STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 55

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Episode 55
Happy couple left for the office then as today Basu left the office early so she thought to pick up Kaustuki from school today and she reached to school she saw school was over and as Kaustuki came out she got extremely surprised as till now either driver was coming to pick her up from school or one of them from Kabir or Abhi use to come for her pick up as it is always their lunch time so on lunch time he use to pick up Kaustuki and leaving her at home with Ganga at Mehta’s residence he use to go back office and Basudha never came to pick her up it is not like that she never…. She did but when Kaustuki was in primary only then…. Today Kaustuki was surprised so in enjoyment she rushed towards Basu and took one of her friends with her….
Kaustuki: what a pleasant surprise mummy is here

Friend: your mummy!!! Where is she?
Kaustuki: come I will show you I mean I will introduce her to you come
She went with her friend towards Basudha she was still looking for Kaustuki that where she was when she got shocked with voice from her back it was Kaustuki who came from her back and said
Kaustuki: someone gave surprise and now searching for someone to be surprise
Basudha smiled and turned back: Hmm…. So… learning poetry too
Kaustuki holding her hand: Oh! my Juliet I have learnt this since very long but you never gave me chance to say it that how much this Romeo loves you
Basudha patting Kaustu’s head gently: crazy girl stop doing this and come we will leave
Kaustuki: wait na mummy I want to introduce someone to you see who is here
Basudha: who?

Kaustuki: Siddhi is here she is my friend and today she asked me to introduce her to you so I brought her
Siddhi: oye Kaustuki why are you lying when I said that???? Aunty she is lying I just asked that where are you that’s it and she said come I will introduce her to you
Basudha laughed: ha-ha okay never mind it’s good to meet you Siddhi hope someday you will come at our place
Siddhi’s smile faded off: sure, Aunty I will try to come
Basu: okay beta let’s leave now
Kaustu: wo mummy she uses to go with us only she will come with us
Basudha: oh! that’s great come then we will talk a lot in the car
They all entered car and boarded from them towards home while driving it was all silence in the car and breaking the silence Kaustu said
Kaustu: how you remembered me today
Basudha: what do you mean?
Kaustu: I mean for the first time in the secondary you are here to pick me up
Basudha: today I got early leave so thought to surprise you
Kaustu: great so finally your boss paid mercy on you thank god
Basudha: hmm…. By the way… why siddhi is so quiet
Kaustuki: oh! Maa it’s her stop mummy let her go
Basudha: are you sure?? Siddhi is it your stop
Siddhi: yes, aunty it is my stop…
Basudha stopped the car and let her go she waved bye and went from there being lost somewhere after she left Basu started the car and then Kaustuki said in a serious tone
Kaustuki: Mummy….!!!
Basu: yup…
Kaustuki: you shouldn’t have asked her to come at our place
Basu sensing something serious: why Is it so?
Kaustuki: her parents are not happening like mine
Basu looked at her that how seriously she was saying all that her voice was sounding like a totally grown up girl who understands everyone’s feeling so well who have deepness in her thoughts she asked further
Basudha: what is the problem with her
Kaustuki showing a smile to her: the only problem with her is she is a girl
Basu was looking at her way of answering
Kaustuki: her family members don’t like her because she is a girl and her parents are struggling hard to send her school because all the rest of her family members are saying not to send her anywhere as she is a girl not to send her school not to send her anywhere as she is a girl you know mummy she never goes to anyone’s place as her family never permits her today she was crying a lot
Basudha: she was crying!!! But why
Kaustuki: wo

Basudha cuts her off: okay now we are at home come we will talk there
Kaustuki: okay back to home
Both headed towards home Basudha opened the door and while entering she asked
Basudha: now tell me what was the matter
Kaustuki: she was crying as her parents fought with each other only because of her
Basudha: because of her!!!
Kaustuki: yeah… she told me that her father was wishing that they should shift at some other place so that she can live freely but her mother said that leaving a family is not good then she said the argument was calm as her mother agreed
Basudha: then this is good… but there is no reason to cry on that
Kaustuki: mummy in our opinion it is good but ask her what she is suffering from and she was not crying because of that she was crying as her parents are fighting in the last three days they are not talking to each other and in that she is feeling lost and alone you know how much she was worried you will scold me for sure after knowing what I did but it’s okay at least she stopped crying

