Hiii everyone

My name is Rafia.

 I am  21 years old and I am fat ,thick and curvy and i wear abaya which makes me look  like a nerd and I am  dark brown with pimples who the world thinks is ugly.

Firstly i never wanted to become a doctor who i did it for my parents  though they gave more importance to my small sis Fatimah.

Everyone thought that  I was dumb but now i proved myself and I am going for an internship in  the topmost hospital in delhi and so here I  will be trained by a doctor who is a professional I hope it goes good…

Alarm rings trrtrr-UGGH!!!!such an irritating noise??why does it always happen to me so i come out of my sleep and negative thoughts. I see the time is 4:20 that is it is time to go for fajr prayer so i get up from my bed go do whudhu and pray. Now finally it is 5 so now i could go and get some good sleep.Time  skips-beep beep

Rafia- hello!

Mom- how are you beta??

Rafia-I am fine how about u??

Mom- ok beta i have some work gtg bye..

soo that was my mom she acts she loves me but it is just a pretence. Ok anyways forget it now i have to get ready today is my first day. Time goes…. so now let me decide what to wear so now i am wear a long kurti   with palazo pant with my coat abaya on it and a shiny golden scarf and my naqab but i still look ugly with my pimples nand my overweight body but it is ok and I’M happy the way god has made me Alhamdulillah. So now I’M ready to go now i just have to prepare
food. Now I’M in my kitchen eating bread and egg with a glass of smoothie. I have my own car which is lamborgani which is my fav my dream car nowcurrently i’m listening songs of armaan malik  my favourite singer  heading to city life hospital..

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