Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha wakes up.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with karmabai, kanha and radha inside the cave in the temple of mahadev shiv ling. All people are outside the cave singing the prayer song to ask the help of lord Vishnu. inside karmabai says radha you can save kanha, only you can. Karmabai plays her instrument and sings a song to wake up paramavatar Krishna. Radha dances around kanha to get him back alive by doing the devi’s tandav.
There kansa aims another arrow and says now this will go right there to kill all gods. As kansa aims, all the gods appear and indra dev says stop kansa. Kansa says oh, devraj is here, finally you all came. The gods come inside the palace and kansa says now I am your god, you shall pray to me and crown me king with all rituals properly. All gods are forced and they prepare for the crowning ceremony of kansa. Kansa sits on the throne and says to the gods to say his mantra. The gods recite om kansay namaha!
There radha dances and slowly from around the world, small lights of power enter kanha, of the cows, trees, flowers and all living things.
There the gods say the mantra and then take the sword, crown, flowers and aarti plate to crown kansa as god. As they come up, suddenly everything starts to turn stale and smell and the aarti plate’s fire vanishes. The plates fall from the hands of the gods. Kansa gets angry and says you all are doing this on purpose! Indra dev says bhagwan kansa, we did nothing maybe it happened because we said your prayer mantras. Kansa removes his sword and says I can still kill you. shokracharya says no kansa, the gods did not do anything, they are right. This is happening because of that Krishna. Kansa says but he is dead. Kansa says yes he is, but he is being brought back alive, you have to do something kansa. Kansa goes to the Yamuna river and he calls karkasura. Karkasura comes and kansa says go karkasura, that kanha is being brought back alive by his shakti, radha! Go and kill them both. Karkasura says no, no one can bring my enemy back alive, if this is being done then I will kill both of them. Karkasura goes to vrindavan. He uses his powers and all people faint, karmabai faints. Radha continues doing tandav and karkasura comes and says how dare you try to bring him back alive? Radha says so karkasura, you killed my kanha. I will kill you. karkasura attacks on radha. Radha hides behind shiv ling, then she takes her trishul and screams and brings karkasura on a battlefield on a planet. Karkasura says I will kill you here because I have all evil powers of this universe, no one can defeat me. radha takes her three devi avatar and karkasura says good you all devi’s came together, I will kill you all. Karkasura brings out 3 of his demons from his body. The demons stands to fight radha. Radha gets angry and kills one with her trishul.
As the demon is killed, a black shadow is removed out from kanha’s body. Radha says karkasura, you dared to even think of killing prabhu vishnu’s avatar, for that I shall punish you and you killed my kanha and thought he would die just like that? you shall die for all your sins today karkasura. Radha kills another demon and more dark shadows come out of kanha’s body. Radha kills the third demon and another shadowy dark power comes out from kanha’s body. There radha in the cave falls down and falls unconscious. Kanha wakes up finally and is alive. He goes to radha and says gopi, get up!

Precap: kansa goes plans to get kanha’s narsimha and varaha avatar killed. Kansa goes to give life to the 2 great demons whom vishnu’s 2 avatars killed, kansa says I shall give you my powers so that you come to life and kill Vishnu’s avatars.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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