Storm of the Bruised Hearts -Chapter 12 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

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Hello!!!! I’m back as i promised. Updating on the weekend. So this is the final fb chap which was technically supposed to be posted looonnnggg ago but my laziness always won. Kk I won’t blabber just some alerts- I cropped off half odd the nonsense so u’ll find it a quick n short update compared to my works. I just typed this n didn’t even bother checking what I wrote since I was too into the excitement of playing snow fight with friends. XD ya so ignore all grammatical n spelling errors. Btw my creativity level had been poor lately so pls cooperate. No more blabbers….here goes the most awaiting chap (which is garbage)

Oh a pre-reading info: In Canada, all residents have a health card which is as important as the passport. It defines whether u are a legal or illegal citizenship here and contains all ur personal and health related info. And if u r a Canadian then u need the Health Card for buy the silliest scratch bandage to some highly prescribed pills. In short if u don’t have a health card, u r categorized as an unknown person and even if u r dying, on doctor can treat you.


The door burst open once again as Chote rushed in with Mr. Gruk who looked half asleep on his PJs. Oh man he might have been sleeping! But a doctor always vowed of patience’s health first so he shouldn’t be complaining. I stood up in a hurry not caring how the the wooden chair flipped off backwards crashing into the floor making another bang. My heart shouted louder so this was just an ant-shout to me. Almost tripping off I managed walking to Mr. Gruk as he gave me a confused look.

“Son, Pushkar explained me everything but it’s really hard to treat her since she owns no identity. Without the Health Card I doubt you can buy my prescribed medicines. Still I’ll try, though we all in here are highly aware how much of illegal that sounds.” He sighed as I nodded tensely showing him her soulless body. To not a surprise but his face went all pale the very moment he saw Sumo. He gulped as sweat covered his forehead which he didn’t bother removing. Oh my poor Sumo! Was she okay? Mr. Gruk’s look scared the hell out of me still I held my hope to myself. She must be okay, if not for her, then for me. We have so much more time to spend together…

“Shr-rav-an se-she, you a-re aware? I-I’m so-orry I-errm she didn’t kn-now herself t-e tr-th” He stammered out the words inhaling as if he encountered a ghost.
“Sumo…she should be okay Mr. Gruk. You had always treated us since childhood please do this much for us. She is like a family to us.” Chote cried out as Mr. Gruk smiled mysteriously. It grabbed my attention for a while however her poor condition made me force myself to pull him to her bed for the tests.


My slumber broke the very moment I felt a slight pressure under my palm. Opening my eyes, the eyebrows arched as I realized the movement was of that petite fingers of her hand. She had been under medication for the last two days and never cared opening her eyes same as I never chose closing mines till I don’t know how they disobediently shut off last night. A smile curved into my face as I understood she was finally recovering and hopes filled up my veins. Slowly, I slid my hand off hers and gently rubbed her cheeks expecting her to open those gorgeous eyes. It didn’t. I calmed as I knew she was still fighting but the unconscious mind of mines cried in fear of losing her. I won’t, I convinced myself.
Pushkar tiptoed into the room looking fresher than before carrying some files and a huge smile. Happiness covered the environment instantly. I knew it! Life just couldn’t be that harsh. I returned the full smile as he exhaled revealingly.
“Sumo would for sure faint over your fresh smile.” He chuckled as I slapped him lightly. She didn’t even open her eyes for long and he expects her to faint again.
“Chote come to point.

Explain me the reports and what Mr. Bruk told u.” I pleaded in a weak ordering tone. Chote had been very responsible lately. It also made me realize how much I had missed. All these year, I pulled myself back into my past and never got the chance to look at my brother properly. He indeed grew up into someone mature although he prefers hiding behind that humourous mask. It also took me by a great surprise now thinking how Sumo had commented on him being a man. ‘She knew-everything-always…’

“I went to Mr. Gruk and he told me there is nothing to freak out on. Sumo had been physically harassed but all her hormones are perfectly okay. She hadn’t been gone through any such s*xual activity. It brings both positive and negative outcomes. Positive is obvious- she is still a virgin and negative is we really can’t case any files against those bullocks who tried this nasty work.” Pushkar elaborated as I rolled my eyes. This guy will never change however he grow into a man or a grandpa! Seriously? He would keep his business profits and outcomes aside when it comes to these issues.

“I’ll go to the hostel and bring her belongings. She’ll live with us from now until she officially becomes a Malhotra.

