THE DEVIL (RAGSAN FF) CH-14 final chapter

“Shesh” a lady walked inside a room. “You are still sleeping baby” she walked up to the bed and caressed the boys hair. “Mumma please na some more time” said he covering his face with the pillow.

“See beta it is already late. You know how punctual is your dad” she shook him. He sat up annoyed. “That’s not fair. You always do this. He is not in town” he rubbed his eyes. “What can I do only your dad’s name can wake you Kumbhkaran kahika” she slightly hit on his head.

“Now get going. I have other works than running behind you” said she and walked from there. He walked to the washroom uninterested.

“Mumma” he hugged her and she smiled jerking when she was working in the kitchen. “see I go my MBA degree. Why didn’t you come for the graduation day” he pouted looking at her.

“Aww mela sheshu. Shorry” said she and he smiled at her and hugged her and she caressed his hair blessing him.

“Who is she?” she walked inside Shesh’s room when he was busy admiring Ragini’s photo on his laptop. He jerked and closed the laptop immediately.

“No one mom” said he smiling nervously at her. “Oh now my son is hiding things from me” she sat beside him on his bed. He turned and got and hugged her. “Angel” said he. “Angel sachi” said she. “Haa you know when I met her for the first time she was wearing the angel dress and like angel when I was so thirsty she gave me water to drink” he smiled remembering their first meet.

“Haaye my son is in love” said she smiling. “Shhh mumma. If dad heard na I’m finished. First of all he is angry that I lost a deal and if he came to know all this he will surely kill me” he said horrified.

“Shesh stop trying to be your dad’s shadow. This might snatch everything from you” she caressed his hair. “I can’t mumma. Everyone dreams about becoming something in their life. But from the time I gained I had dreamed only about being like my dad. I want to be as successful as he is. I want to be his shadow. I want to grow bigger than him” said he.

*****Flashback ends******

The alarm his dream which was the reflection of his past. He wiped his face and walked to the washroom to get freshen up.

He walked to her room and opened it. He felt strange. But avoided his thoughts and walked inside the room. Raman passed the room. Shesh stopped and looked out. Raman walked swiftly and hid behind the other wall and got saved from Shesh’s eye sight. Shesh nodded his head and walked inside.

He sat on the chair in front of her and admired her cute face.

“Do you realizing you are losing everything behind her” a voice spoke. “I don’t care” he said without a slight tension on his face. “But I do” the voice spoke.

“Then back off I don’t need you anymore” said he and banged the phone which scattered into pieces.

Ragini woke up and found Shesh staring her. She sat up and he walked to her and sat beside her. “Love is sometimes strange angel” he caressed her hair. “Though I know you will destroy me I can’t keep myself away from you. I want to get destroyed by you” he held hair and bent her head back ward.

“Shesh” she cried in pain. “Oh I’m so sorry angel. I’m really sorry” he apologized leaving her hair.

“Shesh please let me go for my kid’s sake. Where is Sanskar? Tell me” she sobbed. He held the pillow behind her and squeezed it to the death.

“You know I’m so mad about you?” he asked her holding her hands. She shivered for his touch. “My mumma used to say when a person brings the good out of a devil there is no one else who can solace to that devil” he kissed her hands.

“You are the purpose I live my life. If I let you go how will I breath” he said looking into her eyes. “Shesh please” she looked at him painfully.

“I’m selfish angel. Too much selfish. I want to live my life and only with you” he said dragging her close to himself still looking her hands.

“And if I have to die I want to die with you. I can’t see you with anyone else” he looked up at her with his blood shot eyes.

“I knew your every move angel. Every move. I know you saw your brother dying. I know you are pregnant and most important I know you came here to trap me.” his tear filled eyes sparkled and his lips curved at one side and formed a smirk.

“You think you know me Angel. You are wrong. And you think I know only the things you want me to know. I’m not your dumb husband. I know the things which you don’t even know about yourself.” his words made her heart race.

