STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 89

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Episode 89

It was the time of evening everyone were going back to their places birds were also returning to their places nests and human beings too then the camera slightly turned towards Sangwang villa here Ganga and Kaustuki were seated on couch in the hall Abhi was stood there holding his hands at back like a crime committer Pragya was beside him glaring at him folding her hands she was wandering in the hall by passing him continuously Ganga was giggling over it but lightly seems something major had happened and volcano is about to erupt. Pragya suddenly stopped and taking a deep sigh seems took to control her anger said “Are you a con?” he nodded his head in no, “A thief!!” she asked and again he nodded in no “Then you must be a kidnapper or a goon” she asked again and again he replied in no throwing her fist and controlling herself smiling sarcastically asked “Then may I know why you are giving threat warnings to people around you”, behaving like an innocent kid he said “I didn’t he started first he was giving me threats first believe me, don’t you believe me!!!” she glared at him and said “I also have watched welcome (movie) many times don’t try to be Majnu or Uday with me okay and if he was giving threats what was the need of giving double threat to him can you tell me? And that too off mother and sons how can you even think like that?”, “Oh he can think of my sister and I cant even think of his mother whoa!!” he replied, “he will push someone is the well so you also do the same” she asked, “yes of course he will push someone in well then I will push him too and that too by tie him with a heavy stone so that he couldn’t get any chance to escape” he replied, “And stone must be that heavy that water level of water must raise up you notice that Papa okay!” Ganga said, “Of course I will do so why would I leave him like that but wait heavy stone which raise water level of well!! Have you gone mad if I picked it or lift it up I will die surely what a girl she is see”, “Ugh just shut up both of you and Ganga what idea do you gave him!!! Go and tie him with heavy stone now listen to me have you ever tried to pick up heavy things?” Pragya replied, Ganga being in pride said “of course I have done it remember that music system how much heavy it was and I picked it up and placed it rightly”, “Hmmm… well come lets go some heavy stuffs are there I have to place them at the top of my cup board today you will do that work” Pragya replied, Ganga’s eyes popped out in shock as what was the work she given to her as she was very well aware of the fact that those stuffs were none other than some old clothes which were stuffed in suitcases, trying to escape she said “Mummy why to become so serious there is nothing like that actually I was just blabbering nothing else all mistake is of Papa only he did wrong…

Papa (going to Abhi) very bad you shouldn’t have done this very bad see ma I scolded him now no problem lets go didu I have a lot work to do”, “Aan Haan not so soon bête ji first come and do what I said lets go then you can complete your work”, Pragya replied and Ganga was giving the expression like please some one save me I am trapped in such a worst condition she was making faces like someone has asked her Facebook password and asked about giving thousands of rupees back just now at the moment Kaustuki was smiling and Pragya noticed it stealing the glance from everyone then Kaustuki went towards her room here Pragya was dragging Ganga towards her room for her punishment and Abhi called her when Ganga went at some distance “Humarey liye koi saza mukarrar nahi hui (Is there no punishment decided for me!!)” smilingly Pragya turned and then he said “Humari bhi saza zara haseen hoti agar usey mukarrar karne wali koi dilnasheen hoti (My punishment would have so beautiful if the master will be beautiful)” she couldn’t control her smile and to hide it she called Dinu kaka he was taking wet clothes at the terrace to dry them and she took that bucket handed over to Abhi and said “Today do this work lets see whether you can tolerate this heat or not” Abhi winked at her and taking that bucket went at terrace.

AT night
After dinner when Abhi was busy with Ganga Pragya went in Kaustuki’s room and asked her about the day she told everything so well and then silently she asked about her silence then Kaustuki became silent Pragya insisted her to speak but Kaustuki was unable to speak then in anger she said “If you didn’t told me anything now Kaustuki then believe me I will never come to ask you that what is happened and then find someone else to share everything with” she started going from there but stopped as Kaustuki held her wrist and stopped her Pragya turned to her and as for her surprise Kaustuki hugged her tightly and started sobbing with a loud cry Pragya got restless hearing that painful screaming crying of Kaustuki she said while caressing her hairs “Kaustuki what happened? Bête Sahab at least speak something don’t cry like this see my heart is wrenching hearing you like this don’t do this please tell me what happened?” Kaustuki in her sobs replied “That was filthy Mummy I got filthy those touches were so filthy that was not so ugly Mummy I can’t forget that, it was disgusting I hate myself”, Pragya caressing her face said “What was filthy who touched whom why do you hate yourself tell it all clearly bachha tell me share it with me and let it out please share it na bachha”, Kaustuki looked at her and while sobbing said “first promise me you won’t hate me promise me first”, Pragya wiping Kaustuki’s tears “Never you are my brave girl I cant hate my dear just tell me” Kaustuki narrated the whole thing which Randeep did with her and then in her sobs told her “Those filthy touches those videos which he shown to me I hate for being myself a girl I can’t even tell you mummy it was so dirty he did that maa (screamed) see I hate myself do something I can’t forget that its troubling like hell mummy its troubling like feel like take my brain off and throw it away everything is rewinding please help me help me out (said in a painful pleading tone)” Pragya kept hand over Kaustuki’s mouth and hugging her tightly said “Shh.. don’t say that shh… I am here everything will be fine okay everything will be fine just calm down” she hugged Kaustuki so tightly that her sobs were hidden in her embrace now a lone tear escaped from Pragya’s eyes as she understood that Randeep did such a creep thing showing her those dirty videos he troubled an innocent soul more than that leaded molestation to at high level she somehow relieved Kaustuki and made her lie in her and said caressing her hairs “Kaustu I never recited any story to you right!” Kaustu nodded in yes and then Pragya said “Lets listen a story today the story of a doll who was just like a stars her story was like the story of stars but her destiny was filled with the darkness of sadness and sorrows her toys were only her tears and her happiness was the only in pain her eyes were everytime filled with pain the she wasn’t having any home and neither there was place where she can get a shelter she was hiding extreme pain in her stole and tears were turned into water by that sadness as she was now habitual of all that this story is said to be story of small doll She was having only one wish that she must have every happiness which can fulfill every others happiness her wish was she could help her loved ones but no one was on her side she was all alone life was playing with her hide and seek sometimes happiness shows their face but very next moment sadness use to hide all the happiness that dark shade was so dark that she was unable to come out of that darkness

