Breaking the silence… after a while

Breaking the silence… after a while


“Krishna, how long are you gonna take?” should I change to my pajamas!” he sounded agitated, yet again.

“Sayyam, this is an emergency here, I think it’ll take half an hour,” she spoke in a muffled voice, lowering her voice as much as possible out of the operation theatre.

“Alright, call me when you are done… I’ll come to pick you.” with that he banged his phone on the bed loosening his tie.

“one more time our plans are canceled love,” he whispered to the room which has not witnessed two love birds for a while.

“time for a good night,” he said and lied on the bed.

“Hey, Google!!! entertain me… he muttered out of boredom.

“Okay Sir, there are a few suggestions…select one.” the automated lady From San Francisco replied with the suggestions, obviously.

“We knew it from always Krishna then why this separation kills, Hun?” they haven’t talked properly for a whole week, actually 8 days to be precise.

First, he was out for some foreign trip and then these night shifts of her’s, after a long time they had decided for this night out just after her shift but then these emergencies…

“Welcome to the Married life, Husband!!!” her words from the phone this Morning laughed on him.

“Sayyam…” it was his mother on the door.

“yes Ma…” he said sitting on the bed.

“when you go to pick Krishna, I might be sleeping but tell her she does not need to wake up early tomorrow for the Havan and… she stopped abruptly.

“Are you okay son?” she stared her son closely.

“Yeah Ma, what will happen to me?” he said grumpily playing with his phone.

“well, it doesn’t look like Son,” Suhani said lowly caressing his hairs.

“i am okay Ma, just been exhausted I guess,” he said lying down on her lap.

“from the time you met her, you knew what her life, what your life was going to be,” she spoke softly gently pressing his forehead.

“Yeah Ma, I know…I just miss Being with her.” the last words died in his throat.

“give your Marriage time, son. and talk about your schedules.” this was the last thing he wanted to hear but still. “you being in administrations and she being a doctor it would always be tough, son!! but you two need to try.” she told him the very difficulty of his marriage.

The soft pressing on his head called the sleep and he slept off totally forgetting she had to call him in an hour or so.




She entered a quiet house, everyone was sleeping soundly.Dr. Ray had dropped her home since it was 1 at night.

The half an hour emergency had taken three long hours, she had no courage to enter the room so she thought to have dinner before going in.

Taking the first bite she turned on the network and a trail of messages followed on the only social media she was using.

Skipping the random Hellos and Hiis she reached to a message from “Ma”.

“ring me when you are Home dear, something important…”The message read but the hidden urgency behind the message seemed horrible.

With the message the appetite was gone and taking her bag she went to her mother in law’s room to knock and with one knock she smacked her head, “ she had to ring her not knock her door.’

“sleep was showing it’s effects on her.”

“Sorry Ma, actually………

“Hey,No worries Krishna… come inside.” rubbing her eyes she invited her in and turned on the lights of her room.

“Papa?” she asked the lonely bed.

“well some work came, he left for Guwahati this afternoon,” she told her.

“hey, did you eat or not,” asking her she almost stand to grab something for her.

“no ma, I am done, tell me why did you…”

“yeah, I had to tell you, don’t wake up tomorrow for the havan, we’ll manage,” suhani told her with concern visible in her voice.

“no ma, its the pooja, I can wake up…”

“Dont play with your health.i told you na, we’ll manage and besides I have to talk about something else.” her mother in law’s strictness surprised her sometimes.

“Yeah Ma…” her gut was telling it was something serious.

“i am not complaining or anything, don’t take it that way but your husband slept waiting for you. Last Saturday I saw you were sleeping on the couch waiting for him and he came back in the morning when you were sleeping.” she took a brief pause. “this is what you two have thought for future, hun?”

“he never listens what I say, your father in law is not interested to talk between your matters, but I am the mother na… I have to think about you two..right?” she kept the thing bugging her for the last two months.

Krishna started saying something but nothing came to her and she left a sigh.

“i’ll do something Ma,” she said after a while without looking up.

“no, you two talk about it and manage …not only you or only him…okay?” Suhani smiled on Krishna.

“thanks Ma,” Krishan whispered.




As quiet as possible she washed, changed her clothes and tried sliding beside him but…

“Ouch, what was it…” she jumped on her place as something rounded touched her waist and it hurt like hell.

“what happened? Are you okay?” in no moment he was up with the shrill.

“Yeah, I am. But Your watch is gone I guess,” she said rubbing herself in the dark.

“let it be gone… I think I kept it here in sleep.” he sat in front of her. “where did it go?” he said to himself as he searched the bed.

“i put it away.” finally turning to normal she said.

‘is it still hurting?” he asked genuinely.

“no, I am fine, I’ll just rub something on it..” she muttered leaving the bed.

A bright light filled the room with the flick of a switch.

“you didn’t change Sayyam?” she enquired as finally looked at him in the light.

“No, I was waiting…one minute, I told you to call me.” now it was his turn to inquire her.

“actually I gave a little ring but when you didn’t call back I thought you might be sleeping…it was late anyway,” he said sheepishly.

“what time it is?” he whispered grabbing his phone and the time surprised him.

“please keep calling me until I pick when you are this late.” he was concerned for her.

“this is not okay to come alone you know,” he said and the voice seemed upset as he turned to change his clothes.

he has just discarded his shirt when her arms snaked him from behind. He stilled for a moment but recovered when her cheeks touched his bare back.

“one of us need a good sleep when other is working..right? And your wife knows to manage.” she whispered closing her eyes inhaling his perfume.

“but I can pick you until your driver resumes his duties…right,” he said pulling her in front of him.

“absolutely right,” she said as she smiled to him.

“i am sorry for the emergency,” she said lowly as he hugged her tightly.

“well, emergencies are named so because no one can stop them or get saved from them… you are a doctor, you have to save them,”he answered rubbing the places where he assumed she was hurt.

“are we good?” she asked him after a while.

‘yeah… why?” he asked searching any suspicious thoughts in her eyes.

“nothing… just thought we needed to think about our lives,” she said keeping on her head on his chest.

“we both have our Jobs Krishna, till we are waiting for each other it is fine,” he said shifting his fingers on her hairs.

One more time he solved everything in no moment but it was not done this time… she had to do something and perhaps she would say No to a few cases in coming time.

With the thought she let her body enjoy the kisses blown on her neck.

“i think we both are not sleepy and besides your Suhani Ma has given orders for her only daughter-in-law to go underground tomorrow.’ he said dramatically. “So…”

Their bodies melted in the soft kisses and caresses, their inner wild which was in daylight was kept hidden was the king in the darkness.

“what do you mean it is not there?” she asked him baffled.

In the middle of something, this important such breakers were surely not invited.

“yes it is not under the bed cover.” he was getting agitated by now.

“then leave, complete it.” she nearly ordered him.

“but are you ready to get pregnant now?” he asked her and he smile was visible in his tone.

“really?” she was angry by now and they didn’t need any more words did they.

Ask the sailor the pain of up-streams and he will tell you what it feels.



Hello My lovely Kriyyam fans, how are all of you guys, hun? well, i was marking my 100th Post so how can I forget my lovely friends and readers who supported me complete my first work here.

i know i have not been good in terms of the other ff on kriyyam i was writing but somewhere i lost the track and inspiration but soon i am hoping I ll complete that one.

now i hope you guys enjoy this one, do tell me how you like.

with love Morusya.

p.s.- one should never forget their beginning and firsts of the people who believed in them.?❤

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