Rudra and Soumya makes RumYa Part 10 *LAST PART*

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And here it ends the 2 month journey. Tysm everyonee for lovee. I wanted to mention the names of all of you but I am in a hurry so… You guyz are awesome. Comment down your reviews about the ff.wanter to write much much more but …. Khairrr..Enjoy And yaa the longest updatee till now ;)..

Various ideas were coming in his mind and he wasnot able to concentrate but stiil he was determine to do something.
And then finally he get an idea. Still busy in his thoughts on how to work on his plan, a door-knock diverted his attention.

Annika’s P.O.V:
I came to Rudy to see him if he is ok or not. I was seeing both and both of them were upset. I thought Rudy would be crying but to my surprise he was smiling, he looked like he was in deep thoughts. Was he thinking of some idea to get out of this situation? I better ask him then asking myself.
“Yes Bhabhi” he was still smiling.
‘Tum theek ho na’ I don’t know whats going in his mind
“haan Bhabhi”
‘dekho rudra I know you are upset you are depressed but trust me. I and Om are searching solutions to get out of this situations. We won’t let Soumya marry Reyaan’
“I trust you Bhabhi. You and O has supported as so much but now there is no need of any idea” still smiling. He paused a little and said “Mainy soch lia ha kia krna hai”
‘Kia karny walay ho tum??’
“Babhi jb bridal swap hosakta hai tou why not groom swap. Dulhan badal jati hai tou phr dulhay ko bh haq ha badal jany ka” He said winking at me
‘O bete ki. Kia idea plan banaya ha Rudra’
I was happy after listening this plan. We included O in this too but we need any elder too. Afte alot of thinking, we finale dadi. We informed dadi of all the situation, she was surpised but happy too. And then she asked Rudra to dress as groom. Ordering same sherwani right now wouldnot be possible so we must now snatch Reyan’s sherwani and he won’t be giving his sherwani so easily so we must unconscious him.

We now had dadi’s full support. We mixed sleeping pills in Reyaan’s juice. He slept soon after drinking juice but still for a safety we made him smell chloroform and locked him inside the room. Job Well Done 😉
I had a sehra infront of my face so no one sees me. Indian dramas are helping me out today ?.
I wonder what sumo would be thinking of me now. She was sitting expressionless and emotionless in mandap. All quiet no smile no tears nothing. She would be considering me as a coward who would be crying right now.But koi baat nahi when I will remove this sehra after marriage all her misunderstandings would be cleared. The pandit started chanting mantras. Everyone was present in all except Bhaiya. I wonder where he is. Bhabhi called him bt his number was out of range. He may be busy in some meeting so we didn’t pause the wedding.

I left the house to pick the documents from office. The documents against Reyaan , I quickly pick up them from office and left early bt on my way back home my car’s tyre got punctured. Fhat the wuck man!! I need to reach back home asap. I quickly called Khanna and ordered him to come with a car, I told him the address. ThankGod he was near me so he reached in 10 mins. The oberoi mansion was 30-40 mins away from here. I was lucky that there was no traffic. I accelerated the car at the max speed so I reach before the marriage rituals are complete. When I reached mansion Reyaan was about to fill Soumya’s maang. STOP I shouted. Everyone looked towards me and Annika sighed a relief. She was calling me continuously but I didn’t attend her call.

“Kiya hua Shivaaye” MOM asked me.
‘me zara ap logo ko kch dekhana chahta hu’ I signed and the lights go off. And then appeared pictures of Reyaan and Mohini on projector. This also had their marriage certificate and their wedding pictures. Everyone was surprised. And then as execute there was a hungama. Somya’s mom had mixed emotion. Bari maa and mom confronted Reyaan’s mom and she was saying that it was Reyaan’s mistake to marry Mohini and he had divorced her. I then looked towards reyaan he was sitting in mandap like nothing happened. I reached towards him, held his collar and removed his sehra, I was abt to punch him but I stopped seeing Rudra there.
‘Tum yaha kia kar rhy ho?’ I asked him.
“Wo- wo bhaiya”
Sumo too was surprised yani she didn’t know this.
“Waah bhae waah. Reyaan ko blame kr rhy thy ap loag. Apni khud ki larki ki harkatien dekhien. Mdam ne dulha hi badal dia” A female voice was saying this all. I looked at her she was mohini, she then started blaming of Rudra & Soumya having an affair, she was making people believe that Soumya is characterless. Anger filled inside me but before I could speak something Rudra did.
“Buss boht sunliya mainy ab agar ek lafz boli tum tou bhool jaonga k tum kaun ho. Hamary ghr me mehmano k sath badtameezi nh ki jati isilye lehaz kr rha hun. Soumya ko kia blame kr rhi ho usy to khud kuch nh pata is baary me. Dulha mainy badla ha. Blame me”

Everyone looked towards Rudra in shock he then continued
“I got to know everything about you and reyaan. I thought Reyaan would stop this wedding himself but he didn’t. I had no other option left that this cause I had no proof against you and Reyaan. So I had to take this step. Reyaan does not deserve Sumo. And after knowing all truth I can’t let her marry that coward he can even not take stand for his wife, that non obedient child who lied to his parents I can’t let Sumo marry such a selfish man. I don’t know why he was marrying Soumya nor do I want to know all I know is Soumya deserve someone 1000 times better than Reyaan. I am not saying I am great but still I am but better than that cheater.”
Mohini said something again against soumya’s character but Rudra cut her
“You still here after this much insult. Such a shameless you are. Leave Oberoi Mansion right now and don’t you dare say anything to my wife. Don’t you dare. And never come back here Get out.” He said this and filled Soumya’s maang the only ritual which was left.

