The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-7

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Hii Friends, here I’m with the next part of my ff. Thank u for all ur comments. And very very sorry for being late. So here is my ff:

Pinky: Arushi u r a big chuparustam
Arushi: So am I and I know that.
Janvi: But how did u know about them?
Arushi: Badi Bua actually Id called Shivay bhaiya to take me home, but when I heard him and Rudra bhaiya talking about the Kapoors I offered to help them.

Meanwhile AnIshYa r clueless about Arushi. Anika signs and asks Shivay to introduce Arushi. Rudra sees them. He goes to Arushi, and takes her to AnIshYa.

Rudra: I’ve to give a breaking news, do u know who’s she?
Arushi: Yes she is Anika Bhabi, Shivay bhaiya’s wo, and she is Soumya Bha…ba…ba…be…behen, behen, Rudra bhaiya’s friend and she is Ishana didi, Om bhaiya’s friend.
Rudra: Sumo, u knew Arushi ! And u didn’t tell me also ! So mean!
Soumya: No Rudra I don’t know her.
Shivay: Hey, how do u know their names?
Arushi: Magic!!! By magic, I got to know their names.
Om: Shivay, leave it, Anika Bhabi, Ishana, Soumya she is Arushi, the mixture of Shivay, me, Rudra and Prinku.
Arushi: Bhaiya, I’m not a eatable thing that u r referring me as mixture
Om: Ok, ok u r Shivay’s cousin, our dear choti ma’s brother’s daughter. Fine.
Arushi: Yes

They all smile. AnIshYa hug her. The family asks about Ishana. Om introduces her to them. Ishana greets everyone and asks for permission to go to her home.

Om (stops her): Wait, Ishana, how can u go so late at night to ur home. And one second that’s my home, and I would give it back to u, but now a lawyer won’t be available, so u have to stay here tonight.
Dadi: Om is saying correct. U stay here. Think it as a girl’s night out.
Rudra: What dadi, our house has the copyright for bromance only, not sismance or girl’s night out. Last time Malika didi had come and u had also agreed for girl’s night out and I remember how they had scared me. Now again!
Shivay and Om (look at Arushi): Is she our sister, I mean our sister would have shouted in excitement hearing Malika’s name.
Arushi: I was a kid, at that time and of course Malika di and I’d such a great time together, it was obvious for me to shout in excitement hearing her name. But now I’ve grown up.

They all laugh and spend some time. Later Tej, Janvi, Shakti and Pinky go to do their works. Dadi asks Arushi to stay in Prinku’s room and goes with Prinku.

Shivay: So, Arushi…….u must be tired by the journey, now go to ur room and rest for a while. Then we can talk later.
Then Shivay, Anika, Om, Ishana, Rudra and Soumya are going when Arushi secretly stops Rudra and Soumya. She brings them aside.

Arushi: Bhaiya, my eyes r on u both. I know what u both r hiding. It will be better if u say it urself, or else I will be forced to reveal the truth to the whole family. Right Bhai? Right Bhabi? (She gives stress on the word Bhabi)

Arushi leaves them there and goes. Rudra and Soumya stand there in shock.

At morning –

Ishana gets ready. Om passes by that way. He gets stunned seeing her beauty. He then composes himself and goes to her.

Om (gives her, her own house documents): Ishana here r ur house documents.
Ishana: No Om, u keep it with urself. What shall I do with that house? Now no one is there with me. I will feel lonely. Then I will start missing my family.
Om: Then where will u do ur dance practice?
Ishana: Om…….but
Om: Ishana, as much as, I know u, u get happiness by dancing and forget all ur sorrows and tension, and even if ur family would have been there with u, they would have wanted ur happiness. So go to ur home, lead ur life happily……U will also get happiness by that.

Ishana hugs him and cries happily. She realizes it is better to go home. Dadi comes there.

Dadi: Ishana, I’ve asked my driver to drop u home safely. And again thank u for giving shelter to my Om (She hugs her) but do come again.

Ishana bids all bye and goes to her home. Some boys see her and wink at each other.

Oberoi Mansion –

Everyone is eating breakfast when a lady enters the Oberoi mansion. Reyan and his family also come. Soumya looks at them and gets shocked. The lady goes to Soumya and hugs her.