“I knew you got married to Sanskar. But I waited for the right time to trap you and your so called team. I knew you are a secret agent the day you were found in my apartment” her eyes were depicting the shock.

“I did not see your message. But I have my own sources. Yes honesty is not for sale but who I cannot buy I have other ways to extract information from them” he spoke.

“So you…” “shhh” he placed his finger on her lips. “I haven’t finished yet” he said. “Let me clear it to all. You know I cannot say it again and again” he got up and dragged her with him.

“Shesh where are you taking me” said she walking behind. “Where you are dying to go” his grip tightened on her wrist. She blankly followed him.


“That’s your AJ. And that’s your so called husband” said Shesh pointing forward. The scenario made Ragini frown.

Adi and Sanskar were tied on a pole arrangements where if Shesh’s men pushed the box below their legs they both will strangulate to death.

“AJ…. Sanky…” Ragini tried running to them but Shesh’s hold on her wrist tightened and she was dragged back and hit his chest.

“What’s the hurry Angel. Still one more surprise is there for you” he smirked and whistled and his few men brought Raman who was extremely injured.  They tied him in the similar arrangement. “You think I will not know if the locked door of your room opens without me unlocking it will not ring any bell in my head” he smirked and dragged her to himself.

“Shesh please. Let them go I beg you. I promise I will do as you say” she pleaded him. “Is this one more trap for me angel?” he asked as he caressed her cheek with the gun. “Shesh you bastard” Raman screamed.

“I must say your RJ has a thick skin. I had thrown him from the cliff and the bullet poison has spread all over his body but look at his power has not reduced an inch also. Kaha se manufacure hue ho bhai?” asked he looking at Raman.

“Leave her Shesh. She was not at fault at all. It was all my plan” said Adarsh. “Marte time bhi credit lena nai chodega kameene tu. It was all my plan” Raman screamed.

“Shut up both of you. Do your Bharat Milap later. I’m not a fan of Mahabharat” said he annoyed.

He felt a gun mouth on his skull. “Correction Bharat Milap was in Ramayan not in Mahabharat” said Rohan smirking. Shesh looked at him through the corner of his eyes and his grip on Ragini loosened. “Tell them to release all of them” Rohan ordered and Shesh signed his men who released them. He instructed them to collect their guns and tie it in a cloth. And tied all of them to the same arrangement.

“Sanskar” Ragini hugged him in a bone crushing hug. “Ouch Ghonchu” he said as his wounds hurt. “I’m sorry” said she in a crying voice.

“No sorry and no thank you in friendship” said he pulling her nose. She smiled hugging him and tears flew out of her eyes.

Rohan smiled looking at them.

Shesh utilized the situation and hit on Rohan’s hand he walked swiftly and dragged Ragini towards him and took the gun which he had hid in the shoe. Everything was so quick nobody had the time to react.

“Shesh” screamed Adi and tried walking towards. “Not one more step” he warned as he dragged Ragini more close to him.

“I told na angel If I have to die I will die with you” he smirked looking at her. Ragini hyperventilated in his grip trying to get out of his hold.

“And before we die let me confess. Yes I was involved in Pari dee’s murder…” his voice stopped when a gun shot him. One more gun shot and the world stopped for the people there.

“Ragu” Adarsh screamed and approached her. She fell on the ground holding her bleeding stomach. Shesh fell backward from the cliff.

Karma comes back. Was that how his story was supposed to end. He stretched his hands in air.

“I love you Shesh. I really do” he heard his angel’s voice.

Though it was a lie it gave the ultimate solace to his soul. His vision blurred and started darkening.

His body became numb and senses stopped working.

His brain wasn’t working. But his heart was still beating.

“Take” she holding the water bottle in a dress of angel was what his heart felt for the last time.

His breathing stopped and the supply to his heart stopped as his body hit the rocks and his soul finally got a relief from his body.


So everything clear right?

No. Is there anything pending ?

“* evil smirk
I know you people might have known me by this time.

The next book in the series will be named The Skeleton in the closet : B3: BLACK SHEEP

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