyes and then slowly gets up releasing her lips.
Sanksaar : mm… i’m sorry… actually you…
This time ragini just gets up, sits on his lap and locks her lips with his. His hands snakes around her waist while her hands are around his neck. Passionately they kiss each other until they are out of breath.
Ragini : i missed you sansku..
Sanskaar kisses her forehed and then hugs her tghtly.
Sanskaar : i missed you too ginu. I’m so sorry. I couldn’t protect you.
Ragini : shss… im blessed to have you sansku.. never say like that again.
Sanskaar : i love you so much!!
Ragini :i love you too JAAN!
Sanskaar ; acha tell me…………………………………………….
And the talked until one of them fell asleep.


Pooja, Abhay, Uttara, ArShi and Parish are sitting together talking about whatever that day.
Pooja : khushi di.. ragu di is fine na??
Khushi : yes poo.. don’t worry sanskaar is with her..
Abhay : i don’t believe this… how can someone do this with their own sister..
Arshi looks at each other.
Arnav : khushi.. are you also thinking what i am thinking??
Everyone else looks at them. Khushi nods.
Pari : what??
Khushi : ragini and sanskaar’s marriage…
Parish and uttara ( shocked ) : what?????
Uttara : what are you saying di?? Ragu di and bhai??
Pooja : well… uttara.. bhai and di are so much in love.. and i think you are right khushi di. The way swara has plotted against them today.. it can be difficult for both of them in future…
Arshi nods. Pooja looks at abhay and he too nods.
Pari : but…
Arnav : bhabhi.. i know this is all of a sudden for you people… but they are in a relationship from many months and they are living together. They just need a tag of husband – wife so that people like swara are not threat to their relationship…
Adarsh : all that is okay.. but marriage? Now and without family?
Abhay : bhaiya.. i don’t think the “family” needs to know about them right now as the complications will increase for them… and we all obviously don’t want that..
Uttara : right.. but are they ready for the marriage?????
All look at each other………………….


Okay! So this was it for today! I hope you liked it and are still interested in this story ???? once again I’m so sorry for making you wait for so long!!! ??

So do comment and vote if you like!!! We’ll probably meet very soon! Till then take care and be happy and safe!!!

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