Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story ~ Severely hurt Chapter 20

I went outside in the garden and then in the outhouse, I saw her sitting on the swing looking down with some more fresh bruises on her knees, she was wearing a white dress, her hair were fully messed up. I went to her and touched her, she was abnormally very cold, she looked at me with bloodshot eyes as if she’s a dead person with open eyes. I moved back. She laughed in a ghostly way. “You came uncle, how is your wife?,” said Meher in an old man’s voice. “So sad I and my niece Mohan gave her so many bruises, tch tch, I feel very bad for her, but until you don’t bring your daughter here, we won’t leave her,” she said in the same voice and I recognized that old man has possessed her.

I was dumbstruck at my place. “Go! Bring your daughter,” she shouted and I didn’t even move an inch. “Ok, tolerate now,” she said and stood from the swing and laid on her stomach and stood on her palms raising her rest of the body in air, I was crying literally, didn’t knew what to do, couldn’t put Shivani in danger and couldn’t even let Meher get pained. She moved towards me and her eyes turned grey and red. “Now her neck will also get wounds,” she said evilly and bent her elbows standing on her palms and raised her whole body in air.

She held her head and spun it upside down. “Go bring your daughter, I will hurt your wife more,” she said in a ghostly voice. “Gooooo!,” she screamed so loudly that I shook as if a current passed through my body, I pulled the rosary out of my neck and threw at her, the old man screamed from inside her body and a dark shadow went away from there, I heard her fall. I rushed to her. “Meher,” I said tapping her cheeks. “Meher wake up,” I said and she moved a little and opened her eyes. “You okay?,” I asked her and she was confused. I just hugged her and picked her in my arms taking her back to our house and on the way I saw a glimpse of the old man and Rohan, they were far so I could just see that they had no eyes in their sockets and a bright light came out of their sockets.

I chanted some mantras to keep them away. “My whole body is paining a lot, when did I wear these clothes? I did not change,” she said and I kissed her forehead. “You will be fine, I promise,” I assured her and we entered Dream Villa and saw mom worried. “What happened mom?,” I asked. “You came, is she fine?,” she asked. “She’s awake but has more wounds now, I am taking her to our room to dress her wounds,” I told her and went upstairs, Meher held me tight as if she will fall. I stopped in middle and held her properly and then she was comfortable. I took her to our bed and laid her there. I was wiping her blood while she continued asking me what’s wrong. “Nothing dear, just some wounds, it will be ok,” I said and smiled. I was done nursing her wounds and sat on the bed beside her.

“I am feeling as if you are hiding something from me,” she said in a weak voice. “You will get to know later, take rest,” I said and caressed her hair. “Did you change my clothes?,” she asked shocking me. “No. I didn’t,” I said. “When did I wore this dress?,” she asked. “Look Meher, I don’t think so I should tell you right now,” I told her. “Please,” she begged and I told her everything. “They did this? Why is this happening to me?,” she said and started crying. “No, don’t cry, everything will be fine,” I said and wiped her tears. “Let’s shift from here, take me from here, they will come again,” she said cryingly. “I want to meet my daughter I m missing her, Shivani, baby,” she said crying more and I held her face and kissed her. “I will take you to her, don’t worry, but she won’t be able to see you like this,” I told her and she stopped crying.

“I will meet her once I m ok,” she said and I nodded. “Mumma, papa,” I heard Shivani’s voice and looked at the entrance of our room, there she stood smilingly and ran to us. “Mumma, how you got hurt?,” she asked and Meher hugged her. “Nothing baby,” she said and I too hugged her and felt her pulling away and was about to leave her but then realized it’s those ghosts who might be trying to take her and I held her as tight as I could. “Pari,” I heard a child’s voice and looked up only to find Rohan there. “Why you came here? This Mohan won’t leave you,” he told Shivani. He showed us his right hand tilting it and moved it to his right making a fog and it was as if a television was formed there. We saw Mohan making plans to kill each one of us in the fog made by Rohan and it disappeared. “Wipe your tears everyone, I will help you all,” he said and we smiled looking up to God with hope in our eyes.

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  1. Jasminerahul mohan is the old man’s nephew n he too is supporting his evil activities.pathetic.anyways meher is alright now n abeer by her side was emotional.good that rohan showed them what mohan is upto.hoping to see rohan helping them to get rid of d evil spirits.loved meher shivani scene

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