The nurse is there to clean up her clothes presently. Bhaiya I don’t want her to vomit looking at ur stinky body when she wakes up. You should freshen up now.” He winked walking out of the door as I kept smiling like an idiot. I really couldn’t wait for long to call her mines-legally.
Taking a look of hers I stepped into the washroom for a warm shower. It was relieving. Not the shower but the fact that Sumo is healing and things would soon turn perfect for us. If not then we’ll create some of ourselves. Perfection doesn’t have to exist. As long as she is by my side, thing will be greater than perfect. But the little fear, that thin line of insecurities- will she accept me again? What if ego approach between us and split us apart? Will she ever forgive me for my stupidity? I wondered as the water penetrated my semi-permeable skin. Love… when it happens, no egos can overpower the feeling even if it dominates the activities. I won’t leave her, ever. This shall be our fight, together.


I was cooking some simple four-cheese pasta as Mr. Gruk confirmed she’ll be up by the next few hours. She must be hungry and would require a high amount of dairy. Some carbs won’t really kill her perfectly shaped body. I was lost in my world of both happiness and possibilities as I heard soft steps being more audible. My heart wished for her yet I didn’t want myself being a fool so I kept the option to be only Chote and it was right. He walked in, all exhausted, drinking three full glasses of water without any break letting himself relax on the kitchen table. After these days, finally the tiredness reflected off his face.

“Got her clothes from the hostel?” I asked humming ‘counting stars’ tune with my words. Overjoyed- never good you know…
“She never went there” He spoke cold, confused as I turned facing his pale face.
Silence grew and took charged for a while but then he chose to break it with some reasons-

“I went to the university management office to ask for permission to bring Sumo here. The…the director laughed like an idiot explaining how she rejected all the rooms she got with lame excuses. I thought it was all of those sharing dorms with other guys but what took to me by a surprise was that she rejected all hostel letters even when she was offered a room alone last year. And this year, she didn’t even get any letters since the hostel is packed with new first years.”

I gulped. She lied, did she? Yes she did. Why? She never wanted to leave me, my heart cried out internally as I realized it. I had driven her away lately with those stupid half-hanging romance. She felt for me, not for just a few days or months but at least since last year. But now… Where did she live for the last few weeks?
“Sir I got some issues to talk about the miss.” The nurse interrupted my thoughts as she marched into the kitchen too rubbing her fingers against each other. I nodded as I could feel her growing more uncomfortable. Maybe the fact sounded too weird of her not having a guardian and two guy friends talking all about her bio-tests.

I comforted myself throwing away Chote’s words as I knew that was a simple past. Now Sumo would be next to me, till my last breath. I offered the nurse a kitchen stool to relax on as Chote gave her a glass of water. I looked at her seriously, trying my best not to make her run away in terror, which was failing miserably.
“You don’t have to worry about the factor that we are just her friends. I am not. She is my fiance.” I lied… not really, just used a future tense. I looked at Chote who smiled in a 440-volt manner letting out all his teeth. He had been waiting look for my confession, after all.
“Sir… ermm… Ms. Sumo” She started but not with much ease.

I tensed up. What if something wrong happened? What if life was really that harsh and planned a nasty destiny for us. It wouldn’t have happened. I stubbornly stayed positive and allowed her to continue.
“She… Please answer my questions first. Is it the first time she had been abused?”
“Yes… But Mr. Gruk said it wasn’t serious injuries then what’s the matter?” Chote asked concerned.
“No not the injuries. The bruises. Ammm the matter is…. While changing her clothes I realized madam’s body had many previous patches. It’s like… errrmmm sorry Mr. Malhotra, but some marks of pleasure. It’s all old, dark purplish and bruised permanently. For sure it had been marks of far before that night of the downtown incident. Previously, had she been ever involved in any-”

“NO!” I barked at her cutting through her words. I heard enough for the day. Too much of theories to break my perfect Sumo….or was her perfection just an illusion? Was she a player of love or life? I thought I knew her, but I guess I was wrong. I left the kitchen immediately not caring about the pasta any longer. My heart wanted to ran to her room and wake her off that far too long sleep and make her answer all of it but I had to take it slow. I had no proves to blame her more than other’s words.
Instead of walking to hers, I went to my room and locked the doors letting myself fall on the comfy bed. It wasn’t a home now. To my hard world of illusions, this soft bed seemed to be another fake material which would deceive any moment. I closed my eyes as the dots started joining.