And like this one stage of her life got crossed then you what happened then came the days which are known as days of youngsters and those days brought something which was more painful for her, her life was getting painful every moment she always wished she must leave this world but you know what was positivity she thought she must never leave the hope and with that waiting period there came the time when she was at the age of getting being married she wished that her marriage should be happened that happily that everyone must forget their pain but unfortunately something else was written in her fortune she was forced for everything but being a good daughter she never shared her pain and didn’t did anything which can harm her parents reputation so she never complaint now the only thing which was left in her life was LOVE and respect at every moment she was wishing that but her every wish was getting incomplete don’t know what was written in her faith and when she went to her in laws everything wrong started getting happened and you know people started blaming her for all that she was feeling like every dream of her was broken but then came one hand towards her which changed her life completely it was her king yes the King of that queen which was hiding extreme sadness with her life Happiness came in her life with the blossom of love that air was something which was having pinch of happiness in every stroke then as a result those clouds of sadness started shedding off and moon was like her anklet now happiness entered in her life like a well decorated bride every shade was turning into red now after that darkness she got one reason to stay happy someone was there to make her happy those eyes were having no more tears that heart was having no more pain her patience worked now her life was also happy and everyone there in that environment started accepting her and then she thought that till now she was thinking everything wrong she was never ever sad but the happenings made her to believe so she was never ever hater but her surrounding made her believe so and then she realized that nothing is kept in such kind of sadness” she narrated all that being lost somewhere caressing Kaustuki’s hairs then she asked “Why did you recite this to me? Is it relevant to anything !” Pragya replied “OF course it is like the doll of the story you are also cursing yourself and pushing yourself into darkness Doll took time to understand but don’t repeat it see no one knows what happened and don’t get feared if anyone know just take a stand for yourself I don’t think you are such moron that you wont understand what I said just now” Kaustuki looked at her and then closed her eyes resting her head in her lap here Pragya’s eyes were moist and face was turned like she will began to cry if someone touched what she was thinking

Precap: Breaking of silence brings rage
I know it was short but due to shortage of time hope you like it and it was upto the expectations love you all

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  1. So sad for kaustu….hope she will back to the brave girl soon

  2. Reshma_Pradeep

    What to say Dude? Your WRITINGS r Beyond Words…….I have No words to Describe it! Waiting Forward to see what going to happen next!

  3. Sorry couldn’t comment for last few episodes… As usual superb with ur awesome thoughts… My cutie pie Ganga became too naughty… Waiting for old kaustu’s come back,make abhi n pragya to solve this issue together…

  4. Somiya

    Narrator ? you left me speechless, whenever you write like this, it doesn’t martters if update is short or long! The idea of patience that you gave made me realise that Things work out if only we have the patience , the words of kastu made me numb, how much corrupted a girl feels you showed it in perfect way, without being so Sensitive about it and I loved it. Kastu’s pain, her pleading tone, her emotions made it perfect. I mean seriously hatss off. The filth kastu talked about , it was real and only a girl can understand it , and the one who can understand it more is one who has gone through the filthy touch of beasts. Neverthless let’s not be serious, hatss off once again for this amazing and spectacular update.

  5. Lopez

    nice update dear

  6. Saranya24

    So emotional loved it poor pragya controlling her tears so sad waiting fr abhi and pragya to solve tis issue togethr ganga was so cute koved it didu love u??????

  7. Splendid! Spectacular! Amazing narration! I loved it completely! Kaustu’s pain her emotions and everything! You explained it in an awesome way! Seriously it was fantabulous! Hats off for this wonderful update!❤️❤️

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