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episode of strange magic…thank u so much that u read previous part of it n give ur reviews n yes I’m sorry guys I’m not good in English so plzzz tolerate me

One more thing this story is complete ly different from the Nagin 3….You will find some new villens here…some new heroes also mermaid (I really like mermaid stories so I added in this story)

Plzzz give ur previous views after reading this episode so let’s start

Episode 2

Precap-bellas weird dreams,her birthday celebration

Episode start with Bella’s house is decorated with the flowers n lights because its her birthday party….Bella’s dressed in pink coloured goun n looking very beautiful everybody is enjoying party n suddenly announcement made by mahir n everybody looks at him

Mahir – Bella I want to talk with u…Bella nodes ….

Mahir-bella we are childhood friends,we know each other so well that I can listen ur every unspoken word,I can even feel ur pain behind every smile…Bella gets teary eye…We share everything…we laugh with each other we  cry with each other…N I love u so much Bella…Ur agel in my life…Since u came in my life my life is like heaven…Bella u deserve happiness…Mahir went to his knees..I never let a tear come in ur life…Bella I want to spend my whole life with u …will u be my wife ?? Will u marry me Bella?

Bella’s happiness is on the cloud she says yes with tears of happiness..Mahir put ring in her finger all claps for them…Bella’s dad give her ring she puts in his finger they both hug each other..this is the best gift for her on her birthday

Jeevika n karan are happy for behir ….behir dances together karan ask Jeevika to dance with him by extending his hand…How can Jeevika refuse she also loves karan they both dance together…

Karan in past also many times tried to tell Jeevika what he feels about her but when he’s going to propose her he forgates what is going to talk he wonder why it is happened to him aalways

Behir & karan Jeevika enjoy dancing….After party is over Bella goes to her room n thinking about mahir n she lost in imagination of their future like their marriage,then their children…she always taught that she n Jeevika will get marry on the same day she shares sisterly bond with jeevika… Jeevika is always more responsible n mature than her she always protect her,understand her n only show has stamina to listen Bella’s rubbish talks…

The time is now 12 am n Bella thinks she should sleep now she has to go hospital in morning…but the wind comes through window so she get up to close window she sees moon she admires how beautiful moon is …she’s always fond of moon but this time moon has different effect on her …In the moonlight her skin started to feel light like scales which lightened in the moonlight on her hand & feet she’s in shock she’s unable to understand what happening to her skin she’s feeling extremely pain in her body…this is happening to her for the first time she comes in front of mirror she can see scales on her face neck hand her eyes started to change colour ….soon she turn into half snake n half human form…..she’s unable to believed what see saw in mirror she wanted to scream out loud…She wanted it to be her dream but no it is reality….it is the reason why she’s different from other is the reason why she get all that strange dreams…how can she sees foams …look like she got all answers of her questions…but she isn’t happy she always want a simple life but the truth of her life is already unfolded in front of her n she can’t do anything about it…she’s still in shock soon a Half human n half snake form appear in her room shes heavenly beautiful girl with red dress n red scales on her body…Bella doesn’t afraid by seeing that girl because her reality is more fearful that that girl….The girl seems very happy seeing bella  n finally she spoke

Girl- Nagrani saying this she fold her hand in front of Bella in respect

Bella,I was searching for u from so many years…I almost search every place…but u are here finally Bella naglok needs u..u have to come with me all r waiting for u Nagrani ….

Bella listen to her patiently n spok who are u? I don’t recognized u …what are u speaking about nag Nagrani …I am unable to understand anything

Smile from the girls face almost vanished….She is about to cry but she gathered courage n said

“Bella I’m vishakha…ur vish ur best friend….Ur our nagrani….In previous birth you died we lost u….but then Aghori baba told us that u will come again u take another birth n when ur 25 u turn into nagin

Bella listened it in shock

Bella I search u in every croud of human but when u in human form iam unable to trace u but look u turn into nagin I’m here actually I got visions of u n love between us brought me here Bella…

Plzzz try to remembered me try to remembered us plzzzz…..Bella is trying but finally she says

Bella- I can’t remember anything vishakha…

Tears roll down from vishakhas eyes …Bella immediately goes n wipe her tears she felt strong connection with vishakha ..

Vishakha takes Bella’s hand in her hand -Bella look ur not just a nagin but u r Nagrani u are very powerful thant any other nag nagin ….u have to use ur powers to protect naglok….everyone is waiting for u bella …u have to come with me

Bella- but I can’t remembered anything ,I don’t know what are ky powers I don’t know how to use them

Vishakha – Bella I will help u at every step I will help to remember everything u have to come with me Bella..


So here is episode 2 girls…plzz share ur views

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  1. Jasminerahul

    mahir proposing bela n ring scene were romantic. behir n karan jeevika dance were romantic. shocking that bela turned into a naagin.shocking that bela was a naagrani in previous birth n this is her rebirth.but bela doesn’t remember will vish convince her to come with her to naaglok?happy that there are mermaids in this ff as i love mermaids.

    1. Sushama

      Thank u so much dear for giving ur precious comment….soon u will find all ur answers plzz stay tune

  2. Jasminerahul

    will jeevika also turn into naagin?bcz she has naagin kind of eyes n she was one of the options of ekta for naagin3

    1. Sushama

      Krystal desuza is my fev…I’m huge fan of her that’s why I added her in my ff…but u have to wait dear to find whether she’s nagin or not…thank u dear

  3. Anuva

    Interesting… Mahir proposing bela is beautiful and emotional. It’s really shocking that Bela’s rebirth is also Naagin. So, her mom and dad are humans but she is naagin. Different concept. Why Karan forgot everything when he went to propose jeevika? Whether because of immense love on her or any mystery behind it? Even i too like merpeople story much. I am wondering how you will add them in this story. Good going.

    1. Sushama

      Thank u so much dear for ur precious comment…I’m glad that u like my ff…thank u soon u will find all ur answers stay tune dear

  4. SunilSneha

    Nice episode…. Excited to see Bela’s old connection with snakes…

    1. Sushama

      Thank u dear

  5. Saniya fathima

    Wow sushma sis fantastic bt pls dont add mermaids as villain i luv them alot

  6. Saniya fathima

    D concept is totally different frm naagin nd its grabbing my attention now everyday i cme here 2 check urs nd jasmine sis’s ff ahista….
    BOTH ARE FANTASTIC eagerly waiting 4 d next one

  7. Saniya fathima

    And dis one didnt hav any grammatical errors well done

    1. Sushama

      Thank u so much dear that u like my FF…stay tuned u will soon find about mermaid n thank u …I think my Grammar is improving ?

  8. Saniya fathima


  9. Saniya fathima

    Yap ur grammer is improved thank u 4 replying my comment

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