Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says if anything happens to you, I will die, I love you Shivaye. Tia asks Rudra to give her phone. Rudra says why you are so possessive about the phone, does it have secret about which Anika said. Tia worries seeing Robin’s pic on screen. Some time before, Anika drags Shivaye and makes him lie on it. She holds him and pushes the cart. Sahil says not this one. Rudra asks this? Sahil says no. Rudra says he is studious. Sahil says its Maths. Tia asks what’s your problem, how does it matter to put books first or last. Rudra asks Tia to take all books. He takes her phone and passes to Sahil. He asks Tia to hurry up. Sahil says its fine, I will do it. Tia says whatever, and leaves.

Anika gets Shivaye inside house. She asks Shivaye to get up. She gets his phone and fixes charger. She calls Rudra. Rudra asks where are you. She says Shivaye fainted in storm and unable to breath, tell me what to do fast. He says he has allergy to dust, tell me where are you, I will come. She says no, tell me what can I do, there is no time. He says Shivaye has his medicines. She recalls Shivaye asking for medicines. She ends call and runs out. She looks for medicines and gets hurt by the fallen tree branch. She gets medicines and goes to Shivaye. She says Shivaye, see your medicines, you will get fine now. She checks and says which medicine shall I give, what to do, Shivaye please get up. She calls Rudra. She says I got medicines, I don’t know which one to give. He says Allegra tablets. She says I don’t find it. He says its yellow medicine. She says I got it. He says give it to Shivaye fast. She thanks him. She feeds tablet and water to Shivaye.

She asks him to get up. She asks are you listening, get up for my sake please. She hugs him. Sahil asks Rudra to come, we will find that man. Rudra says I won’t get better chance to remove Lady baba from Shivaye’s life. Sahil says that D named guy’s photo will be there in this phone, as she was seeing this phone and talking. Rudra says password, what can be the password of her phone. Sahil asks what will we do now. Rudra enters universe and says yes…. Sahil gets glad.

Tia says stupid people spoiled my mood, Rumi would be waiting for me, my phone…. Anika says please open eyes Shivaye, are you listening, you can’t do this with me, you can’t leave me, if anything happens to you, I can’t live without you, I got habitual to you, I will die if anything happens to you. She rests her head on his head and cries. She says I love you Shivaye.

Sahil asks Rudra to hurry up. Tia comes and says bad manners. Rudra and Sahil get shocked. Tia says give my phone Rudra. Rudra asks which phone, I have no phone. She tries to take it. Sahil says first prove its your phone. Rudra and Sahil throw it to each other. Tia runs after them. She takes phone from Sahil and says bad boy. Rudra takes it from her and says bad girl. She says give my phone. Rudra says you are so possessive about the phone, does it have secret about which Anika said. Tia worries seeing Robin’s pic on screen. She says shut up and give it to me. Sahil says photo is seen, check it. Tia hurts Rudra’s hand to get phone. Rudra screams. Soumya comes. He takes phone and throws it to Soumya calling her out. Soumya tries to catch and it falls in the pool. They worry.

Anika says I m in love with you Shivaye, I just realized it, don’t end our story before it begins, get up for my sake, you always say your life can’t go easily, prove it, you promised me you won’t leave me, how can you break promise, open eyes, get up please. Nazdeek ho dil ke…..plays………… She asks him to get up. Her tear falls over his face. She gets conscious. She holds his face. He says Anika, you got hurt again. She holds him. He sits. He sees her hand. He asks are you fine. She says I felt I lost you. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s life won’t go so easily, I told you Anika. He wipes her tears. She hugs him and cries. He says I m okay

Soumya says sorry, everything went wrong because of me. Sahil says its not your mistake. She says if I caught the phone, Tia’s mystery would have got solved. Anika calls Rudra. He answers. She says Shivaye got conscious, he is fine now. He says thank God, come home fast. She ends call. Shivaye says storm ended, but car is not starting. She says its fine, Rudra is sending car. He says we have to reach Om soon, its imp.

Sahil says Soumya thinks its her mistake, I m saying its your mistake. Rudra says yes, I have thrown phone such that no one could catch it, one thing is confirmed, Lady baby is hiding something, Anika’s doubt is right. Shivaye and Anika are on the way. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says it does not look so, you are sitting silent. She says just like that and sees him. He asks what, you are staring at me. She says not staring, seeing. He asks why like this. She asks why, can’t I see you. He says no, you can see me, obviously I m so handsome, it would be tough for you to get eyes off my face, is everything fine Anika. She says yes. He asks did anything happen. She thinks of her love confession and says things got spoiled. He asks what. She says Shivaye, that’s Om’s car. He stops the car and they down to see Om’s car. He calls out Om and checks car. They see Om lying unconscious in back seat. Shivaye holds Om.

At Oberoi mansion, Shivaye makes Om lie down on bed and asks Anika to call doctor. She goes. Om gets up and sits. Shivaye asks are you fine, how did you faint. Om says when I got to know…. Shivaye recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words. He says its okay Om, no problem is big that solution can’t be got, I m with you. Om says when I saw phone… Shivaye says video can’t change our lives, how could you go, I get worried for you, if anything happened to you, we decided if any problem comes, we will solve it together by talking. Om says Shivaye, I have much headache, please listen to me. Shivaye asks him to say.

