I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 21

So guys as you read in the previous episode that Malini and ishwari don’t want this marriage to happen and hence they are planning to something.

SONA:i am done(they are sitting in a restaurant).
DEV:even i am so lets go!
SONA:yes i am so happy.
DEV:by the way one more thing Malini masi have come to meet me…
SONA:(interuppting dev)u have a masi
DEV:actually..(tells the whole thing) and i love her a lot.
SONA: oh that’s so sweet,i would love to meet her,hope she likes me.
DEV:of course she will.


DEV:ma see who has come.
ISHWARI:who is it?(seeing Sonakshi suddenly her face turns sad but she tries her best to smile)
ISHWARI:(shocked but does not show on her face) Sonakshi come in
SONAKSHI(smiles and is about to get in when a voice interupts her)
DEV:masi..masi this is Sonakshi whom i..
MALINI:i know that.

SONAKSHI:(touching her feet )
MALINI:khush raho(be happy)Sonakshi i want to ask you one question and then only i will accept u as dev’s would be wife.
SONA:ok(getting nervous)
DEV:but masi..
MALINI:don’t u interrupt dev(in a very stern voice)
SONA:dev please.
MALINI:so tell me if u and dev marry and then further in life you have certain problems due to which you get irrated let us consider you have problems with your mother in law that is ishwari then what is the simple solution you could think of?
SONA:its simple i would sort the issues and yes i will keep dev away from these matters because in most cases problems between mother in law and bahu arises due to husband/son’s interruption.
MALINI(smilingly)intelligent ..get in

NIKKI:di oops my would be bhabhi come na i have to show you something.
SONA:ok(looks towards ishwari and Malini and sees them nodding so she goes)
NIKKI:see this its nice na.(showing something to sonakshi
SONA(not quite interested actually she is thinking something else)SONA P.O.V.:i thought dev’s masi will ask a very difficult question but such an easy question how?
NIKKI(interrupting sona’s thought)bhabhi you are not listening…
SONA:sorry i was lost somewhere say what?
NIKI:this is nice or
SONA:i guess that one is better .

ISHWARI P.O.V.:am i wrong Sonakshi seems sosensible …
MALINI:don’t even think of it
ISHWARI:di but what happen?
MALINI:i know you might be thinking that Sonakshi is so sensible.
ISHWARI:..umm..yes di the answer which she gave you seems so sensible na.
MALINI:ishwari ishwari my dear ishwari you are so innocent. But that Sonakshi is not she is very clever.

ISHWARI:what do you mean?
MALINI:sonkashi wants to keep dev away from you just recollect her words that she would not allow dev to come between u and her.
ISHWARI:but ..
MALINI:i have understood her very well and she is not good for our dev ishwari.
MALINI:anyways i have some work so..(goes from there)
ishwari sits on her bed and recollects sonakshi’s words again and again.

BEJOY:Asha don’t you think we should go for some shopping.
ASHA:but why?
BEJOY:why? You are asking this Asha its our daughters wedding …how could you forget.
ASHA:but its not fixed now and don’t you think we being should once go and talk about this to ishwari ji.
BEJOY:hmm.let sona come back we will discuss it with her and then we will go to ishwari mansion.

PRECAP:ASHA:ishwari ji do you have any problem with dev and sonakshi’s marriage.
BEJOY:yes if so please don’t hesitate.
MALINI:(interrupts ishwari):bhai sahab why will ishwari have any problem with this marriage ..sonakshi is such a sweet girl.i think we should arrange their engagement soon
Both sona and dev smile hearing this

So guys how was it i hope you all liked it tell me through your comments….

  1. Fantastic♥♥

  2. Erina

    Exicited n scared too…..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you…scary yes i agree ?..?

  3. Wow amazing??

  4. V.V.harshita

    Hey hi its was awsome. ….and some wht scared too….plzs post soon

  5. Priya12

    Ishu shuld go 2 the hell with tat maasi…epi was superbbb….excited 4 nxt epi

  6. Manya

    Post soon

  7. Malini is a hard nut…. On one side she’s pumping ishwari against sona….And other side agreeing for devAkshi relationship….. Bring it on girl….. It was simply awesome and amazing as usual

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