Soumya (stammers): Aai…How did u come here?
Aai: By car…. (She and others laugh. She also greets everyone.) Jokes apart… I’ve come here to select a date for ur and Reyan’s marriage. Ur studies r going to complete soon so I thought to get u married with Reyan. After all, I got to know from him that u both have patched up and u had said yes to his marriage proposal, so I thought to fulfill ur wish. I know, u must be very happy with this. Ur grand ma will also come within some days.
Janvi: Mummyji, she is Kusum right, ur friend Sarla aunty’s bahu
Dadi: But Kusum beta where is Sarla? We’ve not met since ages.
Kusum: Actually she will come after 3-4 days; there was some work at village. But I’ve come here to take Soumya to our home. She has been a burden on u for so many days. Now it’s time for her to go.
Dadi: Kusum beta, u made us outsiders. Soumya is just like Priyanka to me. How can u say that see is a burden to us. In fact she is a family member for us; a part of our family. Sarla’s grand daughter is my granddaughter. Let her marriage happen here, in our Oberoi ground. And pls u both stay here till then. And yes, when Sarla comes I’ll send my grandsons to pick her up and ask her to come her. After all this is her friend’s house. She has right to come here.
Kusum: But… Auntyji…. I don’t want to depend on anyone for her marriage expenses. And ur Oberoi ground is much expensive, I can’t afford so much.
Janvi: Kusum ji…….U can take care of her marriage expenses and think that the Oberoi ground is a gift for her marriage… but pls let her marriage be conducted there.
Kusum: But… Janvi ji
Pinky: No buts….it is decided by Mummyji means u have to agree to her.
Kusum (pauses then sighs): Fine then.

Everyone get happy. But Rumya r not at all pleased. In fact they r much sad. Suddenly Reyan’s mothers phone rings.

Mrs. Chhabra: Hello… Yes, panditji…Did u find out the marriage date?…Yes…wow….that’s an awesome news.. So tell me the dates… What???!!! But is there no more dates, I mean there may be some other dates. Pls search properly. (Pauses)…Ok then Panditji, pls hold(she keeps her phone on hold) Kusum ji there is a problem, Panditji is saying, the marriage can happen within 15 days or after 2 years. What shall I say him now?
Kusum: After 2 years, no no, it’s not possible for me, let us keep it within 15 days. We can skip the engagement and directly go for the marriage.
Mrs Chhabra (gets relieved and happy): I was also thinking the same, just thought that u may not like my proposal….fine then, I will confirm the dates with Panditji.(She goes carrying on the call)
Dadi: So we have only 15 days in our hand which means lots of preparations in a short span of time. Then let me divide all the work between everyone so that there should be no problem in my granddaughter’s wedding.
All the while Rumya r not at all happy. Dadi divides all the work and asks everyone to hurry up.

Mr. Chhabra: Dadi ji, Kusum ji, we also have to go to start the wedding preparations. Could we take ur leave?
Dadi: Sure, beta, go and come soon to take our Soumya.
Everyone smile. Rumya pretend to smile. Reyan’s family goes. Reyan winks at Soumya and signs her to come outside. Soumya goes with him. Rudra gets tensed and follows them.

Dadi: Arrre! What r u all waiting for? Go fast hurry up in ur works. There are a lot of things to be done.
Arushi (stops Shivika and Om): Dadi, can we all go after 5 mins? Pls Dadi?
Dadi: Alright, but come soon.
Arushi: Sure, thanks Dadi

All go. Only Shivika, Om and Arushi r there.
Shivay: Why did u ask us to wait?
Om: Do u want to tell us something?
Anika: I think she doesn’t want to show her true feelings to anyone, but don’t worry Arushi, u can cry in front of me. I know u r upset that Soumya is going to leave, so u want to cry.
Arushi: Oh god, Anika Bhabi, am I gunne that I will keep my feelings within myself. If I’d to cry, I would have cried in front of all. Anyways….
Om: Hey wait, what is Gunne?
Shivay: Gunne are those people who keep their feelings within themselves. (He realizes what he just said)
Om: What the wuck? Shivay? How did u know this word’s meaning?
Arushi: ShivOm bhaiya, Anika Bhabi, focus, I’ve stopped u all to tell something important, not to talk about all these stupid words.
Anika, Shivay and Om: Ok…ok…We r sorry.
Arushi: Ok, so I was telling that I noticed something between Rudra and Soumya didi…. I mean some kind of feelings. But I wanted to ask a question to u?… R Rudra bhaiya and Soumya didi married? I mean it, as during the marriage conversations, they both were much tensed and were frequently looking at each other.
Anika: It means u want to tell that they both love each other, and r sad with the marriage.
Arushi: Exactly!
Shivay: Hey wait, u asked they r married or not? Right?
Om; I guarantee u, it isn’t possible at all. Rudra never keeps any secret from us.
Shivay: And I don’t think he will keep such a big secret of his life from us.
Arushi: But maybe, he is scared to share the information with us. Maybe they don’t want to accept their marriage as they r not aware of their feelings… but something is there, for which he has kept it a secret.
Om: But how can u be so sure of it?
Arushi shows them some videos. They get thinking seeing them.
Anika: So what do u want?
Arushi: I want them to confess their feelings to each other.
Om: But before that we need to stop the marriage…
Shivay: ….and bring some strong evidences in front of the family.
Anika: Then they will be forced to stay with each other.
Arushi: And which will help us in uniting them.
They all hi-fi and team up to find evidences for their plan. Shivay also hires a PI. Then they all go to do their works.

