STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 50

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Episode 50

Basu: listen come here see what is this!
Abhi came there: what happened!!!
Basu: see this
They looked at it and gets puzzled screen shifts towards Yash and Shreya it was about to turn morning she opened the curtains and when the sun rays came in Shreya turned and the thing she saw got totally shocked she called Yash and when he saw it his expressions was mixed confused as well as shocked
Shreya being shocked: this is impossible…. I mean how can it be!!
Yash: I wonder how can he do so
Shreya: I think your father was crazy dude he imagined how will you look earlier itself!!
Yash: just shut up… he was a rock star not a predictor
Shreya: then how you picture came here and that also so perfectly framed and that too with these moments
Yash: It is truth the picture is mine but these moments I don’t remember when didi this happened
Shreya: there is something for sure behind this we have to ask about it directly now I am getting scared Yash this Mansion is having too many secrets
Yash: come let’s tell about this to didi
Shreya nodded in yes and both left from there to search Abhigya here the screen shifts towards Basudha and Abhi
Basu: look at this

Abhi managed to read in by kneeling down: “MEMORIES WHOSE RIGHT IS ONLY WITH ME” what is this!!
Basudha: I don’t know and see this small box which fell down too
Abhi taking that box: “WAY TO THE WORLD OF DREAMS” I wonder what kind of a person your grandfather was I mean this much memories!!
Basu: I don’t know anything I can’t say anything because I never ever saw them
Abhi: okay fine yr let’s see what’s inside

Basu tried to open the door of that cabinet on which the words were inscribed then Abhi asked her to leave and tried to open it but it seems it was jammed they tried for some more time and then finally door of that cabinet got opened Basu looked what was inside and then Abhi looked at the box which was with him he thought “WAY TO THE WORLD OF DREAMS” what could be inside he started looking here and there finally found one flick on the box he twisted it and the box got opened with a pop there was nothing in that but a key placed in it he wondered which room’s key it could be, his thought got broken by the call of Basu she was calling him he hurriedly took the key and closed the box as it is

Abhi: Ha Basu
Basu: there is nothing here beside some CD’s and photo albums some diaries are there too some lot of papers and all
Abhi: Basu I think these things have something in it which is hidden from all and no one have idea about these few things are here
Basu: what are you thinking!!
Abhi: just take them with us and let’s check out what is in it because if anyone got to know about them, then it was become the curiosity again
Basu: this will be considered as robbery
Abhi: no it will not because we will tell it to them later on
Basu: Okay then
Abhi: Okay let’s go now
Basu nodded and when they turned the room was having enough light to make them visible what was there now as the sun was raised up they both got surprised looking what they saw
Basu being shocked: what the hell is this!!
Abhi looking all around: this is something which can be known as craziness
Basu: before figuring out anything let’s talk with others
Abhi: yeah let’s go
Both left the room and rushed towards Abhigya at the same time Yash and Shreya also reached there and found Abhigya,

Prateek, Prabhas, Vibha coming from alter direction all the four started at once
Basu: maa come soon we have seen something strange
Yash: there was a large portrait
Basu: Extremely large and
Abhigya being irritated: shut up…. Just say one by one
Yash: okay let me tell it first actually I won’t tell it just come with me
He dragged her towards that room where he sat that portrait
Yash: see this I mean how can this is possible how can he imagine my face before I have grown up
Abhigya and Prabhas being shocked
Prabhas: It’s not you
Yash: what!! But
Before he could complete Abhigya said
Abhigya: Captain Pulkit Mehra
Prabhas: Batch no 42879
Abhigya: training base camp Chhawla Delhi Cantonment
Yash: what!!
Shreya: he is Pulkit I mean dada
Yash: but how I mean he looks same as me
Abhigya: he is not same as you but you are same as him
Prabhas: he was doing all the while all this and didn’t even let us get a clue that he called an artist here
Abhigya: now you got to know the reason behind those locks right Prabhas
Prabhas: yes

