Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 6)

Chapter-6 ( Clash Of the Sweetness and The Dark Stranger)

Arjun put the presentation in his laptop, and enclosed the product details and design of a very new product in encrypted file folder, he sighed and moved back in his chair thinking about the changes he made.

He got up and paced in the blo*dy small office, the Dehli stay seem to stretch too much, he wanted the liberty to prowl in his own territory, but only a few weeks and he will be out of this clumsy mother f**king place.

His irritated annoyed mood glowered up more, feeling the heat of the day, he moved around and turned to the hazy husky view of the morning, the window was sparkled cleaned and it elongated showing the hubbub of the traffic moving to and fro in the high way.

Though the sounds were muted, they did not penetrate into the glass wall. Arjun’s eyes moved lazily over the road, his hands in the pant pockets, he slid his curious gaze across the world.

The summer sun glared down from over the very clear sky, upon the earth in much hot waves shooting down on the parched earth and the people.

As his gaze moved away from a light purple floss, to the more greener trees, his gaze narrowed straight, his eagle eyes and razor sharp instincts beated out a shoot of array, his flurried gaze swung back desperately and wildly, hunting down for the purple floss again.

His eyes squinted, his hand automatically raised on the glass and attached itself to the smooth surface.

His breathing grew, as his eyes stayed focussed. Sliding up and down. Settling. Staring. Gaze locked on the flowing tresses. Feasting on the toes, legs, thighs, waist, chest, neck, chin, lips, nose, eyes and hair again.

His blood coursed up high. Jumping to life. Flowing all over his veins. Shooting into his eyes. Turning the white into red.

He cursed and let loose a trail of them.

“For f**ks sake.” He muttered, gritting his teeth, he slid his fingers in his hair and pulled at the locks.

What the blo*dy hell is she doing here? He could identify the lilth, luscious, curvy figure anywhere in the world. His hands rememberd it. Feeling them fill out of his fingers. Since then, his distaste grew more fothe skinny. Now he had a different thing in mind.

To possess her soul. To leave imprints on it. To leave his mark all over her peachy skin. To make her his for eternity. Mind, body and soul.

His body started reacting. The f**k! He was turned on by the mere thought of her. How was he going to live with her presence in his house, life and space twenty four seven a day.

The other day, he had ordered to destroy and discard every god damned rose in the office and reception area much to the bewiderment and fear of the staff.

With super human effort which only he could muster up, Arjun sat back in his chair, bringing back his now calm exterior into productivity.

He smoothed out his hair, the phone by his right hand side, made noise of a call. Arjun pushed the button with his long finger.

“Sir, there is….” His secretary’s robotic voice penetrated in the silence.

Arjun cut him short before he could complete the sentence.

“Send her in.” He said the three words serenely.

Arjun ears sharpened on the footsteps sounds walking up the stairs. The soft falls of the moves made him half smile.

Smooth. Soft. Polished.

He had ample experience to remember the numerous walks of women. Each one had a distinct style. The easy. The flawless. The confident. The clumsy. The unsure.

This one had a beauty to it. He turned around in his seat, just as he heard a clear knock at his door.

Polite and reserved, he observed.

“Yes.” He raised his voice.

The door creaked open, and Arjun saw a heeled foot come in, the pale and thin line of smooth shiny skin came into view, then it disappeared into the cover of the skinny jeans.

A whole of a leg and body he craved like there was no tomorrow if he doesn’t have it, came into his feasting view.

The tight jeans encased two defined legs like they were made for her skin. The jeans held her waist hugging it tight and Arjun became instantly jealous of it. The tank top did nothing to his already revealing and undressing gaze. His eyes moved up slowly. Liesurely. In a caress. In a touch. In a whispwr over her body, then finally he settled his gaze on her face.

Her eyes caught his in a stare, and Arjun’s body went super tight as a bow string. His hands clenched on the chair hands and fisted into balls, recognising and connecting instantly with the darkness in her eyes.

His protective instincts roared up. What had put that in her eyes? His mind growled.

But, he didn’t let out the exterior of his break even a little. He remained as cool and aloof.

He waited for her to speak, which was not late in coming.

“Mr. Arjun Raquel Mehra, is it not?” She asked softly yet determinedly through those soft rose petals.

What if he could quench his rising thirst from them, from those luscious lines.

His eyes snapped to hers to take a seat. She hesitated, but sat down on the chair opposite to him.

She looked like a just got in college kid. With a blue wooly coat, a light purple tank top and skinny jeans, with a roughened pair of heels.

Her long black hair let loose over her shoulders in waves. The freshness of her face never seem to baffle him.

“You might have forgotten your way, if you don’t even know the person and the face, as go about looking for the said so name.” He lazily asked.

She frowned at the bizzare question, her eyebrows drew together. Yes, a naive. Great, fate had looped him with this chit of a woman and she had least experience with the ways of the world.

“I…I you might not know me as….”She gulped hard and tried to speak.

“I very well know you, Ms.Radhika Mishra. I wouldn’t be such a fool to not know the woman I’m marrying.” He replied, his tone all curious.

Seems like he surprised her as her mouth half slid open, the even, white, rows of teeth peaked out of the rose petals. The moist on her now glistening lips tingled his in return, shooting down arrows of desire into his body.

What f**ked up shit is this? He shook his mind annoyed with the haze of blurr it created.

“Well, I don’t think I’m interested in getting married to you.” Now, a firm tone, snapped his thoughts, as his eyes flashed to her pale brown eyes.

It sizzled with the clash of a challenge he was seeing in her eyes. Her lips thinned out now. Her chin jerked up determined. Her eyebrows a clear defined decision in manner.

His eyes gleamed over her face now in laughing.

