STORY OF A NORMAL GIRL YET DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS – Meeting my boss?? Which is my childhood crush sufyan

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I’m in my room lying down and the sun s rays hit my eyes with my gf lying on my body  which is awkward and me flirting since  yesterday with her and  she is always behind me even though i love her i do not get the true love feeling..

Mahira- Darling!! I will get up later.

Sufyan- I need to go to hospital to work i need to check my new interns or else my reputation will go down . I said pushing her such irritating. Uggh!!  Sorry mahu!!!

After sometime i get ready in my fav blue shirt and my fav black jeans and my doc coat on top.

Mom- beta come down to eat food. I get scared and send mahira outside through window.

Sufyan – yes mama aa raha hoon… i go greet my parents and eat my favourite Aloo ka paratha and orange juice. I leave for work in my topmost car is which i love ❤️

Receptionist- hello maam how may i help you??

Rafia- Hii.. How r u i say passing my id and some papers to which she tells me to sit on the sofa and my boss would arrive who is sufyaan..

Rafia(thinking) -how is it possible my chidhood crush my boss no not possible.. I go sit as said and i see a girl of my age n i ask her name and is she an intern.

Zainab- hii my name is zainab and i have been appointed to assist doc azgar.. ya basically I’m and intern i wish he is a calm person.wbu??

Rafia-yeah same but with doc sufyan…

Receptionist-you have been called by doctor sufyan rafia.

.Rafia- ok bye gtg n best of luck to u.

Zainab-same to u bye..

soo guys wHat do u think what  will happen will she

be shocked to see sufyan??? Plzz share ur views

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