They all started to stare at the wall there was not a portrait but on the wall itself a huge size of picture was painted of Pulkit exactly how he looked it seems someone has stick a poster over there but it was painted then on the other walls some memorable pictures were there all the four walls were filled with it and then few trunks were there in which his belongings were kept then breaking the silence Basu said
Basu: Maa now come with me there is same thing in another room too
She dragged her towards another room and as they went inside all were shocked to see the scenario which was in front of them everywhere only one thing was visible the happy memories of the only couple Abhishek and Pragya Mehra everywhere only the two were there the innocent smile of their was everywhere in the room Basu breaking the silence said
Basu: what does this mean!!
Abhi: and here it is written that Memories that belongs to me only
Abhigya, Prabhas, Subuhi and Yash immediately left the room Abhi and Basu followed them
Abhi: listen maa
Abhigya: leave it please it is their moments he had secured his love life here it’s really belongs to him only we kids don’t have any rights to know about it his every moment went with her spent with her and we have seen that happiness when she was with him every time so we can guess how he felt that time

All of them left from there, Abhi and Basu were still there they went inside the room and started looking each picture deeply
Abhi keeping hand on her shoulder: deepness in every picture isn’t it!!
Basu holding his hand back nodded in yes
Abhi: let’s go
Basu nodded in yes they both left down there she saw Priyansh coming towards her
Priyansh: didi come and sit we made this couch able to sit while you all were searching out the home I cleaned it I mean me and Gaurav cleaned
Basu: great yr but how
Gaurav: nothing more didi just few punches few kicks over it and all the dust out
Abhi: great yr come let’s have some rest
They both went and joined rest of them

Basu: Maasi where are my girls
Subu: both of them went with Naira last night as she was also there due to some kind of meeting so both of them went with her she took them saying that she will take care of them
Abhi: she never took care of me and took both of them (murmured)
Basu: stop your complaints
Shreya: don’t you think Bade Bhaiya that this house is so dirty we should clean it
Abhigya: I was also thinking the same why don’t we start it now
Yash: but this mansion is so big how will we clean it alone
Vibha: if one person will clean one room then it will be possible
Prateek: and what about dinner and breakfast
Subhash: Arey Bhai if we will clean it then it will be possible that we can make something in kitchen itself and these two boys (Priyansh and Gaurav) they will bring all the necessary stuffs
Priyansh: sure uncle
Abhigya: so what are you waiting for boys go ahead
Priyansh: Ok we are going
They both went from there then Yash said

Yash: wait a minute
Abhigya: yes what happened!
Yash: there were four rooms which were locked we looked in two of them what is there in rest of two
Abhigya: there is nothing more but our childhood photographs nothing else
Yash: Oh by the way where is Bhaiya lost see we are talking from past 20 minutes and he is lost somewhere didn’t uttered a single word
Abhigya looking at Prabhas: leave him for sometime he want to come out of his dilemma

All of them left from there Abhigya stood there and keeping hand on his shoulder said
Abhigya: look brother he will be back after few hours just forget about what you was thinking till now just move on
Prabhas was still lost in thoughts and Abhigya left from there screen rounds in every room some were holding dusters some were with broom and were cleaning the rooms screen shifts towards Yash’s room Shreya came in to tell him something but at the door itself
Yash: what the hell!! Stop there
Shreya being clue less: what happened?
Yash: already this room is so messy if you took a step ahead then it will become more messy for sure
Shreya: to hell with you I was here to tell you something but now I will not huh and you are saying it will become more dirty if I will come in then let me tell you MR that it is more dirty because of you
Yash: because of me let me tell you there is no one clean more than me I use to keep even my nail so clean
Shreya: wait what!! Who compares nails with room cleaning?
Yash: what do you mean by who!! I am doing it
Shreya: okay then let’s see I am challenging you that you can’t even clean a corner within half an hour
Yash: what if I did so
Shreya: okay then let’s begin the countdown you have four hours and lets see who will clean the room within four hours the one who loose will do whatever the person who won will say
Yash: challenge accepted

