Spoilers 8th July 2019

Jhansi ki Rani: Manu is leaving the Palace reading Gangadhar’s letter which he wrote long back during the tunnel incident. Kashi informs Gangadhar that Maharani is leaving. Gangadhar stops her and asks why she is leaving the palace. Manu asks if my mistake is so big that you asked me to leave the Palace. Gangadhar is surprised and asks when did I tell. Manu shows the letter? Gangadhar asks Janki if she recognizes the letter. Janki lies to him again. Manu thinks this is done because of hatred and tells that Janki can’t bear to see Maharaj and her getting closer as she doesn’t want her to have their baby. Janki says when our truth is out, the war will be two-sided, only one will win.

Raja Beta: Vedant comes to answer Purva after refusing Pankhudi’s love. He decides that Purva is his first priority and love. He says sorry for scolding her much. He says he will answer her who is more important to him, baby or her. He finds her not replying and checks her. He finds poison coming from her mouth. He gets shocked seeing her critical state.

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