Shakti 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman holding Soumya’s hand after she agrees to dance with him. Surbhi smiles looking at them. Preeto comes to Surbhi and asks if she really got her foot hurt or did drama. Surbhi says she has replied to someone’s acting with her acting. She asks her to think whatever she wants to. Soumya tells Harman that she really didn’t know how to dance. Harman says even I didn’t know how to love before…He says I started loving you after meeting you and even I can dance now. He says when we are together, we can dance and asks her to support him, and he will handle everything. He starts dancing on the song Suno ek thi kanch ki gudiya….Soumya is still standing. Harman makes her dance with him. Preeto gets upset and angry. Harman thanks Soumya for holding his hand. Soumya says you always stood by me, how I couldn’t have supported you. She sings female version…They dance together. Everyone looks on upset except Surbhi and Nani. Harman and Soumya are happy and have an eye lock while dancing. Police team comes there.

Viren tells Harak Singh that Police came. Raavi’s sasur is accompanied by Police. Police says they will search the house. Harak Singh stops him and asks why did you come here? Inspector says we have to search your house, and apologizes. Harak Singh says nobody have the guts to enter my house and search, threatens to call senior officers. Raavi’s sasur accuses Harman to have kidnapped his grand son. Raavi is shocked and recalls what Harman told her before. Harak Singh tells him that it is a wonder, you couldn’t take care of him. Inspector says someone called and said that boy is in your house.

Varun smirks. Harak Singh is shocked and asks why he is blaming him. He asks Viren to let Police searched the house. Harman gets tensed. Preeto, Harak Singh and others get inside. Viren asks Police team to search and take them to every room. Soumya looks on worried. Inspector tries to open the cupboard which is locked by Surbhi and says it is locked. Viren asks Varun to get keys from Harman. Varun asks Harman to give keys. Harman comes to his room, followed by others. He says there is nothing in the cupboard. Inspector asks him to open. Harman says keys are not with me. Surbhi tells that she has kept keys on dressing table. Harman gets the keys and is about to open cupboard. Everyone looks on. Harman opens the cupboard. Boy is not inside it. Harman looks on.

Harak Singh scolds Inspector for searching his house and asks Kishan Lal, why did he insult him. He says now I will not leave you and will blacken your face. Neighbors says it is our pind’s insult. They go to bring black ink. Kishan Lal threatens Harak Singh. Neighbors paint his face black. Kishan Lal says you have done wrong, I will not leave you. Harman asks him to think…how he will go home, and says everyone must be awake for Lohri. If anyone sees you with black face then we will also be insulted with you, asks him to wait and brings black scarf to cover his face.

Kishan Lal recalls seeing him when he kidnapped boy. Harman asks if you remember anything, and says search is done, your hands are empty. He covers him with shawl and asks to leave. Kishan Lal leaves. Neighbors tells Harak Singh that they are with him. Harak Singh says okay and greets them. Inspector apologizes to Harak singh and tells that he got a phone call and that’s why believed him. Preeto asks who called you. Inspector says someone from your house. Harak Singh asks him to call on that number and asks why did he/she threaten him. Inspector calls on the number and says it is ringing. They see Surbhi’s phone ringing. Everyone is shocked.

Inspector asks who is she? Varun says she is Harman’s saali. Harman gets uncomfortable. Inspector says why did she make joke with Police and goes. Preeto asks Surbhi if she called police and asks why did you call? To insult us or to play with Raavi’s emotions. Surbhi says I really don’t know. I didn’t call. Harak singh asks her to stop her tongue, and our respect is ruined because of you. Surbhi says I am telling truth…I haven’t call. What I will get by calling Police. Preeto says may be even your phone think of us as its enemies like you, may be it made a call itself. Soumya says Surbhi can’t do this. Maninder says she is saying right, Surbhi can’t do this. Surely Soumya must have done this to get Surbhi insulted. Soumya looks on.

Kareena tells Chameli that old relation is burnt in Lohri and says she thought of a plan to make Soumya as Tarana again. She says she has a plan. They go to Preeto’s house. Preeto says her bahu will nek to them. Kareena says they came to get Soumya back to kinnar world. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. H Hasan, was it necessary to change the montage…it is so bad to see Sautan Surbhi in the montage…. Watching the show only for Vivian and Haya…..

  2. Soumya's bad fate

    God why this stretch, if soumya is kinnar, she already looks like woman.. Many take hormonal injections to become female, she has body as female, then why don’t she do surgery and implant female organ..
    It’s over ,they can get baby by surrogacy..

    I’m saying all these because Harman loves soumya.. Then why this complications.

    1. Female organ can’t be given to any one, if you don’t have it, u don’t. Those that go through surgery can only change their looks not organs.

    2. Who said, transgenders implant female organ like after surgery.. Get ur facts right nelly

  3. I totally agree….u have spoken my thoughts…..ever harman Is rich…he can affw rd that…………but showmakers won do that otherwise it can’t run for yrs…this showeRs.are crappists …..just to have long run for their show..they keep streching ….

  4. renu how r u ? sorry icould not continue to comment ….now i start in gulam life ok for the past 2months i am searching u .but i video chat with kavi then she told me .i met sri ddevi . marees . sowmya kavi rajee sujee maha saras always keep in touch with me except u come on we will start our mission in gulam in life ok ….iam eaaerly waiting in gulam


  6. All our Shakti fans where r u all? I love their dance very much.superb episode.precap is not good.i love Rubi viv veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.if they get really marry I am d first person to be veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy.

  7. hello to you all …am orginally arabian and live in the US am one of a big fan of indian serials and Specially shakti serial….but recently i start skip watching the recent shows ….it is so silly how the play with the events… it allowed to marry two sisters in india me as moslim it is 7aram mean not allowed at all ….can anyone plzz explain to me …thxxxc ?

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