Shreya went from there with an irked face and all of them started their work here screen shifted towards Abhi after cleaning his part of room he took out the key which he took from that box few hours ago he looked at it and again remembered those words which were written on the box “WAY TO DREAM OF WORLDS” he thought of something and looked out from the window of that room he looked that closed outhouse the same kind of lock was there also and suddenly something striked into his mind and he went down being careful from everyone he went to the outhouse and looked at the closed out house which was neither having any window nor it was having any other door beside some ventilators he tried to open the lock with that key and luckily it opened he thought “Great Abhi sometimes your mind works for these kind of works” he opened the door and saw that there was a lobby and one main door to get in and there in lobby there was a big portrait of Pragya he looked at it and thought “Great… this man was totally lost in her for sure now I got to know why they were forcing me all the time that I just look like him I am not same as him” he started to search over there for something then being tired he said to himself “it doesn’t seems there is anything like world of dreams damn it man how much locks I have opened till now but still didn’t found anything GOD (resting his hand on the portrait of Pragya)” he decided to leave the place but as he took off his hand from that portrait the portrait moved slightly and then he noticed that there was a way behind it he then slide the portrait aside and found that there was a door he thought “Woah! So many secrets that so cool yr” he moved and then opened that door but before that he closed the main door by which he entered there and after closing it he went it luckily electricity connection was there it seems that it was separated from the whole mansion he puts on the light and got confused from the view in front of it he started moving ahead and then examined each and everything there were some projection screens, projectors some CD’s and one piano was kept there he was looking all that and tried to start that projector which was bit old but after few attempts it got started and then he saw one of the CD on it and got amazed after looking it, in that video Pragya was singing song on a piano and Abhi was just admiring her she was singing and he was admiring her voice by closing his eyes he closed it and was about to look another one when one thought got into his mind so he smiled and started cleaning that place to holding a duster in his hand.

After few hours when all were done with their work they came in hall and sat on the couch laying their head on the back of it Yash and Shreya still not completed but they came out of the room at same time Yash shouted
Yash: I won
Shreya; I won
Yash: I came out first
Shreya: it was me who came first
Yash: it was me I took my leg out first
Shreya: you took your leg but my toe was out of the room first
Yash: my nail was out of the room before your toe
Prabhas: will you guys shut up for a while you both came out at a same time Mr and Mrs Yash
Yash: huh cheater cat
Shreya: same to you

They both also went down and joined them all were looking tired that time Priyansh and Gaurav were also there
Abhigya: did you both brought what we said
Priyansh: yeah bua and we brought coffee too as you all got tired so you must be need it right
Prateek: and I have talked with electrician he is doing his work as the connection was not out by company the fuse was destroyed being old
Vibha: that’s cool but where is Ranvi
Prateek: there itself with electrician
Shreya: okay lets have coffee and then we will get fresh n up I think there must be some clothes available here
Abhigya: of course there are come lets have coffee
All served coffee to each other
Subhash: Arey Basudha where is Abhishek
Basudha: I don’t know uncle let me call him

She called him and Abhi asked her to come out in the outhouse and not to tell anyone she said okay and thought that there must be something new so she took his coffee and hers too then went to outhouse it was little bit light over there as she moved all darkness covered over there and she called him and he reached there he took those coffee mugs from her hand and said
Abhi: its good that you came here Basu this is so beautiful place
Basu: But what is this I mean it looks like a set of a movie
Abhi: yeah kind off but it is very interesting
Basu: really
Abhi: yeah come I will show you
He dragged her and made her stand in the mid of a circle which was made over there
Abhi: wait a minute over here I will be back
Basu: arey but where are you going?
Abhi: just wait na Basu you will get to know yourself
Basu: okay

