A Story of Four Lovers (SNS+YHM) Part:6

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Thanks isuri,kumud,jasminerahul,rani,riana,jyoti and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 6. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Gopi applying red lipstick, Ishita’s romantic dream, Ahem caring of Gopi, Ishita seeing someone’s photo.

The Episode starts with Ishita saying that Mama..!! Tears roll down over her cheeks. Ishita says Like always, Today also, I see your photo. You know, whenever, I ask papa, how you die….He says That one day, all has to gone far from us. If I’ve known that it will happen, I shouldn’t not go to school, I should have stayed at home, Flashback….

Mrs. Khurana (Nikita Anand) is shown cooking breakfast. After cooking breakfast, She goes upstairs. She comes to a room. She says Ishita, Are you ready..?? Girl there says yes Mama..!! Girl’s face(Ruhanika Dhawan) appears. She is in school uniform. Mrs. Khurana says Good Ishita Beta..!! Breakfast is ready, come and have breakfast. Ishita says Okay, Mama. She goes with Mrs. Khurana to dine.

A man is sitting there. His face(Siraj Mustafa Khan) appears. Ishita says Papa! She runs to hug Mr. Khurana. Mr. Khurana says Beta! sit on chair and have breakfast. Ishita do same. Mrs. Khurana sits near Ishita and says Ishita! Promise me, If something happened to me, you’ll take care of your papa. She then looks at Mr. Khurana and says And you promise me that you’ll take care of my Princess daughter, Ishita. Ishita says Promise Mama…. Mr. Khurana says If daughter has promised, How father can not promise..?? Promise..!!

Mrs. Khurana sees Tears rolling down over Ishita’s cheeks and hugs her saying that Arey…. What happened to my daughter..?? Ishita says Mama, you’ll not be at home, you’re going far from me na, don’t lie…. Mrs. Khurana says Ishita Beta….Mama will never wish to leave princess daughter, She will be with you always…. Ishita says Promise…. Mrs. Khurana says Do you not believe your mama..?? Ishita says More than myself..!! Mr. Khurana says Let’s come, have morning selfie…. Ishita, Mr. and Mrs. Khurana gathers and says cheese….

After selfie, Mr. Khurana says Ishita, Have breakfast….. Ishita says I’ve done. Mrs Khurana says Okay go, You’re been late for school. Ishita nods and turns to leave taking her bag. Mrs. Khurana says Ishita…. Ishita turns and says yes mama..?? Mrs. Khurana showers love on Ishita and says Don’t take your mama wrong ever…. Ishita says I can take wrong myself but not you…. Mr. and Mrs. Khurana smiles. Ishita leaves.

Mrs. Khurana sits on her knees and cries. Ishita is hell shocked seeing this while hiding. She weeps and runs to Mrs. Khurana. Someone wipes Mrs. Khurana’s tears. She in none other than Ishita. Ishita says A Little ago, you was asking me to not cry and now, you are crying, that’s not fair. Mr. Khurana comes to Ishita and sits on his knees and says Ishita Beta…. Mama is crying because she is going…. Sorry, because you’re going school, she can’t live without you., that’s why…. Ishita looks at Mrs. Khurana and says Don’t cry mama, I’ll come home soon, Okay..?? Mrs. Khurana nods and says okay…. Both Mr. and Mrs. Khurana hugs Ishita. Ishita says now, can I go school, otherwise teacher will be angry on me for being late. Mrs. Khurana and Mr. Khurana releases Ishita from hug and nods. Ishita leaves. Flashback ends.

Ishita says Mama, that day was shocking day of my life and you know, papa was shattered after your death.

Screen shifts to Gohem. Gopi says Is everything okay ahem..?? Ahem says get out of car. He opens car door and comes out. Gopi also comes out. Ahem says see that and points finger at dress shop. Gopi says okay..!! They go inside the shop. They check dresses. Gopi says I want that Strawberry perfume..!! Ahem says Then why are “fuming”..?? Gopi pats him saying that Ahem..!! Ahem says okay..!! He ask shopkeeper to show that strawberry perfume. Gopi says price..?? Shopkeeper says Mam, Its price is just Rs.10,000. Gopi says what..?? Ahem says No Problem….Pack it..! Shopkeeper packs it.