Basudha: what you did
Kaustuki: I lied her that my parents also fight with each other upon some matters so it is normal in every family I think so…. She smiled and I felt relaxed as someone smiled because of me it is not like that she is my friend so only I did it, NO just because she was sad so I did it
Basudha smiled: it’s okay but don’t lie from next time
Kaustuki: I don’t think so I will need to lie anymore because she is going from here now
Basudha caring her hairs: It’s okay now go and change these things are not to be bothered okay
Kaustuki nodded in yes and started to go but turned and said to her
Kaustuki: I wish me and Ganga never see those days I don’t want to see that kind of silence in my home
Basudha smiled and pulled her into her embrace she cared her hairs: don’t think much dear it’s not your age
Kaustuki: I know but the fact is I am scared
Basudha: nothing will happen like that just go and relax okay wash off all these thoughts from your mind

Kaustuki nodded in yes and went from there and as soon Kaustuki went Basudha’s smile faded off and Kaustu’s word echoed in her ears “I wish me and Ganga never see those days I don’t want to see that kind of silence in my home” “I know but the fact is I am scared” she got lost in her deep thoughts somewhere and the only thing which was reminding Kaustu’s words and the incident that took place few days ago she served food to Kaustuki and smilingly answered her questions but deep inside she was still lost in her thoughts which were making her lost in herself after few hours Ganga was also back as today she never went to Divya and Kabir but she was playing today with their new neighbors who were actually so frank with them and their kids were also use to play at their home all the time Ganga came back and started playing with Kaustuki and she was looking at them being lost in her thoughts…
It was the time of evening when Abhi came back to home Basu opened the door and as he went in after preparing his coffee she said to Kaustuki that she is going for a walk if he asks then tell him that I am on terrace only Kaustuki nodded in okay as she was doing something with Ganga both were looking some kind of pictures in a book she went from there and when Abhi came and ask about her she told him that she is at terrace, he thought something for a while and went upstirs there he found her seated on the swing and all lost in the thoughts he went towards her, she was all lost in thoughts when suddenly felt a familiar touch on her shoulder and she turned it was him, he sat beside her and looking in the same direction where she was looking said
Abhi: what happened? Again, you are confused!!!
Basudha: not confused, but feeling guilty
Abhi: what happened? Why are you feeling so?
Basu taking a deep breath: sometimes some moments make you feel so what to do
Abhi: no, this time nothing should make you feel guilty so tell me what is bothering you
Basu: My behavior towards you that day is the only thing which is making me guilty
Abhi: if I say that it was the only thing which made me realize that all the while I was doing wrong then!!!
Basu: if I say that still I feel so then!!!
Abhi holding her hand: then I would like to ask the original reason which is making you feel guilty for that reason
Basu looked at him: sometime some incidents show you mirror that what was you going to do and what could be the result
Abhi giving an assurance smile: sometimes mirrors also shows false image, now if you feel then you can share it with me you know I am here for you
Basu: nothing like that I was just thinking that how much trouble people had to face in their life specially girls why every time they have bear why every time they had to prove themselves why every time they are the only reasons for problem in their home…
Abhi cuts her off: girls are never the reason of problem at their home they are fools who think so
Basu smiled a while and looking at alter direction: It is your thought not everyone’s some are so much problematic for their family that they can’t even tolerate their presence
Abhi: I already said they are fools, now stop this riddle game and tell me what is the matter
Basu: today I went to pick up Kaustuki from school there she introduced me to one of her friend Siddhi
Abhi: then!!!
Basu narrated the whole incident to him and he heard it looking at her as she was really looking worried he was trying to figure out what was the main reason of her worry when she ended up telling him the incident he asked to her
Abhi: I know all that as it was easy to figure out from Siddhi’s face she was same from past two three days but it is not the reason that you are worried for tell me the actual reason Basudha.
Basu: Kaustuki she is the reason of being worry she never talked to me like that not me even with anyone she doesn’t talked like that she was sounding like a girl of ending teen age Is talking to me the way she said she hope that she should see this all in her family I am scared now what if she had heard all that argument we had that day and trying to pretend she doesn’t know anything it is the thought which is making me scare and more than that which is scaring me like hell is her thoughts which have grown very soon within a minute she use to feel that how a person in front of her is feeling this shouldn’t had happen after all that girl is just 12 na
Abhi rounding his hand on her shoulder: relax its all my mistake okay which you rectified now nothing such things will take place in our lives so just relax and come down babes

