HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI – Does this story has happily ever after? (24 Sept 2015)


She continued,” I ran fast to reach house as soon as possible. As I entered the hall, pooja was already started and akka was sitting down.
Her hand were folded and eyes were closed. I imagined that I’m dead today.
She slowly opened her eyes and gave an angry look at me. The priest completed pooja rituals and seeked to take blessings from God.”

He told, ” Pooja is completed my child! Both take blessings”.We took blessings and Priest left our house.
Akka turned towards me with a jerk and questioned, ” Meera! Where were you? Do you understand my language? If I say pooja is at 8am means it’s 8am. Everytime time you are late for one or other thing. You have turned irresponsible just because of me. I made you dependent by making everything easy for you. You are 20 now, and life is not easy as you assume. What will you do after my death?”
I back answered her,” Akka don’t say such inauspicious words. I can’t listen such things.”
She continued,” You can’t listen truth right? Even I thought our mother will be with us. But today we are performing her death anniversary. Tommrow even I won’t be there to support you. Then what about your future?”
I coulndn’t say anything. I was only left with tears rolling down my cheek.
She further continued,” Oh no I hate tears! Stop crying now, I hate seeing women in tears. This tears shows that we are weak. And I don’t want my sister to be weak. Now go and get ready for college.”
I ran towards my room and still couldnt control my tears. I felt Akka was very harsh towards me. I know my mistake but the way she conveyed to me was totally wrong. I also felt that she doesnt love me any more. I just a responsiblity given to her by my mother.
Then I had to go to college. With handful of issues, I had one more in my college. A group of boys were teasing me couple of weeks.
Due to them I was really scared to go college.”

Camera man interrupted,” Why didnt you inform your sister?”
Meera replied,”Yes, I could have informed her. And this issue would have solved very fast. Akka will come to college and will surely beat them black and blue. I didnt want this violence. This anger, aggression and violence were main reasons to lose my sister. I literally hate hitting and beating any person.”
I got ready and reached my college. Suddenly someone kept their hands on my both eyes. I got terrified. Then a voice spoke,” Hey, It’s me Meera”. I felt relieved listening to that voice. She was my close friend Priya. I turned towards her and scolded,” Are you out of mind? How many times I told you not do this? You and that boys do same thing to me. See I even started to sweat.”
My friend spoke, Hey! calm down dear, Why are you scared for such a small thing? Inspite of so many girls in college, that boys irritate only you. Do you know the reason?”
I was curious to know the reason. Seeing my expression she continued, ” FEAR! It’s your fear! You are scared what will happen? What they may do to you? This fear of yours is the pleasure for such people. Please come out of this Meera. Fine bye, see you in class.”

I slowly entered the college. I could see that boys were sitting in the corridor. I started to walk slowly and tired to escape from their sight.

PRECAP: Two boys catching Meera’s both hands. A third boy is coming close to her and pulling her shawl.
Sorry for not update yesterday’s chapter. There was a power cut at my locality.
This is HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI- Does this story has happily ever after?
Guess yourself. Please read and comment.

Credit to: Royal Queen

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  1. I hope this story has a happy ending

  2. Hey queen finally posted the story! Awsome and breathtaking command is seen in your english. sorry I could nt comment last updates. lovely love story!
    please update next one too.

  3. 1 point is for sure they 4 characters meera, gautham, anay and agni.
    2 couples r 4 sure. but who?
    anayways i just fell in luv with ur narration. lyk @annie evn i wish 4 happy ending

  4. Ii just hope that it will have a happy ending

  5. im eagerly waiting 4 hero’s intro yaar. wow very interesting…. continue

  6. Me too hoping for a Good ending yaar..pls don’t make the couples separate and marrying their sisters lovers..if u do like this then no difference between u and tv serial’s yaar…(Don’t take me wrong I just said my view) if it hurts u then I am Sorry yaar..Good going..Waiting for next part…
    And in which serial u r updating this story..pls reply I want to know..thank u by ur fan…? ?

    1. Hey muskaan nice to knw tat u like my story. I update this story in fan fiction column. I promise tat my story wil b diff frm others k. keep reading

  7. Hey nice one please update next episode also i just loved it……

  8. i like agni words………… i love your story 🙂

  9. Thank u guys for having patience 2 read my update. ur appreciation means a lot 2 me.

  10. Nw I undrstnd y Agni has such name. Agni means fire very true she is such a fire
    evn her words very hoot. awsom write queen

  11. Hey good going Queen dat u started a very different story. Lyk da characters.

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