Shivaye walks to Anika. She gets shocked hearing the bell ringing. She shouts no and shuts ears. Sahil asks are you really in love. Anika cries and says I can’t love Shivaye.

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  2. Now shwetlana will blame om of rape.

  3. I hope this shwetlana tia rumi drama ends this week. Tej needs to repent n jhanvi needs to start afresh.

    1. Lids

      I agree. I’m so tired of those three. Can’t take it anymore.

  4. Awesome episode, Surbhi’s acting is amazing

  5. Mayura Shivalkar

    It’s high time now, we want to see d chemistry of Shivay n anika

    Try to finish three sis drama

  6. Loved shivika scene

  7. Spoiler

    Shivay and Anika drive to find Omkara. They both worry for each other. Shivay feels her silence weird. He asks her why is she staring at him. She asks can’t I see you. He says I know I m too handsome and its difficult for girls to get eyes off me. He asks her did anything happen. She recalls the love confession and feels her heart has gone out to Shivay. She shows Omkara’s car to him. They check for Omkara and find him unconscious in his car. They get a big shock. Shivay and Anika get Omkara home. Omkara feels okay. Shivay fears that Omkara has seen Daima’s recording. He comforts Omkara and says they can solve every problem. He assures him support. He tells Omkara how much worried he was for him, they will face all problems together. Omkara asks Shivay to hear him out once. Will Omkara tell Shivay about Shwetlana’s truth?

  8. Awesome ep pannika accept her love toward the SSO really love the episode. And this chipde Shwetlana has no self respect how can a girl say something lyk this about herself? Shameless!!!!

  9. Shivaay never lets anyone to speaks and assumes something every time

  10. Hi guys i am back Such mai yaar so cute na. i hope really life maybe truelove hota tho kithna acham hota hai na but i know sacham pyaar tho sifirs aur sifirs movies&serial me he hota hai

    1. Hi Sri latha you’er giving om’s dialogue but I also think that is true.

  11. Mahi_

    Please don’t want Svetlana and om’s marriage or pairing what do you say guys. ……and coming to shivika my God I love nakul his so natural actor and the way he said he’s so handsome I said yes u r…..and even loved ride a and sahil’s bonding

    1. Loveleen

      No I dnt think Svetlana is gonna b paired with omm cz in insta they hv already gave sm news as a new girl fr omm it’s shrenu Parikh…….

  12. Kohi pls mujhe bathiyeh anika shivaye se pyaar hai tho usia realize bhi hoga na tho anika kyu shivaye ko avoid karrahi kyu chup rahi hai

  13. Loved the precap….especially Shivaye’s expression…I think he is drugged and was going to hug Anika! Anika dropping everything and shutting her ears and Shivaye halts midway…shocked!!

    Guys did you see Nakul’s sister in that b’day celebration video?? YoYo’s song Blue eyes must be for her…..I think her eyes are more bluish than Shivaye’s!!
    And what has happened with Om? I think Swet must have drugged him and then tried seducing him where Om in the drugged state could not resist completely…..and Swet must have recorded it….Swet has injured herself and she says that Om raped her. Om has not done anything but he is not sure of it as he doesn’t remember anything….ya that must be the plan I think!
    These KK Kapoor sisters are too much….its hi-time that should get a whack!! And Obros should not do many things like Rotilana……just one plan….but effect on all 3 KKs….like ‘Zor ka jhatka dheere se….’ Should not even get time to call their mom and cry!! And that lady….sirf ek scene main aayi thi….lekin 2 hafte se kitna footage mil rahe hain yaar…..”Just one click and its done…” veveve… mom and devil daughters…..grrrrr! :-/ :-/

    And coming to Soumya, I don’t think she threw the phone purposefully….it looked like it slipped from her hands!! Soumya is Love angel guys…..she can’t have negative shades…No way!!

    1. Forgot to mention the main point…..Shivika in the car scene…..loved every bit of it…both of their expressions…..Surbhi’s mesmerized expression “main aapko dekh nahi sakthi?” expression and expression after ‘phail gaya raitha’…..mmmuahhhh meri jaan!! 😡 😡 😡
      And then Shivaye’s look at Surbhi after saying “he is so handsome that she can’t take her eyes off him……” actually he looked more handsome after that…. =p =p =p

    2. Pls ignore the smileys in the previous comment…..I meant something else….something else came out! ;P ;P ;P

    3. I agree with you too. Those all 3kk’s should get effect of zor ka jhatka dheere se.

    4. Archiya

      Lijince dear,
      my same to same thoughts on Soumya, she is so innocent.. she can never b neagtive
      Lolzzz… after muaahhh meri jaaan.. angry smileys 🙂

