Story After 6 Years #RIANSH #IMMJ2 – Episode 22

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The episode starts with…

Next morning at Riddhima’s house:

Riddhima goes to out to get vegetables and returns to find both her kids painting the living room wall. Shocked that the kids could something like this.


Listening to her scream Siya, dadi and Vansh come out into the hall.

Shiana: Mumma we are painting.

Riddhima: But why?

Shovan: Well there was extra paint left in the house, so we thought to do new colour.

Riddhima: Oh god look at your hands and whole floor is covered in paint.

Shaina: But mumma look it we made it so pretty.

Riddhima: No! and who gives you guys such ideas. Listen I am getting annoyed. Go! Wash your hands now!

The kids run into the bathroom and while Sejal enters the scene.

Sejal: Riddhima what happened here it looks a tornado hit you’re your house with paint bottles.

Riddhima (sarcastic): What do you think who can do this?

Sejal: Oh god your kids are just like you. You were also a naughty kid.

Riddhima: Shut up Sejal! I was not this naughty. And where is this Pragati I had given her the responsibility to look after these two devils. If she was doing her job, then all this wouldn’t have happened.

They both go looking for Pragati in the house while the three Raisinghanias were utterly amused at what they witnessed. They knew the kids were naughty, but this was another level. They had no idea they were mischievous with their mother too.

Siya: Wow these kids so troublesome.

Vansh: I think we should go help them find Pragati.

They all also go following Riddhima and Sejal into Pragati’s room.

As they all entered, they saw Pragati standing on her bed in front of the noose and lasso tied to the fan. Riddhima ran to stop her from hanging herself.

Riddhima: Pragati what happened? Please tell me I can help you. There is nothing so big in life that you have to take this step. Think of your mum who is living just for you in Delhi.

Pragati: No! I don’t want to live (starts wailing and resisting Riddhima who is trying to get her off the bed.)

Before Vansh could help her, the kids come running into the room.

Shovan: Pragati didi what are you doing?

Shaina: Are you okay didi?

Riddhima: Kids please go from here this is not the place to be right now (she gets off the bed and starts ushering the kids out of the room).

Kids to each other: I think she is acting.

Pragati (perky and smiling): How was my acting?

Riddhima (shocked): Really? This was acting you know Pragati there are young children in this house you can’t behave like this they can imitate this.

Shaina: Don’t worry mumma we not stupid like Pragati didi.

Shovan: Don’t worry mumma we won’t imitate her.

Pragati (to Riddhima): See Riddhima di they won’t imitate me.

Riddhima: Oh god where am I stuck. You three will drive me crazy one day. I mean I can’t have one morning with peace. Every single day you guys have some antics up your sleeves. Go get ready all three of you. Pragati you for your new job and you two put on your school uniforms.

Vansh, Dadi, Siya and Sejal just passed each other a look and felt sympathetic for Riddhima.

Siya: I don’t know how to react? Like should I be amused at how funny this is or be sad for Riddhima Bhabhi.

Vansh: I am just amazed at how these kids can get on our nerves. I am going to have to get used to this. Once I pacify Riddhima to come back to VR mansion.

Dadi and Siya who sympathised with him just touched his shoulder in support while Sejal just gave him a confused look.

Back into the hall where Riddhima was still busy ranting about the incidents that took place 15 mins ago and also cleaning the floor. She goes to check the fridge for breakfast items but finds it empty.

Riddhima: Pragati what is this? I told you go grocery shopping there is absolutely nothing for me to cook breakfast.

Pragati: Oh, sorry I forgot.

Riddhima: Of course, you did, in this household its only me who has to worry about everything. You don’t do anything okay (slaps Pragati on her head lightly). Well we don’t have time now, so I’ll feed you guys on your way to school.

Vansh: I can come along.

Riddhima: No need, I can take my children to school. Have been doing this for the last six years. And Dadi I will come back and cook breakfast for everyone, I’ll bring grocery on my way back.

Dadi: It’s okay beta take your time.

