Ek Anokha Rishta… (episode-27)

Hello guys! This is a short episode since I didn’t get much time to write. I promise the next ones will be longer.

The next day
Yuvi was packing when Gau asks him about where he was going.
Yuvi: I’m going to Australia today evening for a product launch
Gau: Are you serious? Australia?
Yuvi: Why? Is there a problem?

Gau: Ugh..NO! Its great. Can I come too?
Yuvi: No..I mean I won’t be able to spend time with you there since I’ve many meetings and this is just a 3 days trip

Gau: It’s OK.. I wanna go there. I had once visited that place for filming a documentary and I know most of the places there. So even if you’re gone I can manage alone
Yuvi: Are you sure? Because later don’t come complaining to me that it was boring
Gau: I won’t do anything dear.. Please please please..
Yuvi: OK fine.I’ll book a ticket for you too
Gau: Thanks a lot..I love you

Yuvi: You’re really crazy..(he goes out of the room)
Gauri(thinking): I’m sorry Yuvi I can’t tell you the real reason for coming there. I tracked the location of the call that I got yesterday and it was from Australia. If bhabhi lives there then, I’ll definitely find her.

In Australia
Srish comes running to Suh and hugs her
Suh: Happy birthday my dear!
Srish: Thank you aunty..Why did u call me?
Suh: I’ve made a cake for you..I hope u like it
Srish: Thank you so much..I liked it very much. U know something, my mom makes the worst cakes
Suh: You shouldn’t say that about your mom..
Srish: She’s mean.. She always scolds me

Sou comes and hears everything
Sou: Oh tum log mere baare mein kuch bol rahe ho kya?.. You naughty girl!! come here
Sou chases srish while Suh laughs
Srish hugs Suh for safety
Suh: Sou leave her na…
Sou: Just for you I’ll let her go (srish sighs)
Suh: Yuvan! Stop hitting your sis

Yuvan continues to hit Yuvani
Suh: Hai bhagwan! I don’t know who am I gonna manage these two
Sou(takes Yuvani): Don’t worry I’m always there to help u, I’m like your sister
Suh remembers Bh &her childhood moments and laugh
Sou: Why are u laughing?
Suh: Nothing.. I just got reminded of Bh di. Don’t know how’s she now

In the evening, Yuvi and Gau board the flight and then they reach Australia the next day
Yuvi: Gau I have a meeting starting in an hour so will u go to the hotel alone?
Gau: Yeah Yuvi.. No problem
Yuvi leaves in a cab and Gau reaches the hotel. She starts to think of what to do next.
Gau(thinking): How will I find her in this big city? I’ve no idea what to do now..
Screen freezes on Gauri’s confused face

No Precap

Hey guys! I wanted to know after how many episodes do you want YuvAni meeting. Please do let me know in the comments ’cause only then I’ll be able to write accordingly.

  1. Yuvani

    2 or 3 episodes…………this one is very cute…….loved suhani and soumya along with the kids……..Thank you………

  2. nice epi but it is too short

  3. lovely cute epi.. in 3 to 4 epis.

  4. Nice… In next episode I want YuvAni meeting

  5. nice episode..

  6. Wooo lovely episode

  7. A.Tejaswi

    Superb epi..Gauri is really intelligent..Yuvani reunion in 3-4 epi.Pls post the next asap..

  8. I think 3to 4 episodes dear.its very nice.pls update asap.

  9. Neethu

    Thanks a lot for all your comments! I’ve decided to show YuvAni reunion in the 30th episode since many of wanted it in 3to4 epis.

  10. Nice episode..waiting for yuvani reunion

  11. superb episode….i just love it nd eagerly waiting for yuvani reunion.

  12. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode…waiting for yuVAni

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