Amusing sweetness. He couldn’t jest now with hers this pure innocence.

But when his eyes leisured down, his gaze froze in on at her hands. His jaw clenched. Five deep indention marks marred the beautifully pristine skin. The marks were on both of her wrist.

His anger rose pitch high as his body propelled forwards, which made her already rounded eyes more huge.

He caught hold of her hands in the more firm tighter hold of his hands.

“What the f**k happened?” He glowered, his fingers, sliding over the wounds.

His calm exterior disintergated into pieces in the thin air of his temper.

She jumped and jerked and pulled at her hands. But she tried vainly, as he held her more firmer now.

His eyes grabbed her rounded ones. His face very close to hers. Her face blank for a while with unsurity. Then, she scowled and Arjun felt the need to chuckle at her cute scrunching up of her now red nose.

She managed to free herself, her chest heaved up and down with the exertion.

“That’s none of your concern.” She replied in a crisp tone, her manner prim and proper.

And, Arjun thought to ruffle her up from top to toes, remove the proper from around her in layers as he could explore her creamy naked skin.

To make her frantic. Pulsing. Crazy for him. He took a deep breath in, and focussed on her mouth, she seemed to be saying something. Focus, he told himself.

“I’m not going to be get married to you. I’m not going to be a business transaction between you and my father. That is never going to happen. I’m never going to let it hahappen.” She said fiercely, her eyes flashing.

Arjun’s body went rigid. Pure burning anger rose up tenfold. His nostrils flared. His jaw clenched jaw chrushing tight as it ticked bt the second. All this while he stayed patient and calm. Let her burst out, but something in him snapped when he heard the disdain in her voice when she said ‘I’m never going to get married to you’.

The disgust filled in the words rubbed him wrong. All over him and his skin. She didn’t know the danger of waking a sleeping tiger.

She wants to make him feel dirty. Alright then, she will get the dirty.

Arjun rose up from his chair, his body straightened, as his gaze narrowed in anger. Directed solely at her now uneasy fleeting eyes.

He walked around the table, his hand grabbed her hair from the back of head and gripped tight, pulling her face only an inch from his. His other hand grabbed the lush of her waist tight.

His eyes blazed into her now scared ones.

“Your father sold you to me for forty million.” He growled low, her eyes widened and stared surprised at him. Her lips gasped a breath on his.

His heated eyes strayed down to her lips.

His breath mixed with hers, taking in hers into his lungs through his lips from inside her lips.

“For forty million, you’re my possession. Mine to do anything of whatever I want. From now on, you move, you talk, you walk, you smile, you laugh an even breath according to when and where I tell you to.” He went on brutally, uncaring of the tears forming in her eyes, uncaring his hold on her hair.

“For forty million I bought you from your father.” He whisper hissed on her lips.

His gaze now taking in the hurt. Taking in the tears. Taking in the hitched pained breath. Taking in the wounded features. He let it slid by him and it cut through his soul seeing all this and being the one for giving her all this.

Then the extreme hurt rearranged and changed into a resolve. Amazing. Her eyes turned cold, as her upturned face lost its expression. Spectacularly leeching out emotion and as astounding as it was Arjun was looking down at himself. A whole lot of himself glimmered in her face. It connected her deep into his soul. Merging their halves into one, Arjun felt it stutter his heart to a stop if not for the words hissed out by her luscious mouth, he would have already been reeling back in shock.

“I hate you.” She hissed, through blurring tears.

Arjun smiled a dark unseeing one, as his hand at her waist slid and touch her cheeks, wiping out the drop tear, a pearl, hanging by her eyelash in the corner of her eye.

His touch cool on her round heated cheek.

He leaned in more, almost touching her lips, his body warmly plastered to her soft one. He could feel her desire raking heat travel onto his skin and into his blood flow of the veins.

“You’ll have something else to say, by the time I’m done with you.” He whispered, his voice turning a deeper husky, he was on the verge losing control, in taking her right here in this closed space office, right on that table.

It was an enticing thought, as his body and mind worked to get on with it fast.

He closed his eyes tight and pushed away from her, his back to her, his both hands held on to the table as if his very life dependent on it.

“Get out of my office this instant.” He bit out.

He waited still bristling, an itch in his body never going away now. He waited again. By the seconds and minutes.

She didn’t go away. He could feel her. The sanity of a man is sourly tested now.

“f**king, get out of my office, before I throw you out myself.” His voice notched up high.

He heard her jump at his brusque tone. The door vibrated a thud. Thank heavens. He shook his head and straightened up.

He walked towards his chair and slid onto to it.

He lifted the phone.

“Cancel my next meeting.” He clipped.

He slid back into his chair scowling. He couldn’t possibly go into this meeting this affected now.

blo*dy hell, how did he think she was meek?

She was fiery minx who hovoked his life in just about ten minutes of her presence in his office.

God damned roses again. Women and theirs scents, Arjuj shook his head, but this one seems to have a different one. Her own personalised brand of scent, which made him heady and crazy with incredible craving raking deep from inside his body.

His hungry soul wanted to touch and embrace her innocence, he seem to think he did not just want her bodily. He wanted to know every thought moving in that pretty head. He wanted to know everything that bought a smile, laugh, frown, tears, joy and everything that is her, he wanted explore.

Arjun’s jaw set hard. That’s the danger of him getting close to her. Physical cravings can be satisfied but the emotional ones is not what he wanted to connect with hers.

It would destroy him. She would destroy him. Just like his father he would perish away too into nothingness with the useless foolish emotions.

No. It’s not him.

Radhika Mishra, you will never be my vulnerabilty. Ever. You’ll never be anything to me other than a namesake wife……


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