Gopi sees a sherwani in red colour. Ahem sees Green coloured beautiful dress with flowers and butterflies on it. Both wink.

Gopi ask shopkeeper to pack that red sherwani. Shopkeeper packs it. Ahem ask shopkeeper to pack that green dress. Shopkeeper packs it also. Gohem come out of the shop.

Gopi says Ahem….Actually….Ahem says let me say first..!! Gopi says Wait a second, I first start talk, so let me complete..!! Ahem says first me..!! Gopi says Not at all, first me..!! Both take out packed dresses from their back and with that both open mouth in surprise.

Ahem says I Guess, its for me..?? Gopi says and that for me..?? With that, They snatch gift from each other. Ahem says Price..?? Gopi says Don’t act to be customer…. But if you’ve hobby, you can give me…. just…. 30,000..!! Ahem says Don’t act to be smart, mine gift’s price….40,000….. 40,000-20,000…. Gopi says So say clearly na ahem, 20000.

Ahem says Well, its for me na…. Right..?? With that…. He takes out perfume. Gopi says Ahem, Not at all, its mine, give me back. Ahem says smell is nice. Gopi snatches perfume from Ahem. Gopi pats Ahem and says Naughty man..!! Ahem smiles and says let’s go. They sit in car and leaves.

screen shifts to Modi Mansion. Jhanvi says Tej..!! Tej says Hmm..?? Jhanvi says Actually, I’m thinking of Ahem…. Tej says Are you thinking about his…. Jhanvi says yes Tej, I’m thinking about that..!! Raman who was passing from there, overhears that and thinks about which, Mom and Dad are talking..?? He pats himself on his head and says Bad manners..!!

Jhanvi sees him and comes to Raman and pulls his ears saying that So, Acha Bachoo…. You was hearing our talks. Tej says If you want to join us, you can but its not good..!! Raman says No, I was just passing from here, that’s it, I go, you continue, mom…. Jhanvi leaves his ears and smiles. Raman leaves from there.

Screen shifts to Khurana Mansion..!! Ishita sits on her knees and cries. She says I miss you a lot mama..!!

Screen shifts to Modi Mansion. Raman thinks why I’m feeling that Ishita is being hurt..??

Precap: Ishita(Child) comes to home. DITA TATA TUNE PLAYS. Ishita is shocked.
Ahem says I’ll not hide my feelings anymore..!! Gopi says Enough..!!

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  1. Loved this!

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Rani.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Surprised to see ruhanika as ishita.fb was emotional. What happened to her mother?guess it will be seen in the coming episode. Gohem scene was cute.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Jasmine di.

  3. Awesome dear
    Poor ishu one request dear don’t hurt
    Raman’s feeling for ishu. Please unite
    Ishra.again and again talking same thing sorry for it but I like ishra
    more than other couples

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks isuri.

  4. emotional scene of ishita with her mother and father.cute gohem scene

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sowmy.

  5. Rashita

    Nice one…..gohem scene was nice……ishita emotional scene……Raman feeling ishita is hurt which is really happening…..wow….. Plz make love sequence of ishra…..soon plz but update soon…. I’m reading your ff from the beginning but couldn’t comment… Sorry but please update soon……

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks rashita.

  6. Riana

    Sweet episode…Gohem scene was good…Wondering what happened to Ishu’s mom??….Udpt. soon…Pls comment on my Ishq Wala love ff…

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Riana.

  7. Kumud

    Really nice and emotional

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks kumud.

  8. Nice update loved ruhanika as littile ishita Flashback of ishita was emotional what happend to her mother ishita and her family scene was lovely Pls make ishra fall for eachother

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jyoti.

  9. Ishita will not be negative because she think about her loving mother.
    Amazing that Raman feel Ishita’s pain so he decided to meet Ishita and will consolling Ishu.
    Raman and Ishu will changed from being alone to friendship.
    Raman will slowly to get closed to Ishu and so is Ishu.
    Raman and Ishita will be happy and feeling will grow and start to fall in love with each other.
    Can’t wait to read who did Ahem feeling for and why Gopi get angry and Ishu shocked?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks parichary. No, Raman will no go to meet Ishita. Ahem loves Gopi and Gopi also loves ahem. Raman is already in love with Ishita but ishu loves ahem.

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