She stood over there folding her hands and went from there he played some music and there and something got projected on the screen there were two dolls who were dancing together in wedding costumes he then pulled the liver of some kind of a machine but it seems it wasn’t working
Basu: okay I know that you were showing me this video this is good but may I move from here because it is giving feel like a statue seriously
Abhi trying to make machine work: just few minutes na Basu please
Basu being irritated: what are you trying to do at least tell me!!
Abhi: you will get to know soon but this crap is not working
Being irritated he kicked on that machine and moved
Basu: but….
She was about to say something but suddenly she felt something falling over her and unknowingly she smiled at that it was ice sprinklers which were falling over her
Basu widening her arms: it is so lovely
Abhi turned to see as he didn’t knew that the machine was working he saw that and looked at her she was still there with a wide smile over her face his smile got broad and then he again played that music which was stopped and the song started
Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon(I have found You and I have lost myself)
Kehna Chahoon Bhi To Tumse Kya Kahoon(Even if I want to speak, I don’t know what to I say)
He forwarded his hand sweetly and she held it then he took her towards a table which was there seems for dinner then he served his and hers coffee on that, laughed over that

Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon (I have found You and I have lost myself)
Kehna Chahoon Bhi To Tumse Kya Kahoon(Even if I want to speak, I don’t know what to I say)
He stood up from there then went towards the piano and started acting as if he is playing it truly he was acting and shaking her head in disbelief with a light laugh that what he was trying to do she stood up from there holding coffee and he stood up from there she followed him
Kisi Zabaan Mein Bhi Woh Lafz Hi Nahi(There is no language in which there are those words)
Ki Jin Mein Tum Ho Kya Tumhein Mein Bata Sakun(Which I use to completely describe what I feel for You)
He went and pulled a kind of rope and showed her some direction to look she looked there and her eyes were widened being amazed as it was an artificial moon which came down though it was artificial but still it was looking beautiful he held her hand and continued
Main Aagar Kahoon Tumsa Haseen(If I say that there is no one more beautiful)
Kaynaat Mein Nai Hai Kahin(Than You are in this whole universe)
Tareef Yeh Bhi To Sach Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi(This praise is just nothing, compared to the whole truth)
Tapping her nose then she came in her senses and he asked through gestures of eyes “how’s it” she replied in super excited manner that it was fantabulous he took her to show something else she followed him

Shokhiyon Mein Dooobi Yeh Aadayein(Your playfulness which is immersed in Your grace)
Chehre Se Jhalki Hui Hain (Is shown on Your face)
Zulf Ki Ghani Ghani Ghatayein (The thick clouds of Your hair)
Shaan Se Dhalki Hui Hain (Are resting on Your face with pride)
Lehrata Aachal Hai Jaise Badal (This flowing dupatta is just like a moving cloud)
Bhaahon Mein Bhari Hai Jaise Chandani(In Your arms, there is beauty like the moonlight)
Roop Ki Chandani (Beauty of the moonlight)
Main Agar Kahoon Yeh Dilkashi(If I say that this feeling of captivity (attraction))
Hai Nahi Kahin Na Hogi Kabhi(Was never anywhere, nor will be there ever)
Tareef Yeh Bhi To Sach Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi(This praise is just nothing, compared to the whole truth)
Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon(I have found You and I have lost myself)

She was following him looking here and there taking a look of that projection room he turned and asked her hand but this time she made an face and handed him a corner of her dupatta and he also smilingly held it keeping it on his shoulder started moving forwards she laughed out loudly and he took her towards a small staircase which was there and then making her sit there projected some scenes which he was showing attaching his mobile with the projector one of the scene of a garden in which flowers are shedding from trees she looked at it and was laughing like she is laughing from heart today she was looking so happy then a scene of beach he was looking at her happily then one scenario played and looking that she stood up as it was a big moon near the sea and it is looking like the stars itself are on the earth as sea was sparkling beautifully then he came infront of her and showing the moon he kneeling before her acted (on the lines from Bahon me bhari hai jaisey chandani, roop ki chandani) Pragya laughingly shook her head and messing up his hairs she flowed her dupatta over his face and then he also followed her both were acting filmy over that filmy set and he was happy as he proposed her indirectly today never said “I Love You” but did it finally she was moving but stopped looking a mirror in front of her she was able to see her and his image in the mirror her laughter faded off looking that and he thought that something happened which she didn’t like he was about to move but she held his hand without turning back he looked at her she was still looking at the mirror and he also looked in the mirror the song continued
Tum Hue Meherbaan(You have been generous)
To Hai Yeh Dastan (That’s why there is this love story)
Hoo Tum Hue Meherbaan(To Hai Yeh Dastan)
Abb Tumhara Mera Ek Hai Karwaan(Now both Yours and mine paths are the same)
Tum Jahan Mein Wahan(Wherever You’ll go, I’ll be there)
Holding his both hands from the back itself both looking towards mirror she rested her head on his chest and both were facing mirror he smiled and she closed her eyes he rested his head on hers then suddenly he jerked her and tapped her head lightly she glared him with a kiddy anger and he smiling holding her hands and gesturing from eyes said to her

