The story of the ishqbaaz brothers – Part 7 by Nidhi

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Hey guys!!!!!!! Super Duper Happy with the no. of comments and also they were very sweet. Thanks to everyone for commenting. And the only reason for posting this episode this soon are your sweet comments especially of kavya di and nida. Hope U all will shower the same sweetness through your comments in this episode and also in the upcoming episodes.

Here goes the episode:
Shivaay gets angry and grabs anika’s hand in the resort and takes her back to OM.
Anika: Shivaay kya kar rahe ho? Its paining leave my hand.
Shivaay: Oh Just Shut Up! Anika U tell me one thing first? Tum vaha arjun ke saath kya kar rahi thi? Haan answer me?
Anika: Shivaay mein uski gf. She did not complete her sentence when shivaay interupts and says Oh! Toh U are his girlfriend haan! Good! I like your honesty!
Anika: Shut Up! Shivaay vaise bhi mujhe aapko explain karne ki zaroorat nahi hai!
Saying this she leaves.
Shanaya is hiding behind the door and seeing all this. And says Baap Re Baap! Mujhe laga that arjun ko yaha laane se shivaay jealous ho kar anika se I Love U! Bolega but yaha toh oolta hi ho raha hai. Yeh dono toh fight kar rahe hai!
Om and Rudra who were passing by hear this and then come near shanaya and om touches shanaya’s shoulder but she gets scared by that and Om says Why are U scared? Mai koi monster nahi ho.
Rudra: Bhaiya aap monster ho Long Hair Vale Monster!
Om: Shut Up! Rudra. Vaise shanaya tum yaha kya kar rahi thi?
Shanaya: Nothing!
Rudra: Didi! Jhoot mat bolo we know everything! And don’t worry we will not tell anyone instead we both will help u to unite bhaiya and bhabi.
Shanaya Rudra and Om plan something and there is plan is muted.

Om’s Room:
Om gets a invitation card of a party. And he doesnot want to go alone and so he asks rudra to come along with him but he refuses. He thinks to ask shanaya whether she would like to come along with him to the party or not??
Shanaya’ s Room:
Om enters the room and says Hi! Shanaya! Kya kar rahi ho?
Shanaya: Nothing Much. Tum bolo kya chahiye tumhe?
Om: Hmm…. Actually vo nothing.
Shanaya: Come on! Pucho bhi!
Om: Kya tum mere saath party mein chalogi actually I don’t want to go alone and that rudra duffer is not ready to come with me. So that’s why?
Shanaya: Om itna explain karne ki kya jaroorat hai? I will surely come.
Om: Thanks.
Shanaya: Its ok! Jao yaha se.
Om: Maine tumhe thanks kaha aur tum mujhe jaane ke liye kaha rahi ho?
Shanaya: No doubt! Tumpe rudra ke company ka aasar pad raha. Duffer! I mean mai aaise toh party mein nahi aa sakti isliye kapde toh change karne padege na ! So thats why I said go! Understand!
Om: OK and he leaves.
Shanaya gets ready she is wearing a short blue colour dress with high heels and beautiful hair with curls. And Om gets stunned by her beauty ofcourse he was stunned before also but now even more!!!
They got to the party.

Om is talking to everyone and introducing himself and shanaya. Just then shanaya feels thirsty and she was unable to bear the thirst. And she was stuck with Om and some elderly people asking her questions about her family business and other formal stuff from the past 1 hr. Shanaya whispers in om’s ears mai abhi aati hu. Om nods.
Shanaya sees a big green coloured glass bottle which she thought she some kind of soft drink becoz she thought that there are so many elderly people in the party so there it probably won’t be alcohol it might be some other drink and she takes the bottle and starts drinking standing in an distant corner. After sometime she finishes the whole bottle. And om notices that thinks she hates alcohol and people w ho drink it so how come she drank it??????
Shanaya comes near om and says:
Shanaya: Om! Kya hua tum mujhe goor kyu rahe ho haan?
Om: Shanaya! Calm down! Ok!
Shanaya: Areyy! But mai kyu chup rahu? Arey! Yaha sab aaise kyu dekh rahe pehle kabhi ladki ko nahi dekha kya??
Om: Shanaya! Shut up! And come with me. Chalo hum ghar chalte hai.
Shanaya: But why? Chalo nachte hai! And she runs towards the stage to dance but om grabs her back quickly.
Om: Shanaya. Stop it! Dekho zid mat karo! Tumhari condition theek nahi hai. So lets go home.
Shanaya: Haan you are right! Meri condition theek nahi hai! Mai tumhari aankhon ki wajah se ghayal hui hu! Anika is right! Tumhari aankhe baat karti hai. In fact tumari zaban se bhi zyada baatein tumhari aankhe baat karti hai. And tumhare yeh zulf aaye! haye! Kisi bhi ladki ko ghayal karde! Tumhari hone wali biwi sach mein bohot lucky hogi becoz vo tumhe yunhi pura din ghur sakti hai. And saying she faints in om’s arms and then obviously very common scene om lifts her in his arms and takes her to OM. To her room and makes her lie in the bed and puts the blanket on her and then gives a her a gentle kiss on her forehead. And says Good Night dear!
Om’s room:
Om is just thinking about shanaya’s words and decides not to tell her how she behaved with him otherwise she will feel very embrassed.
Next day morning in OM:
Tej and Shakti go to the office and dadi jhanvi and pinky are there in the house.
Shanaya and Om come to t he hall where the ladies where there and shanaya says dadi aapne suna kya?
Dadi: Kis baare mein puttar?
Shanaya: Mandir mein ek naye swami ji bohot accha pravachn dete hai. I think you three should go.
Om: Haan haan dadi!
The ladies leave for the mandir.
And yeah my episode ends here and hoping to get the same sweet response as earlier. Please please comment guys and thanks for reading.

Precap: Shivaay- Anika locked in their room I think you know who has done it? And why?

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  1. awesome epii


      Thanks a lot.

  2. Nida

    Yaar I don’t know how to thank you ?… thanks alot but the way you potrayed your story is quite interesting… hoping to get the next part soon ??


      Thanks for the comment but why do U wanna thank me? I have not done anything.

    2. Nida

      I wanna thank you that you updated the next part also very soon thats why i said thank you

  3. Awesome….loved the core….

  4. That’s fir posting it today. Of course we know sharuom would have done it.


      Thank U for commenting

  5. Shivika

    Loved it ………speechlesss…….can’t express my feelings……..shanaya’s compliment was too good and true as welll…….post soon

  6. Very nice…I loved it

  7. Pooja26

    wow !!!!!!
    loved om yr……..
    post asap……

  8. Sairan and shanaya were too cute ❤❤❤

  9. Wow. Great!!

  10. Vincy

    Yup dear know what done this… Eagerly waiting for next episode

  11. Diyaa

    Every single part of this episode was interesting especially Rudra’s dialogues ?Very well done!

  12. Loved it ?

  13. Ruhirachel

    Superb ….. mind blowing??

  14. Awesome but pls make it a bit long

  15. Minion.... the next one soon…

  16. Yashu


  17. I think you are putting very less shivika scenes

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