Storm in my Heart (ep 06)

Episode begins with Bhalla family in hospital.Raman looks at the baby.He takes the baby to his hands.
Ram-Mihir here is our princess.
They all looks at baby.Mrs Bhalla gets teary eyed seeing Raman’s happiness.
Simmi-Oh,Param is calling.
With that she goes out.
Mr Bhalla-Shagun puttar you gave our family a great happiness.This necklace is a small gift for you.Raman selected it.
Sha-oh!Thank you all.It is so beatiful Raman.
Ram-did you see that,she has a birthmark on her face just like yours..

Next Ishita in theatre.Doctor comes out.
Mrs iyyer-Doctor,how is our daughter.
Doc-Who is the husband of the patient?
Subbu-I am her husband?Doctor please tell me is Ishita okay?
Doc-I am sorry mr Subbu.Your baby died.
Sub-what?No!that can’t be happen.No..mamma my child.
Subbu’s mom consoles him”This all happened because of Ishita.She should have listen to you.”

Mr & Mrs Iyyer enter the room where Ishita lie unconsious.Ishita slowly opens her eyes.She gets shock when she saw her parents cry..

To be continue..

  1. superb episode dr

  2. Superb epi

  3. sad update poor ishita

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