Main Agar Kahoon humsafar Meri(If I say that, Soulmate of mine)
Apsara Ho Tum Ya Koi Pari(You are an angel from heaven or a fairy)
Tareef Yeh Bhi To Sach Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi(This praise is just nothing, compared to the whole truth)

She was laughing hard and said
Basudha while laughing: enough please from where do you get these ideas
Abhi: leave that and tell me whether it was good or not, you liked it or not!
Basu: you are asking me that I liked it!!! I was totally rocking
Abhi: that was for you
Basu didn’t paid attention what he said
Basu: whatever it was it was totally rocking (she realised what he said) wait what!!! It was for me!!! But…
Abhi held her both the hands in his: if you can stand for me then am I not able to do this for you?
Basu: but…

Abhi cuts her off and encircled his arms around her shoulders: Oho how much question answers in a day from the day you started living with your family you have turned into questionnaire every time you have question with you
Basu with a serious tone: you didn’t like them!!!
Abhi making her sit on a bench which was there: it is nothing like that yr why would I hate them there is not even a single reason for that just chill okay by the way this is so sweet na( looking at the view)
Basu: yes it is but what kind of place is this and how did you find it
Abhi keeping her head on his lap: stay like this because story is so long you may get sleep
Basu: hah that was a good excuse to do this Mr
Abhi: thank you madam now listen when we were looking out that room remember one box fell down that time
Basu making herself comfortable: yes that small box I do remember
Abhi caring her hairs: hmm so there was written on it “A WAY TO DREAMLAND” so I felt curious and when I opened the box I found a key in it now question was which lock was having this kind of key so in that thought I started moving here and there in the room and then saw that out house is locked too but the lock was different from others so I came here and when I came here I found a lobby where portrait of your grandma was there I thought nothing is there but it seems that old man was too cleaver (par lagta hai budhau bohot chalu they)

Pragya slapped his hand gently
Abhi: okay sorry I mean he was too cleaver he had made a secret a door and hid it behind that portrait but luckily I found it and then found this projection room here he has made kind of set here and when I examined this whole projection room I found that he made this room to keep his memories alive he made this set as it was the same kind of place where he proposed your grandma and then some more were there I didn’t watched them I thought to watch them with you at our place (slapping her forehead gently) where I will be there and my silly just two
Basu: hmm and where will girls go
Abhi: I think we should leave them with someone else
Basu stood up from there: what!!! Just for your fun you will leave them with someone else!!!
Abhi: Haan we will leave them with their parents and then we will go for outing
Basu: excuse me!!! We are their parents I think so
Abhi: is it so!! I thought we are random person
Basu: tell me one thing
Abhi: yes
Basu: was you fell own or got hit by something on your head
Abhi: why are you asking like that?
Basu with a serious tone: because you are talking like a mad person round and round
Saying this she left from there and Abhi widening his eyes said
Abhi to himself: this lady is always ready to spoil my plans made my romantic mood into comedy one haah and everyone is asking why I didn’t proposed her now tell me how a person will do so when the person in front is always in a comic mood god please provide some seriousness to her she never takes my talks seriously (baja diya mood ka band kabhi meri baat ko serious nahi le sakti ye)

screen freezes on their faces which are happy

Precap: Abhi collapsed every one shocked
okay there are few more episodes before serial wala twist so now think what happend to mr straight forward that he got collapsed and now thank you time

