Story 9 Months Ki 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Alia decides not to tell Sarangdhar about the baby

Story 9 Months Ki 21st January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alia and Sarangdhar are sitting on the dinner table on opposite sides. Alia thinks she can’t believe that Sarangdhar is the donor of my baby and thinks to accept it and take the charge. Sarangdhar asks Alia ji, you want to say something. Alia thinks of Rabia’s words and asks him to hear carefully what she is about to say. Sarangdhar says I have my concentration on you since 15 mins. His phone rings…Sarangdhar says it is ringing again, if it is phone or baby. Alia looks on. He says it is my mother’s call and I shall pick it. He picks Kamleshwari’s call. Kamleshwari asks why you are not picking the call. Sarangdhar says I am here only. She says you will understand when you become a mother. Sarangdhar says how can I become a mother. Alia goes to her room and relax. Kamleshwari says your bapu is talking about taking the family forward, for that he needs a baby. Sarangdhar says baby? Alia says baby. Kamleshwari says your father has gone mad and wants baby. Sarangdhar gets upset. Alia says I will not give my baby for taking the legacy forward. Kamleshwari asks Sarangdhar to relax and ends the call. He drinks water and sees Alia standing on her room door. He asks what she was saying and asks her to tell. Alia says you are a good writer. Sarangdhar asks did you call me inside for this. Alia says yes, I am tired. Sarangdhar says ok, I will leave. He apologizes to her for making her meet her Mom. He says that he himself can understand if the parents are not upto their expectation. He tells about Brij Mohan and tells that he had given me pain and troubles. He says he was so sad when he came here, that he promised his bapu that he will never have his own child. He says he will be the last child of his family and apologizes to her for telling her his story.

The girl who pretended to be Rahul’s sister infront of Sarangdhar, blackmails him asking him to give 2 lakhs rs to her, else she will tell Sarangdhar. Rahul gets shocked.

Nandini asks Kavya about Alia and asks where is Sarangdhar. Kavya says she didn’t know and tells that they have nothing between them. Nandini asks who is the girl? Kavya says you will know soon. Sarangdhar comes there and tells Nandini that though Alia is in pain, but she will be fine soon. Kavya asks him to have apple pie. Nandini says Alia likes sweets in happiness, sorrow or when in anger. Sarangdhar says the same. Kavya feels left out.

Sarangdhar talks to Kamleshwari and tells that he is making kheer for Alia ji. Kamleshwari asks why for her? she is jeene nahi dungi type. Sarangdhar says she is somewhat strict. Kamleshwari asks why is he making kheer for her. Sarangdhar hesitantly says that she is pregnant.

Alia thinks when Sarangdhar don’t want to be a father, then she shall not tell him. She thinks I know that he was cheated, but even I was cheated. She thinks when you don’t want baby then why shall I tell you. She thinks this is right for my baby, this baby is just mine. She says just mine..Sunita says yes didi, 100 percent. Alia says correct and gives chocolate to Sunita and hugs her. She says sorry for yesterday and says sometimes I….Sunita thanks her and asks how is she feeling now? Alia says fine. Sunita says your baby will be sweet like this chocolate. Sarangdhar asks Kamleshwari not to tell anyone. Kamleshwari says this is not your baby, so why will I tell in Mathura. Sarangdhar says I am not allowed to tell anyone. Kamleshwari asks him to make kheer fast and says your bapu might be coming. She instructs him to make kheer. Sarangdhar makes kheer and shows to Kamleshwari on video call. Kamleshwari asks him to congratulate Alia and the baby’s father. Sarangdhar says ok. He thinks Alia ji will be happy, but how will I tell Baby’s father. He thinks Veer can’t be the father.

Alia comes to meet Rabia and apologizes to her. She says she just wanted to be alone. Rabia says I am happy as you are fine. Alia says I am happy as he don’t want the baby, so I don’t need to inform him. Rabia says anything can happen if he comes to know. Alia says this is my baby. Rabia says we have to get his signature on donor form, so that he don’t claim rights on the baby. She says I am with you, take his signatures and become tension free. She says I have sent papers to your home and asks her to take it, if not sent. She calls Nurse and asks about Alia’s papers. Nurse says it is sent to office. Alia says office, if someone sees it.

Courier guy gives the courier to the reception. Scarlet calls Chote lal and asks him to do entry of the mails. Chote lal says ok and goes to kitchen, asks Sarangdhar to do his work. Sarangdhar agrees and takes the papers in his hand. The papers fall from his hands. Sarangdhar picks the papers and is about to read it, when Alia snatches papers from his hands and asks if he can’t see that her name is written on the envelope. Sarangdhar says it fell by mistake.

Rahul comes to the office. Everyone asks if he is fine? Rahul says I have a meeting with Alia and goes. Alia asks why did you do this? Rahul says I know that I couldn’t do your work and gives his resignation and returns her cheque. She returns the cheque and says she don’t want his favors to be on her baby. She says she will take his resignation and tells that she don’t trust him anymore. Rahul says sorry. She asks how did you think of this? Sarangdhar is very good guy and shows his GK report, says he is smart. He shows the medical report and says he is very fit. He is a footballer too in his village and we have seen his talent and he is the best writer of our company. Alia reads and thinks atleast his IQ and health is fine. Rahul says he is good, more good than Rishi. Alia says it will be my decision, who will be the donor and tells that due to him, she is also lying to him and is afraid that he can claim on the baby. She says she wants his sign on the contract. Rahul asks for the chance and says he will get his sign as he lied to him about his sister and made him do donation. He says he can get his sign. Alia says ok, you have just 24 hours to get his sign on the papers. Rahul says ok. They hear Sarangdhar laughing.

Precap: Sarangdhar tells Rahul that he came to know about Mira’s truth and asks whose donor he has become? Rahul says Alia’s baby donor. Sarangdhar is shocked and tells her that even he has contributed for the 9 months journey. Alia says this baby is just mine. Sarandhar asks did you know that I am the donor. Alia looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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