Daayan 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakarsh is Daayan?

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Jahnvi with Veer and Brijesh chachu enters Daayan’s den. Daayan senses their presence and orders to come out, else she will punish them wherever they are. Jahnvi comes out with Veer and chachu and says it is her. Daayan angrily throws fire on them. Veer silently walks from behind and tries to take dead king’s coffin away.. Daayan attacks Chachu and he collapses. Daayan throws fire towards Veer. Veer escapes,, says cave is breaking, let us run away. Jahnvi throws holi ash on daayan, Daayan’s hand burns and she escapes. Jahnvi takes Amrith and Chachu with her and runs out of cave. She feels sad that she could not destroy king’s dead body. Veer says their first step against daayan and is successful and they have saved Amrith. Jahnvi walks to Amrith’s house. Amrith’s

mother asks why did she come back again, what does she want now. Jahnvi says she came to return something and shows Amrith. Amrith emotionally hugs his mother. Jahnvi says someone had kidnapped him and she found him a very bad state in jungle. Jahnvi with Veer returns to hotel and sees staff applying ointment on Asha’s hand. Staff says Asha burnt her hand while cooking. Jahnvi takes ointment and applying it on Asha’s hand asks to accept that she is daayan who is kidnapping children for her benefit. Asha says she is thinking wrong, in fact she is the one who kept Mainka’s letter in Mainka’s room as she knew Jahnvi would go there to find clue. Jahnvi apologizes her and says because of Asha’s help, she could save Amrith. Asha rejoices hearing Amrith is safe now. Daayan takes dead king’s coffin to another secret room and thinks Jahnvi spoiled her hard work, now she will trouble Jahnvi via her dear ones.

Jahnvi then walks out of Asha’s room and from balcony sees Aakarsh ordering his manager to arrange holi party and send invitation to all his guests. Manager says already he has sent invitation and got positive response, asks when he is mourning his mother’s death, then why is he celebrating holi party. Aakarsh says holi was mom’s favorite festival. Jahnvi turns and sees Aakarsh in front of him, gets nervous and asks how did he come so soon here. Aakarsh says via steps and asks what is she doing in private area. Asha informs him that Jananta got labor pains, he should go and help Jahnvi’s family soon. Aakarsh arranges ambulance and sends Janinta in ambulance. Daayan does black magic on ambulance to harm Jahnvi’s family. Jahnvi sees lizard on ambulance and gets tensed. She rushes to reception and asks receptionist to arrange a cab for her. Viraaj walks in and asks where she wants to go at this time. Jahnvi says to get a gift for him. He says she looks tired and should rest today, he will take her out tomorrow. He takes her to room and tries to get romantic. Jahnvi reminds him of her 1 month celibacy oath. Jahnvi says he knows, he just wants to spend quality time with her and asks to make her a drink. Jahnvi reminisces Aakarsh giving Viraaj a hypnotic medicine for Jahnvi. She mixes medicine in Viraaj’s drink and gives it to him. He falls asleep drinking it.

Jahnvi then rushes to hospital and sees everyone rejoicing hearing Janinta gave birth a baby girl. Chachaji sees her and asks what is she doing here, Viraaj would not let her near hospital if he sees her. Jahnvi informs him what she saw on ambulance. Even Chachaji senses evil energy via his bead mala/necklace. Taiji asks Vishakha to get some cotton clothes for baby. Pritvhi says Vishakha has already brought necessary items for baby. Vishakha says she left clothes in hotel and will get them. She and Pritvhi walk towards door. Prithvi says they will love Harsh’s daughter like their own. Jahnvi walks to them and says this is called family love and hugging Vishakha says she will pray for her and Vishakha she bears baby, she will submit sesame laddoos in their family diety. Prithvi warns her dare not to try getting close to them, she is Kundini and cannot be Jahnvi. They both walk back in and reminiscing Jahnvi taking family diety’s name discuss that only their family knows about their diety, that means Jahnvi is alive. He emotionally rush out towards Jahnvi. Jahnvi gets into car and leaves. Daayan emerges and strangulating Prithvi and Vishakha turns them into her puppets and orders they will obey her and harm Jahnvi’s family. They both walk animatedly. Jahnvi gets bangles for baby and asks Chachu to gift it without taking her name. He gifts bangles and family likes it. Pritvhi and Vishakha walk towards door. Veer rushes to them and asks where are they going. Prtihvi says to arrange bhang for holi celebrations. Viraaj rejoices. Jahnvi returns home and falls asleep. She dreams of Aakarsh applying holi on her and getting romantic. She opens eyes and is shocked to see Viraaj instead. She gets up hurriedly. Viraaj says he did not when he slept last night, he disappointed her. She says that is okay and goes to bathroom to get ready for holi celebrations. She imagines Aakarsh again romancing her and then sees no one there. She walks out getting ready and thinks why she is thinking of Viraaj so much. She then meets Veer and says they should find out where Daayan has hidden dead king’s coffin. Daayan on the other side orders Prithvi and Vishakha to guard dead king’s coffin.

Precap: Jahnvi during holi celebrations dances with Aakarsh. Viraaj grabs Jahnvi and asks her to kiss him and prove that she loves him. She pushes him and says she does not love him. He forcefully tries to kiss her. Aakarsh angrily pushes Viraaj away, and Viraaj flies in air and falls far away.

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