Basu in an irked tone: everyone should learn it from you that how to change topic
Abhi: what I have done now
Basu: you just said that which I hate the most
Abhi: what I said!!
Basu: you said that babes to me
Abhi: ooohh you are showing your colors to me now naughty girl you just called me babes
Basu: I didn’t call you by that name!!! You called me that
Abhi: just now you did it babes
Basu: I didn’t call you that babes but you are calling that babes to me
Abhi: just now you are calling me babes
Basu: listen that word is too much irritating and don’t call me by that I am warning you

Abhi in teasing tone: oh! I am scared please don’t make me frog by your magic
Basu making an annoyed expression: now from where this frog comes in between
Abhi: ha I have read it in one of the stories that someone curses a prince he becomes frog so I thought you will also curse me like that I will become a frog
Basu couldn’t control she laughed: really!!! Then from where do you bring your princess to break that curse
Abhi: yeah, I know I can’t bring the princess that’s why I am saying that, Oh! My lord please don’t curse me (kneeling)
Basu laughing hard: please stop this all, you are behaving like a silly person now
Abhi taking seat on her side again: then what’s bad in that it will be good na if I will turn into silly
Basu trying to control her laughter: and why is it so
Abhi: see you are silly then if I will behave like that then I will also become silly so you are Mrs. Silly and I will be Mr. Silly
Basu stood up: PJ
She was going but Abhi held her hand before she could leave and smilingly at her said
Abhi: My curse won’t break because I can never get a princess but it won’t affect me as I have my queen who is with me and till she is with me I am protected in all means
Basu smilingly: this should be said by queen that till her king is with her she is protected in all means
She walked away saying this then Abhi following her said
Abhi: so, shall I say that I am your prince of dreamland and you are my Rapunzel
Basu: how can I be Rapunzel
Abhi: why can’t you be!! See everything in her matches with you
Basu while stepping down the stairs
Abhi: see like she has such long hairs like rope you also have the same (pulling her braid)
Basu holding her head from back: you pulled my hairs!!!!
Abhi: when I did so!!! I was just giving you example that you have long hairs like her
Basu: so, what do you think you will pull my hairs and climb up the building!!
Abhi: hey!! That’s not a bad idea !!! it will be perfect whenever someone annoying like your zero no.1 will be here I will climb up directly to the room with the help of your hairs
Basu: it was the worst joke believe me
Abhi: who cares!!
Basu turned to him before entering inside the house: I have one question
Abhi: yes, my-lord
Basu: have you gone mad
Abhi: without any doubt yes
Basu rolling off her eyes and moved inside
Abhi while entering said to her: arey ask at least how, when and for what I have gone mad
Basu turned to him: why should I ask!!! If I will not ask, then also you will answer for sure
Abhi: good sense of tumor
Basu making an irritated expression: Kya!!! Sense of tumor nahi sense of humor hota Hai aur Maine tumse kab humor wali baat Kari?? (what!!! It is not sense of tumor, it is sense of humor and when did I said humorous thing)
