Story: Forever and Always (Chapter 2)

Chapter-2( Canteen Wala Fun)

“Where is Neil?” Radhika asked, while she settled down in the canteen chair.

The usual hangout of a certain set of friends among the humongous hive of students moving to and fro. Their said reserved corner table in the cafeteria.

Ruby, who was eating french fries not so much as elegantly, decided to provide the answer. She was slim and fair, a little taller than Radhika, black hair arranged over her head in a pixie cut, features too undistinguished for a girl, chance is to mistake her as a fourteen year old boy at first glance, a true blue tomboy to the core if you go the clothes. Her disposition resembles as sweet as Samaira’s, but a tad bit much more sarcastic and open mouthed than the afore mentioned one.

“He is probably has his tongue deep in the throat of the blinky eyed Lyra, in one of the closets of the Management block.” Said Ruby, her voice gravelly and rather sweet.

The words though said flatly and blandly, considered that, did not fail to be any less affective of their meaning.

Radhika was having a big gulp of water from a bottle, to quench her thirst after an hour of the gruelling seminar session, on a rather dried out topic of Managerial Economics, she really felt the need to recover the body salts, though the long gulp sadly did not go down her throat but spewed out of her mouth, as, because of the words let out by Ruby.

“Went into the wrong pipe.” Her tone turned sandpaper, and eyes turned watery.

“Lyra? But he went out with Saina Raye, of finance department for about a week, right?” Sam frowned, while on her espresso coffee.

Ruby smirked.

“Do you think he would go out with a girl more than a week? And, Sam, he wouldn’t ‘go out’ as you put it so nicely, he would be going in or on….”

Before she could go on more, Radhika cut in annoyed.

“For god’s sake, Ruby, filter your mouth, will you.” She said, while wiping her mouth with a paper towel.

“Why to filter the words, when it’s actually is the truth.” Ruby replied sagely.

Sam’s smile widened over the espresso cup.

“True words.” She assented, and sided as always with Ruby.

“Neil is not like that.” Radhika mumbled. ” He wouldn’t cheat on Saina, I mean, he seemed happy with her.” She loyally defended their mutual friend.

Well, though the said friend went out with Artie, the before week, and Lana a week before than that, and with Monique a month ago and so…oh yeah hmm, he was kind of a mansl*t. Radhika brushed off that thought as it came.

“Oh, hah, trust me, he is getting way more happy right now.” Ruby titled her head towards Radhika’s shoulder.

Sam clicked her tongue in a mock gloomy undertone.

“Sadly though, for Saina, he is not getting happy with her.”

The said friend again, Neil Rai Rathore, had his arms around another pretty girl, hugging her rather passionately, as if promising her the world, which was the dream of the being embraced girl, and which was only a week of enjoyment for the hugging handsome guy.

The three friends of his turned to the scene in front with thorough interest.

“See it get more interesting than that.” Ruby intervened smugly, as she leaned back on her chair.

Radhika turned to her and stared.

“What did you do?” She asked her suspiciously.

“Just wait and watch.” Ruby replied, twirling her iPhone happily on the round table.

“Uh, Oh….” Sam’s lips froze on the ‘Oh’, and Radhika and Ruby turned to the direction of her surprised gaze.

From the other end corner of the canteen, they saw a fuming Saina march towards where Neil stood embraced with the other girl.

Radhika tried to get up but Ruby stopped her with a hiss.

“Sit down, Radhika. Don’t spoil the fun.” She scowled at her.

“But…” Radhika tried to explain.

“Shut up and sit down.” Ruby bit out, her green eyes behind the funk flashed.

With the tone used as that, Radhika who was half standing by the chair, sat down on the chair meekly.

They again turned towards the unfolding scene.

Saina walked towards the now tightly held couple. She ripped them apart. The two seperated. Then, she slapped Neil right across the left cheek. The three of them gasped and so did all the others present in the canteen.

The usually loud canteen fish market like canteen went serenely silent. Saina glared at the couple for about a good minute, then she whipped around, her long shiny smooth hair flew in the air with the force of the turn, and she went away. The silence remained till she walked out of the canteen, the heels kept clicking still for a while. After a second or two more, the usual hustle and bustle started and the moment was forgotten. Seems like the students were habituated to such high voltage melodrama.

The three of the girls came out of the trance when the girl Neil hugged hurried away too.

“Alright, the loser is on his way here, act as if you don’t know the guy.” Ruby muttered low.

The three girls whipped their heads in three different directions, acting thorougly nonchalant but failing miserably in doing so.

Neil sauntered to the table and slid down on the chair opposite to that of Ruby’s with a sigh.

He stared at the three for a while then his knowing gaze fell on Ruby. His jaw locked in an angry set.