Meanwhile Reyan is very happy with their families’ decision of marriage. He is excited and is continuously blabbering but Soumya is not listening to him. She recalls her wedding with Rudra and is upset over the developing situations. Rudra hides and watches them from far. He gets irritated by Reyan’s talking but tries to control himself.
Reyan: U know Soumya… I have planned so many things after our marriage. We shall go to Paris, then Switzerland, then….
Soumya (shouts): Stop it Reyan. I am not interested to go anywhere. Why don’t u understand? First I’ve to complete my studies then I will think of marriage. U pls stop irritating me. Pls go from here. Pls, Reyan. Pls, go. I will talk to u later.
(Rudra smiles from behind and goes to them.)
Rudra: Soumya, dadi is calling u, go to her. Fast.
Soumya: Yes, Rudra, I’m going
(She is irritated. She goes.)
Rudra: I’m so happy for u Reyan, u and Soumya lookkk…
Reyan: Thank u. Bye.
Rudra laughs and praises himself. Kusum notices it from far and gets thinking.

Ishana’s house –
Ishana meets someone. She talks to him. After some time it is revealed that the person is her dad. Soon her sister also comes.
Mr. Mehta: U know we both had to spend so much for staying in the hotel. I thought Omkara will stay for a few days but he stayed here for so many days.
Ishana: So what papa? Hard work gives success. This time our work is done properly. Omkara is slowly melting over me. And it won’t take much long to make him fall in love with me.
Mona: Papa, we missed all the interesting scenes between didi and jiju. I t would have been so much fun.
Ishana: No…Tomorrow we will have the real fun, when Om will be forced to marry me but he won’t get a single hint that it is I who has forced him to marry me. And then…then I will get the ticket to Oberoi mansion forever.
They all laugh and plan for the next day.

Oberoi mansion –

Kusum finds Soumya alone and comes to her.
Kusum: I’ve to talk to u about something.
Soumya: Yes Aai, tell me what happened?
Kusum: What happened??? …I mean how were u behaving with Reyan? Is he ur fiancé or servant? Is this how I have taught u to speak to people? And Reyan is ur fiancé. At least talk to him properly…There is some general courtesy, pls don’t forget that. If today, ur father and brother would have been there, then I would not have to warn u like this, u have spoilt after their demise.
Soumya (whispers): If Bhaiya, would have been there then I would not had to face tis day.
Kusum: What? What did u say?
Soumya: No…No…Nothing.
(Rudra and Anika come there.)
Anika: Soumya, the designer has come. U come with us, she has to check the dresses.
Kusum: Soumya, u go with Anika. Rudra, u wait here, I’ve to talk to u.
(Anika and Soumya go)
Kusum: U r Rudra, right…known as lady killer in ur college.
Rudra (nervously): Yes Aunty… So what happened?
Kusum: No, Nothing happened; I just want to say that, stay away from my daughter. She is my only possession and I don’t want any spoilt brat for her. And pls stop following her. She’s ur friend, not wife. And her marriage is in 15 days, I am requesting u. (She folds her hand and goes from there.)
Rudra gets sad and goes from there recalling all his moments with Soumya. Soumya and Anika hear them secretly. Soumya gets upset over Kusum and goes. Anika notices them; she sends the recording of the whole conversation to Shivay, Om and Arushi. They all hear it and get thinking.

Precap: Om talks to Ishana. Suddenly he hears her scream and shouts Ishana. Soumya shouts at Kusum. Janvi hears them talking something and gets shocked.

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