Abhi: Malika-e-mohabbat Ki baton me Badshah-e-aashiqui ko humehsa humor dikhta unka sarcasm hi unka humor Hai (King of love always finds queen of love humorous through her sarcasm)
Basu laughed helplessly: you have really gone mad
Abhi: just in your love
Some voice came from back when he said that and as they both noticed it was Yash and Shreya
Yash: Oh! bete aashiqui chal rahi hai (Oh!! Love is in the air)
Shreya in excitement: someone is blushing, someone is loving, someone is smiling, someone is shy (thodi sharam hai yaha thodi hai haya lagta hai fiza me pyar hai ghula)
Yash: Eh Pagal aurat shut up!! Blabbering anything (kuchh bhi bol rahi hai)
Shreya making go to hell expression: yeah yea why not
Meanwhile Priyansh and Gurav came there
Priyansh: Oh! Didi you are here please save us with this girl she is eating our head
Gaurav: not mine but his because he just bad mouthed about Honey Singh
Basudha: Oh! then I can’t save you brother handle yourself
Saying this she left from there having an embarrassed smile for Yash, Shreya and Abhi
Abhi making a fake smile: excuse me!! I think she just called me
Shreya: arey wait Mr. today I will handle you stay here and…
Yash: and…!!!!
Shreya first passed a teasing smile then winking at Yash sung: ankhiya milaye nahi kabhi batiyen nahi banke rahey babu…. Kisi kitab pe chehre hi dekh revision hai chalu Preet Ki dhun me hai Abhi babu (never let the eye lock happen, never to talk anything regarding it always being a gentle man but if you will open his books or magazines you will find some of the faces which he is revising …!!! Abhi babu is in feel of love)
Yash: aye my wife has turned to smart now-a-days (pulling her cheek)
Shreya: really!!! (with sparkling eyes)
Yash looking at his hands: how much make up you have done today!! Did you buried your face in the flour container my hands got powdered see!!
Shreya patting his hands: worst joke ever Yash worse than worst I am telling you huh pagal aadmi
Saying this she went from there and then Abhi and Yash burst out in laughter
Abhi: why you do it yr. see you made her angry (laughing out loud)
Yash: leave her but you tell me what was going on
Abhi: what!!! (trying to ignore)
Yash pulled him from his collar: look at me Mr. we caught you red handed tell me what was going on mad in her love haah!!! Seems you proposed her right!!
Abhi trying to ignore: wo… wo… nothing like that just
Yash: I think you won’t agree normally I must crush your face for sure
Abhi: mama why you want to crush my face all the time (being irked)
Yash: what else option you had left for me!!! You never tell the truth directly so I must use my plan
Abhi: what I have done now!!!
Yash: you proposed her right!!!
Abhi was silent
Yash: you did it right!!!

Abhi was still silent
Yash: speak up cheap man have you settled out curd in your mouth
Abhi being irked; you called me cheap man now I am not going to tell you anything
Yash: ahahaha saying as if I hadn’t said that you were going to tell me
Abhi: yes, I did it
Yash shouted: oye Teri…!!! You did it!!!!
Abhi trying to control him: yeah, I did it but why are you jumping like this
Yash: you can’t understand what I am feeling finally you did it man
Abhi: yeah
Yash: how you did it tell me
Abhi: I don’t know when and how but I confessed
Yash: just did it!!! Without any preparation!!! Just like it casually!!! I mean no romantic back ground no music and all just did it!!!
Abhi nodded in yes