“You b*t*h..” He hissed.

“This coffee is really good. Yum. Yum.” Sam cut Neil’s ire hastily.

She focussed her eyes on Radhika’s wanting her to divert the topic.

“Oh, yeah, absolutely, the food is really good.” Radhika understood her, and delivered an act.

Neil focussed his gaze next on Radhika, his left dark eyebrow cranked up.

“Yeah? I didn’t know a tray is considered a delicacy. That too an empty one.” He clipped, his brown eyes looked on flatly.

Radhika looked down at her tray.

“No, no, I polished off everything.” She replied, avoiding his eyes.

“Since when? You peck like a bird, and don’t change the subject, you two.” He pointed his eyes at both her and Sam. His tone irritated.

“Calm down, Cliffer, it’s gonna hurt your cheek with all the jaw movement…Oh, well, how was the slap by the way? Right, don’t go on, I know the pain went straight into your stuck up ego.” Ruby countered in sarcastically, her smile was let’s say borderlined to saccharine sweet and innocent but the smugness didn’t fail to show.

Radhika closed her eyes, this was going to be a disastrous lunch.

The name ‘Cliffer’ was given by Ruby. It was a taunt to his ever jumping ways from one girl to the another. By the judgement of Neil’s glaring eyes. It was clear that he hated the nickname with all his heart. Especially if coming out of Ruby’s mouth.

Neil Rai Rathore, 5’10, all lean and golden, black eyed, dishevelled hair, straight shiny teeth and a perfectly squared attractive jaw and face line, in short, accompanied by expensive Puma watch and shoes, he was a complete brat at heart. Resenting father’s money and power, totally not gotten rid of the casanova genes or spending the money he resented lavishly on various kinds of dates. Well, if he has some money then he can spend some and obviously get something in return from the girls…that is ubtil he could earn more some by himself. This distinctive thought is the motto of the Casanova.

Right now, he took a detour with his expression of scowl and went for the smiling one.

Oh, no, no, so not good, Sam thought while taking a bite of the cucumber sandwich, and observing both Neil and Ruby.

“Oh, I get it. You’re jealous, you lesbian you. You want Saina, well, she is all yours, though you don’t have to do all that, as I was already done with her. I’m only sad that your hard work just failed.” He grinned at her expectantly.

Neil had lo of fun having to get a rise out of Ruby. It was lot more than spending time with those useless, dumb barbies.

Radhika moved away the hot coffee mug sitting dangerously close to Ruby’s clenched hand.

Ruby’s light green eyes though flashed, her smile did not get wiped out.

“Why don’t you jump of a cliff, Cliffer. I hope in the process, your sl*tty dick falls off too.” She enunciated the taunt nickname much more grandly, which Ruby knew, when hearing it, he would get extremely pissed off as addressed by her.

“Oh, my god, you two, please stop it!” Radhika cried out.

“And you,” She slapped Neil’s shoulder with the back of her hand. “You don’t have no shame do you.” Radhika glared at him.

“Ow, what did I do? Neil scowled and rubbed his shoulder, though for a tiny girl, Radhika had the strength of a man.

“What did you do, huh? You don’t have any respect for women. You’re a pig, that’s what you are. Done with one girl and going after another, must say, Saina did right slapping you.” She scolded him.

“Hey, I do respect women.” Neil defended himself, and Radhika seem to cool down a little, then he smirked…” In bed.” He concluded smugly.

Radhika slapped his arm once again, but with much force this time.

“Ow! Stop it, Rads, it’s hurting, like seriously.” Neil glowered at her.

“pu**y.” Ruby snorted under her breath, and grabbed a french fry, popping into her mouth.

Neil nostrils flared in anger. He was going to kill Ruby. Like literally grab her neck, twist and snap it.

Ruby smirked, her left cheek dimpled deepened and Neil stared into her mischief filled green eyes.

“Dream on, baby girl, it’s never going to haooen.” She seemed to read his murderous expression.

“It’s enough, Ruby.” Radhika warned.

Ruby rolled her eyes in return.

“Mother hen much.” She mumbled cynically.

“Enough with the sarcasm already, Ruby.” Sam intervened finally annoyed, her brows furrowed.

Neil smiled wide, see, these are my friends, take that, haha.

“Radhika is just molly coddling him. He is a littke boy with an attention seeking problem. You need to understand his plight.” She smirked at him, and patted his wrist, as if petting a puppy.

Neil stared at Sam a second, then his stare turned into a scowl a beat later at her teasing smile.

Sam in return grinned, Ruby laughed, Radhika smiled and unable to contain the bubbling mirth rising in her throat. She burst out laughing right along the three girls.

As Neil glowered sullenly at the three of them…….


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