STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 96

Episode 96
The episode starts with Nikhil nodding in yes and left then while returning Pragya said “Mehta Sahab I wonder he said that even after knowing that he can be killed” Abhi replied “I liked him coz he is always on the right side he was the only one who asked help from me to rescue you that time he was unaware that you are my wife but he did that knowing that if any other person would have known of this then Khurana must have died at the point”, “Hmm now let’s see what is hidden in the lap of tomorrow’s morning because after tomorrow I will decide the faith of this town” saying so with a determined face she moved with him and he was looking at her with a confidence.
Basudha and Abhi were walking silently towards their home when Pragya asked
Pragya: what are you thinking?

Abhi: I was thinking about Ranjeet.
Pragya: About Ranjeet!! What else are you thinking about him?
Abhi taking a deep sigh: Basudha you know when a father is good it always shows good effect on kids and family and when he is not good in some terms so it always leaves two effects on his kids

Pragya was looking clue less
Abhi: You know we all know the face of goodness in the head of the family but the face of bad head of family always staying remaining in the feeling of either pity or the cruel when I was in my graduation period that time one of my teacher was scolding my classmate because he was yelling at his father that he hates him because he always treated his mother badly that time sir said “There are two types of effect one is when you see your father beating her after drinking and start hating him then doing the same thing and another is you see him like this and learn it saying like your mother is feeling pain because of your father other people are facing problem you will never be like that the decision is yours” that time I didn’t got what he was saying but this scribbled in my mind and I wished that don’t know about fathers but I won’t be a person like that

Pragya: so why are you remembering that now
Abhi: looking Nikhil and Randeep both have the same feeling of hatred for their fathers but the difference is one chose the path like him and another chosen the path where he could make everyone’s life if you will ask Randeep that why he is doing so then he will definitely answer that “why shouldn’t I do so My father also did it then no one came to restrict but when I am doing why you all are coming to stop me” but If you will ask Nikhil his only reply will be “kyuki maine unki wajah se kuchh aankho me dard dekha hai (because I have seen pain in others eyes because of him)”

Pragya: so you think that was the reason he didn’t even said to forgive him
Abhi: yes because he knows that forgiving will only encourage him
On talking about the matter they were walking along and reached home but when they came in front area Abhi noticed some men were outside their house and seems angry so he thought to enquire about it
Abhi: Basudha you go in I will be back

Pragya: but where are you going?
Abhi: nowhere let me what happened there you just go I will be back
He went to check and Basudha went in
After sometime he came back in and sat on the cot which was there and his eyes were showing extreme disappointment as flood of some thoughts were going inside him when he saw that there was a bird on the tree which was near his home he smiled lightly and then nodded his head in disappointment after sometime when he was all lost in his world he felt a hand on his arms and a head on his shoulder back he understood it was none other than Pragya
Pragya: where are you lost?
Abhi: nowhere just looking at the sky
Pragya calmly: Mehta Sahab
Abhi: Hmm…

Pragya: I know since the time when I don’t know what was happening with me I know you are distraught tell me what happened
Abhi: Basudha remember some men were there outside our home when we were coming back
Pragya: Hmm you went to check why were they there did you got the info?
Abhi: they were coming back from somewhere?
Pragya: somewhere!! But from where!
Abhi: they were coming after digging a grave of another infant who is about to born
Pragya being shocked: what do you mean about to born?
Abhi: in our neighborhood boy was married last year his wife is going to give birth to a baby as she is feeling labor pain and they said if it is…. (Took a deep sigh)
Pragya kept hand on his mouth: don’t say that Mehta Sahab I don’t have to courage to hear that i… I won’t let that happen how can they do so this is not done I mean that kid isn’t born yet how can they conclude

Abhi: they have decided Basudha they are going to do so it is their rule
Pragya: Mehta Sahab this is not rule this is poison to the world
Abhi made her sit down with him and holding her hand: You know Basudha I was noticing since morning that there is no bird here in this village not even a single sparrow and then this time I am looking over that tree, see one bird is there she is hiding her eggs
Pragya looked in the direction and he was right that bird was hiding her eggs with twigs and then was seated on it to provide them warmth