Yash: and she agreed too!!
Abhi: why would she say anything!!!! She never said anything nothing kind of reply and all
Yash: how can you leave her like this haah!!! You must know what is her response
Abhi: I know it so why would I bother
Yash: we always know what their reply is but you must make her confess that otherwise it will be no fun
Abhi making a causal expression: aah…. No need of that
Yash: really!!! Then it’s totally your problem but one thing is sure I need party now
Abhi: Party for what!!
Shreya coming out from kitchen: for that what you did
Abhi: what’s the need of party in it
Shreya: WE want party that’s it
Abhi: But what’s the need of party in it
Yash: for you it was nothing but for me it is something strange what you did so we want party”
Abhi: you have gone mad
Yash: look who is saying me mad who is mad in him self
Shreya and Yash shared high five and started laughing
Abhi making an annoyed face: very funny
Yash: then tell us when is party
Abhi: let me ask from Basu she will tell you when is party for sure
Saying this he was about to go but Yash again dragged him down
Yash: arey not so easily Mr. we will call her here itself you talk in front of us
Abhi: arey I am going to my room yr. leave
Shreya: yes, Yash leave him na after all newly loving couple they are
Yash: so, what!!!
Shreya: how mean Yash!! You never romanced with me now stopping others also such an idiotic person you are ugh
Yash: thank you for your praising madam but this is what Yash the rock star is
Shreya: rock star nahi lallu laal kaho lallu laal ullu jaisi shakal hai badey aaye khud ko rock star kehne waley…. log rock maar ke star pe pahucha denge tab zaroor lagoge rock star warna to lallu laal ho bilkul (you are not a rock star but lallu laal your face is totally resembled to owl thinking yourself as rock star people will send you on star by beating you with rocks then only you will look like a rock star otherwise you are just an owl lallu laal)
Saying this she went in anger and Yash said

Yash: did she just insulted me!!!
Abhi giving painful expression: yeah bro and that also with full feelings
Yash: with full feelings!!! Why do I thought that she really was very angry while saying so (keeping his hand on his cheeks…!)
Abhi: dard hai dard (in a teasing tone)
Yash: shreyu…. Baby….
Abhi widening his eyes: what was that
Yash: achha teri apni to rooti nahi ab humari roothi padi hai to hum na manayein hain na mujhe ek baat bata tu bandar ka dimaag leke paida hua tha kya!!! (oh, your own wife never use to get anger with you now if my is angry with me than shall I don’t go to convince her!!! Tell me one thing was you born with monkey’s brain!!!)
Abhi eating something and sitting on a couch: I don’t know I was a kid that time I must have to ask with Baba and Maa
Yash; don’t ask them

Abhi: why
Yash: because they will confirm this that you don’t have brain
Abhi: Mehra Sahab jinke apne ghar sheeshe ke hotey hai wo doosro ke gharon par patthar nahi maara kartey (Mehra sahab whose own house is made up of glass they never use to throw pebbles on others house)
Yash tapping his head: abbey e tooti hui gadi ke steering wheel ye filmy chochle mujh par mat aazma mera ghar ambuja cement ka bana hai bilkul majboot (Oh!! Steering wheel of a broken car these filmy lines won’t work on me and if you are talking about my house then let me tell you it is made up of Ambuja cement not of glass)
Abhi was looking him widening his eyes in funny surprised expression that how he just answered him and Yash went from there passing a winning argument smiling and singing rolling off his car keys in his finger “Yaha ke hum sikandar chahey to rakh le sabko apni jeb ke andar” and Abhi was thinking here “Yr. ye buddha wakai tedhi kheer hai (this old man is really impossible)
Yash went to talk with Shreya as she was looking extremely angry and he got a chance to talk with her so went to her and as he was looking totally annoyed he took a water bottle and while blabbering started drinking it
Abhi while drinking: what do he think of himself am I fool that always he is making me that
Basudha taking water bottle from him which he didn’t realized: it seems someone lost the battle here
Abhi: battle which kind of battle I am totally ok
Basudha: hmm… I can see it
Abhi: then why you asked
Basudha: the way you were drinking out the water it was clear that you have lost battle.
Abhi making an irked face: Yash mama… why he always uses to troll me when I am in mood then it’s okay but when I am not in mood it is totally irritating
Basudha was continuously smiling the way he was complaining like a kid
Abhi: now why are you smiling?
Basudha: nothing… I was just thinking that how much cute you look when you, complaint about someone like a kid
Abhi: yeah, yea make fun of mine as much as you can as you are also feel happy by doing so na
Basu laughed: Okay sorry, I won’t do it now happy!!