Everyone started clapping including Reyaan parents. Reyaan too was standing in the hall un aware of what just happened. I also clapped for Rudra. My baby brother is grown up now. He took a stand for Soumya today. Reyaan and Mohini left the mansion. Reyaan’s parents were much embarrassed, it was then revealed that Reyaan lied to them. I wonder how Rudra knows this. They blessed RumYa and left too. The remaining guests got busy in having food.
All family members were happy. Bari maa happily accepted Soumya as her bahu and Sumo’s mom also accepted Rudra as her damaad. The elders then left to look after guests only 5 of us were left
Om,Annika RumYa and Me.

Annika broke the silence and questioned Rudra
‘Tumhe ye sb kaisy pata chala Rudra’
“Bhabhi I did not anything.I got to know this now”
‘Tou phir tune ye sb kaisy bola k wo jhoota ha etc etc’ I questioned him this time
“ Bhaiya when u showed the proofs and maa and choti maa confronted Reyaan’s mom I noticed that she had no idea. I felt like she too is shocked from this so bus I used my brain and…”
We all gave a surprising look to Rudra. We were astonished. Rudra did not know anything bt still he spoke with so much confidence that no one could doubt him. Waah.
“Waisy bhaiya apko ye sab kaisy pata chala?” Rudra questioned me nd now attention of everyone drew towards me.
“Haan Shivaay bata na” O asked
“Billu jee bolainn”
‘Tum logo ko kia lagta ha agr tm log na bataogy to mujeh pata nh chalega? Rudra me tmse boht naraz hun tumne mujhe trust nh kia. And you two ANNIKARA- the Bhabhi devar due, you two hid this from me.Tum logo ne muje paraya kardia. You have no idea how much it hurt me that you all hid such a news from me. Rudra tell me am I not a good brother? I thought we brothers share a unbreakable bond and we all are super close to each other that we don’t hide things but…. I am disappointed.’ I had tears in my eyes.

They all had. O and Rudra were crying. The both hugged me together and started crying loudly. SORRY the both said it together. I hugged them back. They both kept on saying sorry. I pacified them. Annika and Soumya were crying too. I signaled them to join the group hug and without wasting a second they joined the group hug. They both also said sorry. So now I one alone was hugged by four people together. Me ab gira to tb gira. I was unable to balance myself. We finally broke the hug and I wiped their tears, of all four. We were now talking each other and then started teasing Om because now he is the only one who is left single. While we were busy chatting a female voice grabbed our attention.
“Excuse me Aap me se Omkara kon hai?” She asked
“Ye hain baray baal walay bhaiya…Oops sorry Omkara bhaiya” Soumya said.
“Wo Omkara jee wo apko yaad hai apse Viraj bhaiya ne baat kit hi wo art k silsilay me…” she said
“Haan haan tum uski behn ho! Sorry me tmhara naam bhool gya hun…” O replied
“Ishaana” she said
“Haan haan Ishana. Tum kal se ajana. Your classes will start from tomorrow.Reach here at 8 in the morning”
“Okay.I will leave now. Meet u tomorrow. Bye” Ishaana replied with a smile. O smiled back. I and Rudra were looking at him
“Ishaana kitna pyara naam hai or apny naam ki tarhan kitni pyaari hai” O said with a smile on his face. The smile today was different.
‘Ehm ehm. Waisy tuney art classes kbse khol lien’ I asked him in a teasing manner.
“Nh classes nh kholien. Viraj ne request ki thi or phr larki me talent boht hai bs thori polis ki zaroorat hai. Islyee” O said
“Chalo acha ha dono milkr sculptures banayengy” Rudy said and I laughed.
Although it was jst a lil meeting but we have accepted her ISHAANA SINGH OBEROI. ?

Soumya was sitting in her room I mean my room balkay now it’s OUR room. She was looking like an angel. I slowly sat near her on the bed. She looked towards I was about to say but she started hitting me. (I hope u people get reference of hitting).
‘Tumhe andaza bh hai mujeh par kia guzar rhi thi. Tum mujeh bta bhi to sakty thy Rudra k tm kia krny walay ho.Kitna mushkil horha tha sb mery lye. Kitni baar soucha shadi se bhagjaon, mandap chordun aur cheekh cheekh k kahun k mujeh reyaan se nhi karni mein already married hun lekin har baar aai ka chehra dekh kr chup hona paara. Khudgarz hona chahti thi mgr na ho pai, tumhe itna dhoondha har min bss isi umeed pr zinda thi k tm ab aogy or shadi rukwadoogy.Kitni takleef me thi mien tmhe nh pata Rudra tmhe nh pta’ she was crying throughout and then she fell into my arms. Tears also escaped my eyes. I pacified her and said
“I am sorry Soumya”
She held herself back and said
‘Buss sorry’
“Haan tou”
‘Agr meri us se shadi hojati tou??’
“Hui to nh na” I said teasingly
‘Agr hojati?’
“Main hony hi nh deta. Trust nh ha mujhper.”
‘Tum ye sb mujeh bata kr bh karsakty thy. You are complete idiot. Balky nahi isme tumhara qusoor nh sarey larkey hi aisy hoty hain According to the university of michigen 90% larky…’
I kept my hand on her mouth.
“I love you Soumya. I love you. Mein tmhari shaadi nh hony deta us se. Mainy zindagi me kabhi nh soucha tha k mujeh mohabbat hogi or itni shaded hogi. Mein apni baqi sari zindagi tmharay sath guzarna chahta hun Soumya. Mein tmharay sath kuch bura nh hony deta.Mien wo shaadi rokta chahye mujeh usky lye kuch bh krna parta jaan bh deni parjati tou…” She covered my lips with her hand and signaled no. She had tears in her eyes. We both then hugged each other. We both were crying.
‘I love you Rudra I love you’ she said tightening her grip on me.
“I love you too Soumya” holding her more close.

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