Abhi continued: the fact Is these people are so worst that even birds are scared of them that they don’t even fly over this place these people are living in such a filth world that even creatures are scared of coming here so no wonder why we human beings are leaving such places
Pragya: But still this is wrong Mehta Sahab we can’t be a judge of murder you said they have asked you too to join them in this work I won’t allow this just remember you also among those who were about to suffer
Abhi smiled: I am Basudha and many more are there just sit here today I wish to sing
Pragya sternly: here something wrong is going to happen and you are wishing to sing
Abhi smilingly: when does a person sing tell me

Pragya: what a stupid question of course if he is sad or he is happy only in two situation person sings
Abhi: and why I want to sing?
Pragya: why would I know my only thought is with the happening which is going to happen tomorrow!
Abhi: so let me do what I want then it will be cleared why I want to sing
Pragya was stood angrily and Abhi pulling her down said “Arrey sit here” she sat beside him and he started humming a tone… looking towards the bird who was sleeping calmly at the night and started singing

O ri Chiraiya(O bird,)
Nanhi si chidiya (little bird,)
Angna mein phir aaja re (come back again to the yard..)

Andhiyara hai ghana aur lahoo se sana (The dark is deep and covered in blood…)
Kirno ke tinke ambar se chun ke (pick the straws of sunrays from the sky,)
Angna mein phir aaja re (and come back again to the yard..)
His words made her understand what the feeling exactly was she looked at him and he was still looking at the nest she just held his hand and kept her head over his shoulder he continued…..
Humne tujhpe hazaro sitam hain kiye (We have done injustice against you a thousand times,)
Humne tujhpe jahan bhar ke zulm kiye (We have given you tortures of the world..)
Humne socha nahi (we didn’t think-)

Tu jo ud jayegi (if you fly away,)
Ye zameen tere bin sooni reh jayegi (this earth will remain deserted without you..)
Kiske dum pe sajega mera angna (with whose presence shall my yard be adorned..)

O Ri Chiraiya, Meri Chiraiya ((O bird, oh my bird ))
Angna mein phir aaja re (come back to the yard)

His song led the screen to flashback from Kaustuki’s birth to the happiness of Ganga’s birth and how they both kept them away from every sadness but faith didn’t agreed over it and they faced the sadness for the first time which was the separation from their parents one with mother and one with father all the moments were flashing they were playing with them when they are talking with them when they made them learn how to walk when they made them learn how to speak and all of it and the screen came to present showing Abhi continuing …….

Tere pankho mein saare sitare jadooN (I’ll embed all the stars in your wings,)
Teri chunar dhanak satrangi bunooN (I’ll weave for you a rainbow colored scarf,)
Tere kajal mein main kaali raina bharooN (I’ll fill the dark night in your kohl,)
Teri mehandi mein main kachchi dhoop malooN (I’ll rub raw fragrance in your henna (adorned hands),)
Tere naino sajaa doon naya sapna (I’ll give a new dream to your eyes..)

O ri Chiraiya, Meri Chiraiya (Oh bird my bird)
Angna mein phir aaja re (come back to my yard)

And the screen blackened with those lost faces which were helpless
It was morning few men were present there for the decision of Ranjeet he was dragged to the main place from the guest house and he blabbered his own story which was leading in favor of him, Abhi was hearing all that and closing his fist then the men asked him “Chhote Sahib it is getting confusing he is saying something else and you are saying something else”, “Whom will you believe? Me or him you have to decide first who do you think is telling truth?” he replied and one of the men said “Sahib what if Bahu beta is telling …..

you know what I mean” all the blames were getting back on Pragya, Abhi was about to yell at them but before that Pragya came in mid saying “Let me tell you all what is truth and what is a lie, your DIL was getting disrespected in front of him according to him and you it is a lie and these wounds (she un-bandaged her wound) are just a lie only a single person is the truthful here and that is this creep damn it”,