Saranya: thank you so much dear for being a regular reader your story, okay i have read it but just because of time i didnt commented but never take it in a wrng way as i enjoyed it a lot thank you so much once again

Varsha: what to say about you elder sister i always wait for your response and believe me your every comment force me to think that you felt happy or not if not lets try something better so that elder sister can enjoy it well because you are one of those readers who are enjoying story i guess irrespective of the fact who the characters are love you so much sister 🙂 keep reading and keep guiding 😀

Lotus: thank you so much dear and i am so glad that you enjoy every episode of mine thank you so much

Vaishu: no need to be sorry dear i can understand that you are busy with your board exams its okay and i guess pre boards are going on so its okay dear all the best for your exams dear

Myna: Oh bhai lol you will call me bhai i will also do same because it is in my habit to call every one bhai haha thank you so much dear for supporting me but your comments are missing i guess you are too busy but its okay work comes first thank you once again

Prathi: behen what to say but i want to thank you for sure for encouraging me by threats lol haha thank you so much and waiting for lurking the dark eagerly 🙂 😛

Minu: thank you so much for your support dear your regular reading is something which makes me to write more and more thank you somuch

Saranya: thank you so so so much for regular reading dear love your ff too but didnt commented sorry for that dear love you too thank you so much once again

Sweety: sorry dear i didnt found you FB as i was totally confused now you can search me over there my email id is [email protected] okay so thank you so much dear for your support love you dear waiting to talk with you on FB.

CuteVanshu: as your name is having cute in it your ff is also so cute dear i am following its episode from the first episode itself thanks for regular reading dear and your support too love you 🙂

Mukund Raj: i am sorry bro for irritating you more but i was just following the story line but thanks for regular reading 🙂

Somiya: your presence here makes my thoughts more desperate, yeah your every comment is a booster for me it gives me more thoughts for thinking about the story yahi rehna tu jana nahi theek hai na kyuki tu jo hai to mai hoon

Reshma: tujhe thank you bola tu mujhe maar dalegi pakka isliye no thank you okay but your presence is important for me as same as somiya my dear frnd

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    Abhishek’s indirect proposal to Pragya was adorable and when Pragya hand overs her duppata to him instead of her hand ✋ was a super cuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee scene.
    Pragya’s reaction was an awwwwww moment.
    As usual I think that words are really less to describe how beautifully you write, your words have power to make some one smile ? as well as cry .
    Ever emotion seems to be so magnificent and pure.
    Do you have some sought of magnetic powers always keep on attracting me towards your ff.
    Tusi tan super duper hit Ho ji
    Total paisa vasul.
    Love ❤ you loadsssssssssssssss
    Post next part asap

  14. Arey bhen kaise jaa skty hun m kaheen today you have used my all time fav song ??????????????????????????????????? and when their is simplicity in text, ahh I love it! Truly awesome , I just wanna dedicate same song to you and again with the special line: Kisi jaban m bhi wo lafz hee nhi k jin m tum ho kya tum ko bata sakun ??? And Totally it was rocking, i don’t know about my presence but this ff’s presence makes my day! Visualising everything makes me feel soooooooooooooooo great! Today’s epi was bookmark for me ??????????????? and i loved this mysterious mansion ?????????? i want to tell you more but time’s up, i need to go but believe you me today’s episode was ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Hatss offf! Husn e Janna aap ki tareef blkul mumkin nhi h ?

    1. Its not jaban but zaban ?? and there*

  15. Surbhi yr ..hum muaffi chahti hai ..pta nhi kyun tujhe aur anzeela ko aisa lg rha hai ..yr ..naraz kis baat ka hun…jin se mihbbat ki jati hai unn se narzgi kaisi yr …yr ..actually 15 dec ko mera phela paper hai yr..and secondly ..mama ne bola ke jb tk ..acha perform nhi kru gi tb tk no ..internet ..and wo mujh se zra gussa bhi hai..tu bus..mai ab..zra line pai ajao .…apna khyal rkhna lov u ???

  16. SavitaVidya

    now you are romantic…sond sequence is awesoomeeee

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