I knew nothing about her. Who was she? Sumo… Sumo what? Nothing. What is her name? What is her identity? Where is her health card? If she had been in Canada forever then why didn’t she have her own house by now? Where is her family? How come she froze in simple autumn cold wind if she had been living in this polar zone? Why did she wear full sleeve even during summer and exposed the least of her body- To cover the marks- my brain shouted but I ignored. Nope! She was just like those civilized girls who knew proper dressing- my heart fought back. Maybe her family was in Western Canada in a warmer weather. Like many other Canadians she chose to come to Toronto for education.Yah that made sense how she knew French so well! What was fantasy and what remained reality was all away from head. Sumo- All I knew was I was intensively in love with a stranger who knew every cell of my body and I knew a single stand of her hair which shall fall any moment and make her a complete outsider to me. And it was just then…

No more words were left to be heard. In a rush though the lobby, I found myself standing next to the empty bed with messed up bedsheet. My breath paused, one…two…three…four…five…breath Shravan breath, I ordered myself but too bad my trachea was blocked. I just couldn’t feel the air near me. Too thick to enter my body….

Darkness took charge of my life again as my heart ached with internal bruises… My blood stormed out of the arteries as I realized the truth- She left my soul successfully but not my heart. Those scars that remained back shall only be healed with her literal touch and if ever we are destined to meet again, she must face the beat of hers life. Indeed I was her worst mistake. Sumo… I promise our paths shall intersect once again, and for both worse and betterment.

So the FB ends with this chapter. I’m so happy with the fact I can come back to present and enjoy the fact my ff is ending soon. I hope I marked out all the questions which will be answered soon. Sumo’s life will be revealed soon. For now enjoy a great week. Won’t promise or date the nxt update coz my report cards are due in two weeks and all assignments are under process since i’m a last min worker. I’ll try to post asap (which is nxt weekend) but don’t take that for granted but within the nxt nxt week, there shall b an update for sure.

Till then take care
Have fun
Love u all

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  1. Hey Ariana, it was fabulous!!???

  2. Diya

    It’s very fabulous dear !! I’m happy that this time u kept ur promise !!

    Sumo’s life is really mysterious……and now as the fb ended I think that these mysteries will get solved. Poor Shravan !! Feeling really bad for him. Sanam died and Sumo left !!

    But post soon ok….don’t take centuries to post. I may not comment on ur next posts as my exams r starting soon…but I’ll surely read !!

    Take care.
    Love !!

  3. Its really nice Ariana

  4. It was amazing. Your explanations, as always, were so on point. Loved it.
    So many mysteries!! Mannn. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
    Sorry, can’t do a longer comment rn as I got 3 tests to revise with 4 assignments. Lol ?
    Much love ??

  5. _Rida

    Its an amazing yarrrrrrr…. the perfection in ur writings is at highest level…just cant explain how much i love this mysterious story with slight waves of romance….

    Keep rocking and update next part soon

  6. Awesome chapter Aru!!! Glad that you kept your promise. Really feeling very crestfallen for Shravan. Hope they will unite soon. Post soon

  7. Nikita

    Oyyee… …… I dont know what to say.. I’m happy and sad at the same time..finally the flash back ended and sad cuz this ff is going to end and even sad because of Shravan… you know you’re beautiful writer I have met! now I don’t know what to say because you just left me speechless I am so happy with this ff.. and I’ll just left to say that you are an amazing writer one could ever get!!
    All the best with your assignments and your results and I just like to say come back soon and just post soon..
    Love you
    Muaah :*

    1. Nikita

      Too many grammatical mistakes.. jaldi mei likha.. hope you’ll get it..
      And too many ‘JUST’ as well.. blah! Ignore them!
      I love you!

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  9. WeirdSister

    Hey Supergirl..
    Looks like.. Me and you are having a competition about who can be more late than the other..
    Conclusion- I am sorry for being late again.
    Coming to the chapter..
    Yeah.. Well it was not polished… I mean.. Few grammatical mistakes.. But your portrayal of emotions and your little details made me overlook them…
    So.. Huh.. Finally the flashback ends..
    God knows.. Oh I mean god and you of course..
    That where sumo went.. What happened to her..
    But I guess you are here to answer all the hows and whys….
    You better post soon..
    Because now the real part has started.. And I don’t want to keep waiting okay?
    Love you loads and loads and loads..
    Take care..
    Stay blessed..
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    Sorry babes i know i am super super late but i was hell busy as my new semester has been started and also i am sick from the last few days…..can’t get over this flu…..?????? so sorry for that and yippee finally the fb us over and we r back to the present……i won’t praise u much today i will just say that each n every word was so real that i felt that it was happening infront of me…..i hope u understand by my simple words how much i loved the epi……for some people writing is just an art but for some people they give life to their writing and u r one of them……???????

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