“Chhote sahib take her inside and dress this again otherwise it will get infectious and keep something in mind that women are not allowed to speak in mid of men until asked” one the men yelled, “She won’t go inside it is my wish justice is regarding her and she has full right to choose what punishment should be better for him we are your guest for a day so you have to listen to us” Abhi replied and being a senior member one of them agreed and asked Pragya “according to you what should he deserve Bahu beta?” Pragya glared at Khurana who was smirking at her and said “if he died it will be so easy for him because he will get rid of his every sin so my wish is make him the slave of whole village so that he can cry and beg every moment for his forgiveness (inner voice: just like you people will do once I got back to Mumbai you will beg for your forgiveness but no one will forgive you and you have to pay for it you have to pay for snatching my childhood from me you have to pay for snatching every girl’s life here you have to pay for your every sin)” they declared the same punishment for him and Khurana was all shocked as he never believed that they will hear her opinion then all of them left tying with rope like a slave.

Here after sometime when Pragya was making everyone ready the students as well as her stuff along with Abhi to leave they heard a sound of Big Dhols and trumpets, as other students were looking clueless Pragya’s eyes got widen in shock she ran out to see but Abhi stopped her mid “Basudha no just stop here” Pragya madly replied “Mehta Sahab they are going to do it stop them at least don’t let that happen in your presence” Abhi held her hand tightly “It will result into a rival Basudha just stop and lets go from here” Basudha shrugged his hand madly saying “No you can’t let that happen what if they were yours…..

no I won’t let that happen this is a sin a crime no please no” saying so she ran in the direction and as she assumed they were going to dig an infant alive this was hell shocking for her she ran towards the direction where they were burying her and they laid her in the grave, they were about to cover her but Basudha reached there and dug that half cover badly and took her out one of the men shouted “What are you doing? Just leave her there” she warned them “Don’t you dare try to do it otherwise you all will pay” one of the man shouted “We are giving you last warning as you are a DIL of wealthy family otherwise we will bury you along with this girl” Basudha yelled “Do whatever you want I am not scared of you” All the men got enraged Abhi was going to stop him but they held him tightly he was struggling to free himself but in vein all the men now surrounded Basudha to kill her by hitting with the sticks here Abhi felt like his breath stopped there in that moment itself he shouted in full force “Get away from her” but no one heard him instead one man said

“Chhote Sahib she has committed a crime stopping the ritual you can’t save her now” they were about to hit her but something like miracle happened some ladies came and stood in front of her men got enraged and yelled “you!! How dare you come here and save this lady you know very well that ladies are not allowed here” one of the lady replied “WE know that very well but today we will be here because this is our daughter’s graveyard our lado are buried here they are sleeping in a deep nap which can’t be break” they said that having tears in their eyes Pragya felt that pain because she was also one of them though hers were safe but still she can understand those words said by them that’s why a lone tear escaped from her eye screen shifted towards women they said

“Bibi ji (madam) you go from here today it doesn’t bother if we die here because our daughters are also sleeping here but this time none of the girl will face that situation Lajo (the woman whose daughter was in Pragya’s hand) you go from here and we will see how they will snatch your dignity from you chhote Sahib thank you for the message of last night we were there in Lajo’s house when you were singing that song and we got courage by that song Sahib thank you so much” they were about to fight but a voice came from back “we are also with you if your daughters are sleeping here our lado is also sleeping here” all turned back there were few men at the back who came in support of them now Abhi and Pragya were stood together and the villagers were divided into two groups one was against that filthy activity and one was in favor Abhi and Pragya both were shocked that how in a night everything got changed then a small FB is shown where the family of Lajo nearby his house were worry for her kid and her husband was wishing whatever it will be I want my kid but men weren’t agree so after everyone went from there when Abhi was singing something striked in Lajo’s husband’s mind and he went to all those people who were against this killing activity and gathered them saying “doesn’t matter if we stay alive or die but at least we will be able to save one girl child” and then they came there
FB ends
A man said “Sahib Bibi ji you go from here now let us fight among ourselves and decide what is wrong and what is right”

Precap: some forgotten relations
so this track almost ends here and someone of you kept your opinion in last episode i liked it and i totally agree with it but as it is writing we arent allow to show and portray the exact location thats the only reason if any TV channel is showing it so thats only happening in the village now do one favor on me if you want to know the sensitivity of this track watch those link which i am giving here kindly watch it and then keep your review here its my request to you all readers and after watching it let me know whether i did justice with this track or not

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