The story of the ishqbaaz brothers – Part 3 by Nidhi

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Hey guys! As my readers have requested me to write soon i am doing it and yeah sairan has told me to write a longer episode so i wil write my best to make it as long as possible and sahasra has told me to include more shivika scenes so i will write more scenes of them in this episode. And the PART-2 got posted double times by mistake so plz ignore it.
Here we go:

The episode starts with shanaya thinking that why does om drink so much? Shanaya says that i have to find out whats the problem with om?
Prinku’s room:
Shanaya goes to prinku’s room to get a clue of om’s drinking disease.
Shanaya: Hey Prinku! Kya kar rahi ho?
Prinku: Kuch nahi shanaya di. Aapko kuch chahiye tha?
Shanaya: Kyu? Agar mujhe kuch bhi nahi chahiye toh kya mein tumhare room mein nahi aa sakti.
Prinku: No its nothing like that.
Shanaya: Prinku can i ask u a question?
Prinku: Yeah Sure
Shanaya: Tumhare teen bhaiyo mein se tumhara favourite kon hai? And tum yeh nahi bol sakti ki teeno hi mere favourite hain.
Prinku: Hmmm… Omkara Bhaiya
Shanaya: But why? Oh! I know kyunki vo bechara toh drugs leta hain na.
Prinku: Di don’t tell like that. Vo drugs isliye lete kyunki actually vo dad ki wajah se drugs lete hain. Dad aur svetlana ke affair ke wajah se.
Shanaya: Oh! Prinku tum senti ma ho tumpe suit nahi karta. Actually mistake is mine mujhe tumse aaisa serious question poochna hi nahi chahiye tha. Ok its getting late I will leave and U sleep.
Shanaya leaves and thinks that she should do something to stop om from consuming drugs.

Shivaay is searching for anika in whole house but not finding her. Anika is hiding behind a pillar in the hall and seeing shivaay searching for her she thinks Oh Bete Ki! Ab mai kya karu yeh bagad billa toh mujhe hi doodh raha hain?? And then she thinks of going to the room and slowly starts running but shivaay sees her running and shouts anika! Why are u running? And he also follows her to the room. Anika enters the room and says Arey! Shivaay is just back of me. Ab kya karu? Kaha chupu? Kuch toh karna hi padega mai shivaay se eye contact nahi kar sakti otherwise mera shivaay ke liye pyaar aur increase ho jayega. Then she sees shivaay’s shadow from far and without thinking anyhting rushes into the cupboard. Shivaay enters the room and calls anika’s name. Then he thinks maybe anika is in washroom and goes inside the washroom. Meanwhile anika thinks shivaay left the room and says Oh Bete Ki! Shivaay went. Ab mai yaha se bahar ja sakti hu. And she trie to the open the cupboard from inside but it doesnot open and she says Arey! Yeh khul kyu nahi raha hai?And starts pushing the cupboard door with full force with her shoulders. Meanwhile shivaay comes out of the washroom and hears the noise and he goes near the cupboard and tries to open it from outside. Suddenly the cupboard opens and anika falls on shivaay and shivaay falls on the floor and they keep staring into each other’s eyes. They share an intense eyelock then after sometime both of them come to their senses and anika wakes up from shivaay and shivaay asks her Yeh kya hain? Tum vaha aadhar kya kar rahi thi??
Anika: Hmm…. Khapade dudh rahi thi.
Shivaay: Kya ? Aaise kon khapade dudh tha hain by the way mai yeh kaisa sawaal pooch raha hu? Tum tho hamesha vahi karti ho jo koi bhi karta tho dur ki baat sochta bhi nahi hain?
Anika: Kya matlab?
Shivaay: Kuch nahi and yeah I have to attend a call saying this he leaves.
Anika: I try to avoid him but hamesha I end up with him.

