Indiawaali Maa 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheenu disappointed with Rohan

Indiawaali Maa 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Cheenu saying if clients like your design, then you will become a permanent employee from an intern. Kirti says it clients don’t like it, then you will be gone after this last project. Akshay gets client’s call. He says you would have got the designs, its not the final one. The client says its wonderful, the concept is unique, its approved from my side. Cheenu says clients like it. Kaku gets glad. Cheenu asks will Kaku get permanent. Akshay asks did I say it, you have discussed it, she has to leave from here. Kaku goes out and cries. He says I m the boss here. Cheenu says right, you are the boss, but Kaku is my intern, I m her boss, I don’t want to ask the HR, she is a hardworking employee, we got the profits for this company because of her, she got us two contracts, its not good to be unfair with her, get another termination letter typed.

Kaku packs her bags. Cheenu comes and says there is a lot of work left, Akshay has called the HR, your job is permanent here. Kaku happily cries. Akshay says uncle, Cheenu doesn’t want Kaku to leave the job, I had to make her a permanent employee. Murthy gets angry. Kaku comes home and says Rohan, my job got permanent. Rohan says congrats, I will take you out. She says I m feeling so happy hearing you, you have changed a lot, you will get Cheenu back as well. Rohan smiles. Cheenu gets a money transfer message. She calls Murthy and says I don’t need your money. He asks what are you saying, I didn’t send any money, send your bank accounts, I will find out. She says okay. He smiles. Rohan and Kaku have a good time. She says I wish Hasmukh and Cheenu were with us, but its fine, I had seen Cheenu upset, she was thinking of the baby, everything will be fine now. Rohan also get sad. She says nothing is too spoiled.

Murthy, Akshay and Cheenu come there. Kaku gets shocked seeing them at the door. Murthy says you had put black money in Cheenu’s account to put her into trouble. Kaku and Rohan are shocked. Murthy accuses Rohan. She says Rohan didn’t do anything, what’s happening. Cheenu says he has credited 25 lakhs in my account. Akshay says you have done this. Rohan says I didn’t do anything. Cheenu says just you knew about this account. Murthy says we got to know that you did this by using some agent. Kaku says no. Murthy says he did this to put the stolen money in my daughter’s account. Rohan says just don’t anger me. Murthy scolds him a lot and counts his mistakes. Kaku says there is something wrong, he didn’t do it. Murthy says you have taught this criminal work to Rohan. Rohan says don’t get my parents in between. Murthy says your mum and dad are already in between, they taught you to trap a rich family girl. Rohan pushes Murthy away.

Akshay holds Murthy. Cheenu asks are you okay, Appa. Kaku holds her head. Cheenu asks how dare you push my dad. Rohan says he has no right to say anything about my dad. Murthy scolds him. He says you used to fight me for this guy, he had planned to frame you, thank God that Akshay came on right time. Kaku says enough, whom are you calling a thief, Rohan made mistakes before, don’t dare to accuse him wrong. Cheenu says your mum can’t see anything wrong about you. She asks Kaku to support the truth. Murthy says you always do good to Kaku, you didn’t accept Akshay as a life partner, its your innocence, they are using it, till you don’t move on, they will try to trap you, you always ask me for time, Rohan will always be a thief, accept Akshay, say yes to him.

Kaku says Cheenu…. Murthy says for our sake. Kaku says Cheenu, look at Rohan. Cheenu cries seeing Rohan. She gives the papers to Rohan. She warns him. She goes with her family. Cheenu comes home and goes to her room. Murthy asks are you okay…. He thanks Akshay. He says your help made it possible. Akshay says we had to do something to get matter in hand, I should have done this before, the credit goes to you. Murthy says I had planned to make Rohan out of this game, everything is fair in love and war, why are you so serious now, that agent got money, he won’t say the truth. Akshay says no, Cheenu didn’t say yes for the engagement. Kaku sits crying. Rohan also cries. He asks her not to lose hope. He consoles her. She says this isn’t right. He asks her to sleep and take rest. He makes her sleep. He goes. She cries and gets up.

Murthy asks Cheenu what did you decide. Kaku comes and says don’t say yes to them, Rohan has changed. Cheenu says I m ready to get engaged to Akshay.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now i believe, this Chinu never loves Rohan wholeheartedly else she wouldnt blames him. She should looking to Rohan condition or simply looking into his eyes then she would knows the truth. But alas, her ego is getting bigger day by day.

  2. At this point cheenu deserves her family. I use to think she has brains but she is letting her anger and ego make decisions and she is trusting the same family that has broken her trust over and over. I am glad that Rohan is changing and is going to focus on his career. He needs to stop running after cheenu and let her be. Cheenu didn’t say a word when murthy said all that disgusting stuff about Rohan and his family but she wants Rohan to keep quiet and listen to BS about his own family. Heights of hypocrisy. Cheenu knows Kaku and Rohan inside out and knows that neither of them are cheaters or play games like this and yet she chooses to blindly believe what her father said instead of using her own brains and investigating it. Now she is throwing it in Kaku’s face by getting engaged and that just shows her stupidity and ego. I agree that Rohan has a lot of flaws and has hurt Kaku and cheenu many times but he doesn’t let his ego rule his head. I hope Rohan and Kaku value their self-respect and focus on their careers. Let cheenu be with her disgusting family and that akshay who just proved that he is not even a good friend.

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