Spoilers 3rd December 2019

Nimki Vidhayak:
Monu gets scared seeing Mintu, having Babbu’s lookalike. Nimki tells them that Mintu isn’t like Babbu. She proves to them that Mintu is just Mintu. She asks Mintu to go to his Dadi. He tells her that he had overheard her conversation. He wants to help her as she had helped him. He wants his rights as a friend. She doesn’t want to give him any rights, since that would mean she is making him part of her life. Mintu wants to take Anaro home and look after her, so that Nimki’s problem solves. Anaro looks ahead to go home. She misses her son. She is upset.

Juhi confronts Shashank about the strange notes. She tells that someone is surely trying to make her against him. He learns about someone ruining his image. He gets angry and asks her not to believe such nonsense. She is relieved that her trust on Shashank didn’t break. She doesn’t want to know anything such about him that makes her hate him.

Kahaan HKT

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Nimki Vidhayak


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