Shanaya’s room:
Shanaya is practing a song (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil)
And just then om was about to enter her room but he doesn’t he instead listens to her song standing near the door. After she finishes she sees om standing near the door and says Tum yaha?
Om: Vo actually Kal maine tumhe thanks nahi bola tha so vahi bone aaya tha.
Shanaya: Oh! Your welcome.
Om: Its ok and vaise you are a great singer.
Shanaya: Oh! Thank u and then her phone rings she picks up the phone its her mom. Seeing her busy om leaves.
Shanaya’s mom asks her that till when will u live in OM. She says I have to fix some problems so I will be back soon.

Om’s room:
Om really likes her voice and tries to imiate her and sing( Ae dil hai mushkil) but as he was singing he’s was his voice was so horrible that rudra who just entered the room losed his ears and shouted O!!! Stop singing! Bas karo! Bas karo! Zulfi Singh Oberoi hum pe Zulm Bandh Karo!!
Om: Shut Up! Rudra.
Rudra: O! Vaise aap yeh gaana kis ke liye ga rahe the?? Ae Dil Hai Mushkil haan? Bathao na O kisne aapke dil ko mushkil baana diya?
Om: Shut up rudra! Hamesha bakwaas karta rahta hain.
Rudra: Ok O! Gussa kyu ho rahe ho. Mai ja raha hu.
And after rudy leaves om once again starts thinking of shanaya’s song.

Pinky is sitting there with a frown face. Then shanaya enters there and sees pinky sad and says Pinky Aunty! Nahi nahi Pinky didi kaise ho aap?
Pinky: Oh My Maata! Tumne mujhe didi kaha? Kya mai itni youngs lag rahi hu?
Shanaya: Ofcourse! And haan aap iss pink dress mein tho aur bhi pretty dikh rahi ho!
Pinky: Sachi?
Shanaya: Haan Haan! But ek problem hain.
Pinky: Kya?
Shanaya: Aap ki udaasi uss se aapki beauty kharab ho jaati hain.
Pinky: But beta mai jethani ji ko lekar upsets hu.
Shanaya: Ok vo tho mai samajh gayi par iss udaasi se toh kuch nahi hoga. Humhe kuch karna padega.
Pinky: Lekin kya?
Shanaya: Sunno.
They plan something and plan gets muted.

Precap: Pinky and Shanaya manage to do something which will make tejahnvi united and svetlana will be thrown out of OM and Somebody teases soumya and rudra saves her.

Guys today I couldn’t write rumya scenes but tomorrow I will write them and tomorrow sorry for shivika fans as i will not more of shivika scenes.

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  1. Shivika

    Amazing…….sweet one….loved it….


      Thanks to the core. Glad that U are liking it.

  2. Ruhirachel

    Wow awesome ….ur great weekend writer??


      Thanks for the comment Di.

  3. Ruhirachel

    Wow awesome ….u r great great writer??

  4. Yashu

    Just read 2 n 3rd part….it was fab…


      Thank U Very Much for the comment and i am glad that U are liking it.

  5. Diyaa

    Shanaya’s character is being developed very well.i liked her exchange with Pinky a lot.,?


      Thank U Very Much. Glad U are enjoying my FF.

  6. Sairan

    Loved it… Finally Svetlana game over..Plz just a request some more of shivika


      Sairan I will write to shivika scenes but see I have to over all the three brother’s story so plz be patient I will surely add their scenes in the upcoming episodes and thanks for the comment.

      1. Sairan

        Waiting for ur next episode..
        U r too good

  7. Minion....

    Awesome…i liked that shanaya whats to know about omkara…?? And pinky and shanaya’s team… amazing..??thay will be shanky…?? Sorry if u didn’t liked the name….


      The name is cool. And yeah thanks for the comment glad U are liking it.

  8. Amazing


      Thanks dear

  9. Awesome. Sorry couldn’t comment on your previous episodes.


      Its ok and thanks for the comment.


    Guys the next part is posted. So please check it out and comment on it.

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