  14. Archiya

    I totally loved SaRu part.. so hilarious..
    The dialogues of anika to wake up shivay were really sweet.. dont understand why they say “mujhe aakpi aadat ho chuki hai” aadate can be changed anytime, might b difficult but can be changed.. today was the most awaited part of anika sayin “I love u” to shivay.. bt somehow i did not feel it.. or may b it was not sequenced properly.. it looked like it came out after lot of thinking.. its should have come out just like tat, like wen anika is sharing her feelin.. an it comes out suddenly..
    Loved the car shivika convo though.. Anika is thorughly shocked to know she loves baggad billa.Poor Om… he looks so cute.. he is tryin to tell abt the video, bt r dear shivay is nt ready to listen

    Very unfair though.. i expected tat shivay will also confess his love wen anika will b hangin.. bt only anika confessed…

    Best shots of today, wen anika put shivay on the cart, wen she put her head on his, wen tat lone tear passed from her face to his an he woke up(This was same wen anika was kind of dyin wen daksh kidnapped her).. an the best scene wen anika hugged shivay an he hugged her back.

    1. Archi…..updated your dp?? Superb!!

    2. Archiya

      Lijince dear
      Shivika is upgradin.. an so is my dp 🙂

  15. Good that Annika made out her feelings, now it’s Shivays turn. I felt Shivikas hug was too short today.
    But ve to say loved Annika more in the car scene than the emotional confession scene. She looked really innocent in love.

    Like the spoiler said I don’t think Soumya dropped the phone on purpose, It was just an accident I felt. And even if Tia was caught red handed, she could ve easily said that it was her brother’s pic in the phone.

    I think it was a smart move from the CVs not to show what happened to Om. Aur Shivay Annika k sangath mein rah ke na bilkul Annika jaise ho gaya, was not letting Om speak a word. My God..!!

    And Precap was really funny. I was so missing the cute Shivika scenes. After all these drama, that was much needed. Obros should learn from Annika, she shared her biggest problem with her brother. And these big boys are still hiding their issues from each other.

    P.S.- Annika’s orange outfit which I liked initially was becoming an eyesore today after watching it for so many episodes n promo .

    1. Yes Lax….like Shekhar commented earlier, I don’t understand the OBROtherhood in IB!! They just keep saying “All for one, One for all” slogan and share some Obro moments in the kitchen or in Shivaye’s bedroom!!
      Shivaye has not revealed his stand on Tia and Tia’s pregnancy to his bros….
      Om has not revealed the accident part to ShivRu till now….only Prinku knows about it!! And, now he is hiding Prinku’s MMS also!! What would happened if he had picked Shivaye’s call and told him that he is following Swetlana as he knows she is planning something?? Shivika would not have been in that dangerous situation and to an extent Om might have been saved from whatever situation he has been with Swet!
      And look at Rudy….he has not revealed his secret marriage to Soumya with his bros….or his feelings for Soumya….
      Strange brotherhood!!

    2. Liji..!!
      Bas Naam ke Obros. Lack of communication between them is the biggest problem. Kab samjhenge ye log.

    3. Im agree with u guyz this is the biggest problem of this brothers….they hides all secrets with each other….they says everyday that we will share everyproblems with each other and solve everything together….but doing exactly opposite….they never shares their problems or feelings…..they wants to become hero doing all alone….but actually they where becoming zero hiding secrets with each other…im sure if they will share problems then they can solve all problems easily
      More than this obros jhanvi and pinky bonding superb….they shares their problems and support each other when they needs
      Thats why this nafrathbaaz gang is getting success in their plans bcz they shares their plans with each other….

    4. Shahabana
      Ha Ha..!! You are right. Nafratbaaz has better bonding than Ishqbaaz.
      Btw any idea what’s the TRP this time??

  16. Loveleen

    Btw guys I had a doubt this shw comes on Hotstar even befr it cms on TV like around 6:30 pm its latest episd cms so if we watch there befr tv telecast wl it’s trp got down ? PlZ if nyone knows tell I dnt want it’s trp to go down….

    1. Nainaa

      Hey!! actually it’s premium. we can watch it before the actual telecast but we need to pay. not only in Hotstar but in many websites we can watch it before actual telecast. There will be online TRP also for TV show so, we don’t need to worry.

    2. Loveleen

      No dear I watch without paying in Hotstar….The whole episd…

  17. hi guys loved todays eps and sahil and rudRa smart guess its ok they didnt got to know bout tia chipdi overall loved shivay and aniku,s perfomance

    and that chudail swetlana is blaming cute innocent omkara how dare she but hope shivika will save him

  18. I don’t like the way these sisters go about. They want their revenge on the Oberois and they won’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way. They’re totally without remorse. As far as the truth coming out eventually about them. Jhanvi should divorce Tej even if he shows remorse.

  19. amazing…

  20. Today’s episode was so good shahil and rudra ware awesome. I hope they put end to tias pregnancy now it’s too much. It’s been over month. Please bring om’s opposite so she can join anika and expose all 3 kapoor and their evil mom. So pinky could open her eyes for anika not tia. I hope all three brothers shares their problems with each other’s so they could save Obrio family. Like anika and shahil sharing their problems.

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