Abhi: hey why are you asking sorry
Basu: you felt bad na that’s why
Abhi holding her hand: chill I wasn’t angry I was just enjoying your concern
Basu: how mean
Abhi: No mean, median, mode come let’s see how he is going to convince her
Basu: why!! What happened?
Abhi: how much questions you will ask Basu!!! Come with me you will get to know on your self
Basu: Okay let’s go
They both went to see that how he is going to convince Shreya she was in balcony Yash went there
Shreya: now why have you came here? Go from here I don’t want to talk with you
Yash: arey I am here to take you with me

Shreya: where!
Yash: to a dream land where only you and me will be there no one else
Shreya pushing him aside: mai tumhari baton me nahi aaney wali (I am not going to convince by your cheesy talks)
Yash being irked: baton me tu nahi aati restaurant me tu nahi aati manao to tu nahi aati tu duniya me aayi kyu hai roothne ke liye bas (you never come in cheesy talks, you never come in restaurant, you never come in my convincing talks then why the hell you have come, in the world just to get angry by everyone)
Saying this he took a deep breath and Abhi and Basu were laughing from behind the door when suddenly light went off
Abhi: how this happened!!
Basu: I think you didn’t paid the electricity bill!!
Abhi: poor joke Basu…
Basu: I know but what’s going on there

Abhi looked it the direction where she was looking Yash and Shreya were blabbering something being scared from dark it was Priyansh and Gaurav who put off the main switch off along with Kaustuki and ganga, their plan was to scare all the four of them but to their luck Abhi and Basu were not scare from dark but Shreya and Yash were Priyansh took out the sound like ghost is laughing and screen shifted towards Yash
Yash being scared and hugging Shreya: yr. I can’t understand one thing that why the hell these ghosts use to laugh in the night I mean is it the time to laugh they must understand that people get scare from all these
Shreya being scared and hugging Yash: how will I know all that
Yash: why don’t you know, you always use to do kitty party with those lady ghost (kyu tujhe kyu nahi pata tera to uthna baithna hai na unke sath)
Shreya pushed him hard: I am ghost right!!
Yash: I never said that!!! I said you are in their company
Shreya: it means same okay
Yash: no, there Is a difference
Shreya: how
Yash: let me tell you… if I am saying you are a ghost then it means you are ghost but if I am saying that you are in their company then it means you are superior because the one who is superior only that person can handle other ghosts
Saying this he ran from there and Shreya followed him they

down and Basu and Abhi were left laughing there holding their stomach
Basu: Oh! My, my they still use to fight like this
Abhi laughing hard: like this means!!!
Basu controlling her laughter: yeah whenever Maa and Papa use to take me at their place it was their record that they were every time fighting on silly matters and that also like this same as kid Mama use to tease her to the core then Mami use to tease him later when he gets relax now I think I know what will happen next
Abhi: you missed all that na (in serious tone)
Basu: the one which is past let it be past if I will think about that now then how will I live my present now come let’s see what’s next
She was going when Abhi held her hand and pulled her back and rounding his hand to her shoulder said
Abhi; by the way one thing is sure
Basu raising her eyebrows: what?
Abhi; this is done by only by the kids in our house
Basu: you mean Kaustuki!!!

Abhi: along with your two brothers and her sweet sister
Basu: smart haah!!!
Abhi: Mastani ka Bajirao smart hi hoga na (Bajirao will always be smart na)
Basu laughed: always filmy dialogues from where do you learnt all that
Abhi: it’s a secret (winking on her)

Precap: departure, wedding season, twist season
Okay finally i am back to the pavilion haha after a week okay lets see what is Shreya going to do with Yash

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  9. Reshma_Pradeep

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