Story 9 Months Ki 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarangdhar’s mothers sends him to fulfill his dream

Story 9 Months Ki 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brij Mohan telling his wife that if he has to choose between his son and the business then he will choose his business. He says if he don’t return then I will get him beaten up for 17 lakhs theft. She says how can you say that? And then calls Sarangdhar asking him to come to temple, if he wants answer for his question. Sarangdhar says ok, I will come. Alia is in her house and tries to meditate. Maid Sunita comes there and starts talking. Alia asks if she makes so much sound at home too. She says yes, my kids send me out when their online class begin. She says she will return her laptop when kids online classes ends. Alia says let it be with the children, it will help them, I don’t need it. Sunita picks a call and asks who are you Nandini Sharma? Alia hears the name and gets up to take the call, asks Nandini, her mother not to call again. She asks Sunita not to pick her call again. Sarangdhar’s mother waits for him. He comes to her. She says your father threatened to get your feet broken if you don’t return home. Sarangdhar asks if she came to take him and says he will not return home. His mom takes him inside the temple while he refuses to go inside. Sarangdhar asks why is she not following the queue and asks if that is because that you are Brij Mohan’s wife. Pandit ji says that’s because she is my sister. He does the aarti and puja, and gives something to his mother, tells about the 6th beggar. Sarangdhar’s mother goes to the beggar and gives him something and takes something from him. Sarangdhar asks what is happening like in films. He says Alia Shroff said right about living life and fulfilling the dreams. Alia is shown, she talks to her employees and then looks at the baby toy ring and admires it. Employee says we need that to plan someone’s baby shower. Alia gives the toy back to her.

Sarangdhar’s mother takes him to theatre and asks what we can do in theatre. She talks a guy there and says Lalla came with me, asks for cold drink too. Sarangdhar asks how do you know him? He is surprised to see his mother watching a movie while having popcorn. His Amma tells that she comes to the theatre every Friday from the temple and watches first day and first show. She tells that she bears his babu ji by enjoying movie here every Friday. She says you don’t have to live life like me and that’s why I have decided that you have to elope from here. Sarangdhar feels good and says now I can go, but will take all your worries with me. She asks him not to worry about her, as she has learnt to bear him. She says she will miss him, but will remember that he went to fulfill his dream. She says nothing is much to her than his happiness. Sarangdhar asks how I will stay without you Maa. She says she will slap him now. The guy sitting on a back seat asks them to go home and talk. They get up and go from there. Sarangdhar cries and says I don’t know how to stay without you. She says if you become something then your Amma and Mathura might get better too. She gives him money, but he refuses to start his life with his father’s money. His friends come there and give him money. Raju brings his books and gives to Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar hugs them and asks Raju not to leave his studies. Raju says ok. Sarangdhar says ok, I will leave.

His mother says I have forgotten to say, go and live your life. His hugs her. Dr. Rabia calls Alia to go home and don’t wrap the gifts as baby window is closed. Alia says baby has to wait, as Veer went to Dubai. Dr. Rabia says baby window will open next month. Sarangdhar comes to the station and asks for the train. The guy says one training is leaving. Dr. Rabia tells that the baby chooses his place and parents. Alia hopes baby chooses her soon. Sarangdhar runs to catch the running train. A lady takes out her hand and helps him catch the train. Saranghar smiles.

Precap: Sarangdhar comes to Mumbai. Alia helps a girl cross the road. Sarangdhar picks something from the road and gives to the girl. He also holds the girl’s other hand. Alia turns to go. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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