Riddhima drops the kids off and brings the grocery, cooks’ breakfast and lunch for everyone and then left for hospital. Vansh tried to talk to her but all his efforts were futile.

Vansh: Dadi I don’t how to talk to her. I tried everything, I followed her around but no growth.

Dadi: Don’t worry beta it’s only been one day. She will eventually calm down.

Siya: Yes, bhaiya she has six years of pain in her heart it will take time.

Vansh: I know what to do. I am going to her hospital; I think I if I am around her, I’ll be able to get more time to conciliate.

City hospital:

Vansh arrives at the hospital and finds Riddhima at the reception. Approaches her and flashes her an ear to ear smile and acts all lovey dovey with her.

Riddhima (quietly): Vansh you are embarrassing me and what is wrong with you since when you started acting so casual.

Vansh: So, you remember what my habits.

Riddhima: Yes, because when some who is classy acts crass all of a sudden then you do notice it Vansh! (she goes away).

Vansh (on the phone): Angrey can you please send roses to city hospital.

Angrey: But boss why in the hospital?

Vansh: I can’t help it she doesn’t talk to me so I am trying everything I can. I had to follow her to the hospital. Hence the flowers here.

Angrey (laughing): Boss you have become a Romeo.

Vansh: Please Angrey you have no idea how much I am struggling to talk with her. Just send the roses.

Angrey: Okay boss.

When the roses arrive Vansh gifts them to Riddhima. But she refuses to accept them. Following which Vansh starts going behind her everywhere in the hospital with the flowers. As they reach the general ward Janvi who is already present there is pleasantly surprised to see Vansh there and more taken back to see him with roses in his hand following Riddhima like a lovesick puppy.

Janvi: Bhai what are you doing here?

Vansh (eyeing Riddhima): Well your Bhabhi! Janvi is not willing to forgive me so I decided to take as many chances as I can. Since someone won’t forgive me.

Janvi(lauging): Oh god you two are adorable. You know what I am going to leave you guys alone (winks at Vansh and leaves from there).

Riddhima: Vansh! What are you doing? God! What must Janvi be thinking of us. Have you completely lost your mind?

Vansh just smiles meekly and shrugs his shoulders.

Vansh: Now will you please accept these.

Riddhima (gritting her teeth): okay fine! (takes them with her).

Vishal comes to visit Riddhima at the hospital and goes to the general ward as he was directed by the staff.

Vishal: Hi Vansh do you know where Riddhima is? I came looking for her, but she isn’t here now.

Vansh (jealous): What work do you have with her?

Vishal (unaware of their relationship): Well she is my friend I don’t think I need your permission to meet her.

Vansh (holding his collar): Don’t use that tone with me.

Riddhima: Vansh! Leave him right now.

Vishal (after Vansh lets go off his collar): Riddhima you are here?

Riddhima: Yeah, I forgot my file here came back to take it. Vansh how dare you fight with Vishal, that too in my hospital.

Vansh: But Riddhima you should have heard his tone he was rude to me and you know me I lost my temper.

Riddhima: Well that is no excuse you treat him this way. (whispering in Vansh’s ear) you are a mafia he is not so stop acting like a rogue and don’t go all gangster on him. He is a simple businessman unlike you.

Vansh (whispering back): Well you preferred the mafia better than the simpleton. Let me remind you that you fell for me and forgot all about Kabir. And you were the best thing that happened to me.

Riddhmia: Shut up Vansh! Vishal lets go to my cabin, there is a lot of disturbance here.

They both leave while Vansh eyes them burning in jealously and rage.

Precap: Tanya jealous seeing Vansh and Riddhima together with the kids. Riddhima and Vishal meet at a restaurant while Vansh follows them. Riddhima confronts Vansh about the restaurant, Vansh and Riddhima lip lock while fighting. Vansh comes to café for a business meeting and sees Vishal with Ayesha. Vansh calls Riddhima to the café.

This is it for today guys! Hope you like it. I will aim to keep the story interesting and hopefully this new plot doesn’t bore you guys.

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