Ragini’s colourless life will be turned into colourfull (pt 16)

Let’s begin

Sw:di i vl be bacj in q hrs..
Rag: where r u going
SW: one of my fend needs my help as she is not well..
Rag: ok go..
Raj: go go
SW: aapko badi jaldi hai..
Raj: u r getting late right go now..
SW leaves

SW reaches there
Lak: wow u came early that to meet ür husband
SW: hey..i will prefer unmarried than Marrying u
Lak: hey..
SW: wat
San comes there
San: SW
SW: y u want to study sigh lang
Lak:tumse MATLAB
SW: i didn’t ask u
San: bcs i want to talk with Rag
SW: bt y?
Lak: tumse MATLAB

SW glâres him
San: i want to be fend with her
SW: only this is the reason
Lak: no.. Bhai want to ask your hand for me form her so he needs to know na
SW angry went to peek
She takes her bag and beats him he runs she chases him and beats..
San laughs..
Lak: SW see now only u r behaving like wife
SW now takes a was and abt beat him..

Lak screams and runs frm there…
SW: Samajta kya hai apne àap ko
Lak louly:sw ke hone wala pati
Sw: wat..?
San was laughing sw glare him
San: one advice.. Don’t talk to him like that he will trade u more..usko usiki baasha mein baat Karo
SW: hmm
San: plzz will u teach me he makes a baby face
SW smiles ok

Rag: when will u marry Pia bhai
Pia blushes
Raj: first i hv to ask parent s
Rag: shub kaam mein deer kyun..aj nahi abhi baat Karo
Raj nods ok
Raj calls suj
Raj: helw ma app Kaiser hio
Suj: raj is that u
Raj: ha mom yru asking
Suj: my son has changed… Ok tell wat u want
Raj: voh… Muje.. Mein
Suj: wat
Raj: when ur comng India
Suj: y son
Raj: mom voh
Suj: come to the point
Raj: i love a girl in a one go..
Suj: wat?
Raj: ya i even want marry her
Suj: who is the girl
Raj: piyá
Suj: wat.. Wow wat a great news im very happy..
I thought to make her my bahü and u selected her itself..
Raj gets happy
Rag sees his happy face she to smiles

Then they talk casual he then cuts the call

Rag: wat she said
Raj: she is very happy
Rag then brings sweets she makes them eat..
Rag: tonight u both r going to date. Tmrw morning her mom and dadadida are coming.. Bhai u should ask her hand with her mom too
Raj: hmm..
SW comes: did i missed sme thing important
Rag then explains the recent happenings
SW: woooooooow… Mere bhai ki shaadi hai.. Mere bhaai ki shaadi hai…
She dances
All laughs seeing her excitement
Sanlak comes there they too came with sw
San was shocked
Lak: this is not fair..u didn’t informed us
SW: everything is fair in love and war..
San: congratulations bro..

Raj: tanx..i hv to ask her hand from her mom
Lak: don’t worry your bhai is there na
Raj: no need
Lak: why i vl come to ask your bhabi hand for you..
Raj: no ways..
Rag: bhai get ready u hv to go on date..
Sanky smiles as he got to know wat she is saying..
Rapi goes..
Sanlak too goes back..

At night..
Lak gets mesg he smirks..

SW was designing one of dress.. She gets a voice.. Windows are opening and closing bt wind.. She goes and closes the wind..
SW goes to rag
Rag: i going to garden u do ü r work ok..i want to feel fresh air..

SW: ok di
She gets back to her work.. Then power cuts
Suddenly she hears a voice is someone walking
SW: who is it
No reply
SW: gets scared by the approcng sound
SW gets scared
She runs to the door suddenly door closes
She was sweating
Voice: don’t run i hear na
SW scared: who ru?
Voice: don’t u remember me..i m popatlal..tum pichle Janam mein.. Mujse pyar Karti thi.. On the day of our wedding daywe had an accident and we both died.. My soul was waiting for u.. Now i got to know that u r here.. So come with me
SW: wat.. Me no way i don’t know u..
Voice: how can u forget me.. Ür name was chameli u were calling me popu..atleast try to remember.

SW: hey i m not ü r chameli
Voice: don’t make me angry.. Today i vl kill u and i vl take u with me..
He Approches…
SW sees him his face has full of blood
She closes her eyes… He takes a knife
SW: plzz.. Leave me i not ü r chameli plzz
No u r nt chameli..
He stabs her she screams

She then slowly opens her eyes he was smiling at her
He takes knife.. She touches her stomach.. Nthng Hpnd to her
She looks at him.. He was showing her knife making up and down
Suddenly door opens rag comes rag was laughing at her she sees him
He: deechu deechu showing knife.
He then takes the mask and burst into laughter.. It’s none other than Laksh
San comes there he didn’t understand way was Hpng he sees rag laughing he to smiles seeing her
SW: i vl see u later Laksh.. she has tears,… Di u too.. San u r..
San was confused
He nods his head in no..
Rag says in sign lang hisab Barabbar
SW gets shocked
Lak: ya ür thinking right rag told me abt ür plan so rag made aplan i exposed it watts that Laksh Raj.. Huh… Now see chameli your popatlal is waiting he burst into laughter
San now understands he was totally shocked to know that it was rags plan
Rag: see now u got to know how it hupns
SW: do we made it to make him understand
Rag: is that the way of understand
SW stays silent
Rag: ask sorry
SW: wat no
Rag: then don’t show face to me..
SW: di..
She turns her face

She then asks sorry..
Lak: it’s ok chameli
SW: bt.. Even other 3 were with me
Lak: don’t worry they will also get..
San: wat
Lak: u wait and watch bhai.. Now im not alone he goes to rag and holds her hand rag is with me.. Hey chameli
SW: don’t càll me that..
Lak:Don’t say this to rapi
SW: i vl not say.. Even they sold also suffer
San: wat SW¿
SW: i changed my party
Lak: don’t worry bhai for now ü r not the target.. And ha don’t inform them
San: ok.. Bt plzz leave me.. Wat vl u do with them
Lak: ok vl see..i vl smthng different
He smirks..

Precap: who is the next target?

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