Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chandar comes at the given address, park his cycle and looks towards the garden. He sits besides the rose and takes on in hand and is about to smell one when an old man comes to him and grabs him from his collar. Chandar asks him what kind of misbehavior this is, but the old man scolds him for touching his rose. Chandar holds a hand, the old man begins to cry. A young girl runs out of the house concerned for the old man. She was in loose gown, Chandar couldn’t get his eyes off. She asks who is he. Chandar says this mad attacked him at once, she asks Baqi who is mad. She asks Chandar to tell her whom to think of as mad. Chandar was speechless.
In the room, Pammi was typing and asks Chandar to sit near him. He comes nearer. She tells him that she doesn’t bite, so he must not worry. She says that if she would even cut, he won’t complain. She was typing and tells Chandar to take his eyes off her face and change the page. She says he is a complex man, Chandar asks if it is written in the papers. She says he couldn’t take his eyes off her face, and mostly men don’t watch a girl’s face for this long, especially when the girl is like her. She is done with the typing, and asks if he wants something hot. He nods. She goes to light a cigarette. Chandar comes to her and says he was talking about tea, she says she about cigarette. He says it is said, there is fire at one side of cigarette and a fool at the other, and she laughs and agrees.
Chandar comes home and asks where sir is. She says it is where the head is. He heads inside, she goes behind him and asks why he is so fragrant. She says it is some girl’s scent. Chandar says she is focusing on something idiotic, she must study. She says she had been studying, Chandar avoids and tells her to study. She shuts her book and asks him. He says he went to get Mr. Shukla’s letters typed. Sudha gets it and asks how Pammi is. Chandar says the place was interesting with roses, Pammi is an open minded girl and he liked meeting her, now if she would tell him where Mr. Shukla is. She tells him to go inside.
Mr. Shukla asks Chandar if he liked Pammi, she had married. Chandar says she lives with her brother. Chandar heads to leave, Mr. Shukla asks about his job. He says he has applied in a few placed, even in university. Mr. Shukla says he will get one as he is intelligent, and asks him not to leave without dinner.
Thakkur stops Bisurya and asks about his book. Bisurya asks Thakkur that he is thinking his book’s name as Sudhashala. It seems synonymous as Madhushala. Thakkur asks if Sudha is Mr. Shukla’s daughter, he warns him not to discuss about Sudha a lot, as Chandar is a bit sensitive taking Sudha.
Sudha gets ready in front of mirror. She ties her braids and says Chandar was saying that Pammi is an open minded girl, she also wants to meet her as she isn’t any less. She turns her neck with a style but instead gets a cramp. There Bisurya had arrived her place. Sudha calls Mai but she doesn’t come. Sudha comes to Bisurya with her neck turned. He asks what happened to her, but Sudha asks him to teach her. He begins his lesson about love. He stands up while teaching and begins to walk and goes to sit on another sofa a bit away from Sudha. Sudha follows him, and sits besides him again. He stammers, Sudha asks what is written in the poem there. Bisurya asks for water, Sudha goes to bring water and he changes his seat again. Sudha brings water and sits besides him again. Sudha again asks him about what he was teaching. He again changes his seat. Bisurya hears the whistle of Chandar’s cycle, Bisurya says he didn’t do anything. Chandar joins them, Bisurya explains to Chandar he was talking about love between brothers and sisters. Chandar says that is good, and asks about his poem’s title. Bisurya says it isnt what he heard of and takes a leave. Chandar notices Sudha’s neck was turned and asks what happened. She says she was practicing to be like Pammi. Chandar phews and holds Sudha’s neck to remove her cramp.
Sudha was sitting with the fruit vendor. Mai tells her to come to her and think about cooking them as well. She tells her to cook for her father today. Sudha says she has a test tomorrow, she will make the food tomorrow. She runs outside, but hits Pammi. She is happy to meet her and asks whom she came to meet. She asks about Mr. Shukla and Chandar but none was home, she gives an envelope to Sudha. Sudha asks her name, she introduces her and cheers to know she is Pammi. She drags her inside and tells her to have a cup of tea. They sit together, Sudha tells Pammi that Chandar speaks a lot about her. Pammi asks what he had said. Sudha tells her that he told her Pammi likes cigarette and heads to get a cigar for her. Pammi stops her and appreciates the tea. Sudha tells her that Chandar doesn’t like tea at all, he likes it with less milk and strong. He likes books and reading. Pammi fell in thoughts about Chandar.
In the library, Bisurya was thinking, his pencil fell. A man hushes them, Bisurya and Thakkur get down to pick the pencil when a bare legged girl passes by. Chandar sat with his book, Pammi sits on his table with a white rose.

PRECAP: Pammi kisses Chandar’s hand, Chandar withdraws it. Pammi doesn’t make an eye contact but asks if his cold went away. Chandar takes a leave. Sudha asks Chandar at home what happened there. Chandar says she touched him. Sudha asks how. He says with her lips.

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