STORY OF A NORMAL GIRL YET DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS – A shocking surprise and Rafia’s reaction

Rafia(knocks the door)
sufyan- come in( chair turned backwards)
Rafia-good morning sir you have called me i m
appointed as ur new intern..
Sufyan- I knoww.. You dont have to tell me…
Rafia- murmers soo rude!!
Sufyan- did u say smthing… (turning his chair)
Rafia- shocked seeing his face no nothing sir….(what is this happening my childhood crush why allah why did it happen to me ugggh now it will be impossible to forget him why why is he my boss ugggh.
Sufyan- hello r u thre…
Rafiqa-yes m there.
Sufyan- absent  minded !stupid..
Rafiqa- sir did u say smthing..
sufyan – no nothing actually i was thinking what all i have to explain.. so see go through all these files and check the patients one by one which i will direct you okkk!!!!
Door opens someone comes
Mahira-darling itz me mahira ur gf !!!
Sufyan- Mahira!!! What r u doing here rite now i have to explain work to the intern; staring at rafiqa(with anger gaze)
Rafiqa- wtf is happening here itz better i leave or else i will get a heart attack with all the shocks .. ok sir
excuse me i will look at all the patients n files and any doubt  i will come back afterwards since ur very busy….
Sufyan- ya okk go… what is this?? I told im busy..
Mahira- baby sorry i jus came to tell u im going to america for 2 days for my shoot..
sufyan- okkk i will miss u bye…..
Mahira- same??❤️❤️  n who was this girl low status person??
Sufyan- She is not low status then how would she become a doctor tell me noo ok she is not my type but dont insult someone soo plz
Mahira- but baby!!!
Sufyan- k go fr now letz talk afterwards bye
Rafia- what jus now happened it was sufyan my childhood crush n he is soo rude also he has a gf ya true why would anyone like me like a person who has pimples glasses that too a girl who has no sense of fashion k anyways  let me go see the patients………

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