Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Pooja learns adoption truth

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The Episode starts with Pooja reading the news. She gets shocked. Sonakshi looks on. Some time back, Rohit gets angry seeing Pari. He asks have you gone mad Pari, I wish to throw you down the balcony, did you make all this a drama, why did you do this. She asks what did I do. He shows the newspaper and says don’t lie to me, Tapasya told me the truth. Pooja says thanks, the shopping was good, what’s the next plan. Sonakshi says spa. Veena calls and asks is Pooja fine. Sonakshi says I can’t hear you. She asks Shankar to stop the car aside. She says Pooja is fine, don’t worry. Rohit asks how did you know about Pooja’s adoption. Pari says I heard you and Sonakshi talking that day. He asks didn’t you think about Sonakshi and me, my family will be ruined because of this one mistake, you don’t like Pooja, but you like Sonakshi right.

Pari says sorry, I had a fight with Pooja that day, she taunted me about my dad. He says so what, you didn’t think of Sona, everyone will blame her and my decision to marry her, I can teach you a lesson but you are family to me, disgusting Pari. She says sorry, I will come and say sorry to Pooja. He says don’t do anything now, don’t come to my house, I beg you, don’t tell Sonakshi about this, her heart will break, I cannot see my Sona cry, disgusting. Pooja asks for water. Shankar says its over. She says I will get it. He says I will get it. She says its okay. She goes to the stall. Sonakshi says I will take Pooja, don’t worry, trust me. Suman sees Rohit leaving and calls him out.

She says what happened to him. The man says your phone came in the papers, you are shown on tv also, you are Parvati’s relative right. Pooja says yes, she is famous, anyways thanks. Sonakshi sees the man going to give newspaper to Pooja. She runs and throws the newspaper. She falls down. Pooja holds Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks why did you get down the car. Pooja says I didn’t give him money. She goes to give money. The man asks is your Bhabhi fine. Pooja says yes. She picks the newspaper. Sonakshi shouts. Pooja gets shocked and cries. Sonakshi takes her. She tries to console Pooja. Rohit gets Sonakshi’s call and is shocked.

Sukhmani says Sonakshi said Pooja won’t know, then how did this happen. Rohit says I m sure Sonakshi tried her best. Rohan says media got to know this from Sonakshi. Rohit says Sonakshi didn’t do this. Rohan asks who did this. Rohit says I will slap you. Veena asks what’s this misbehavior. They see Pooja. They all try to act normal in front of Pooja. Yash asks are you fine. Pooja cries. Veena asks how was the day today, was it fun. Yash says Nishi called, she said she bought half London for you, she is coming back next week. Rohit says yes, my appointments got cancelled today, why don’t we go for dinner today.

Veena says Pooja isn’t fine, call the hospital, Rohan. Deepa says Tanya is confused about baby name, we will go to her. Pooja asks am I adopted. She cries. Sonakshi says listen to me Pooja. Veena cries. Everyone worries. Sonakshi slaps Pooja. She asks her to be strong. Pooja hugs her. Sonakshi says I m sorry, calm down. Yash says you are my daughter, all this is nonsense. Pooja says listen to me, please Sir. Yash gets shocked. She goes to her room. Yash says she isn’t calling me dad. Rohit and Veena console him. Rohan gets angry on Sonakshi. He asks why are you silent, did the media do this again, or any stranger told her. Sonakshi says sorry, I tried, but …. Rohan says you leave it. He goes. Sonakshi says I was careful but… Yash says enough Sonakshi, stay away from this matter and Pooja, you don’t know real emotions, its my mistake. He goes. Veena says Yash is right, we will manage Pooja, you don’t worry, you prepare for tomorrow’s shooting. She goes. Sukhmani says we could have handled this well. Everyone goes. Rohit sees Sonakshi crying. She says I tried. He hugs her.

Sonakshi goes to Pooja’s room. She gets shocked seeing Pooja’s suicide attempt. She shouts Pooja.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Why don’t we all just crucify Sonakshi. Even Veena and the old bag has to have their two bob’s worth.

  2. These people are behaving stupidly. In this day and age you cannot hide the truth form anybody once it is out in the open. If one article has been posted and everyone read it, Pooja’s friends relatives everybody, then the only way of keeping her unaware is locking her in a room forever without phone or laptop. How can they expect Sonakshi to prevent Pooja from knowing the truth? It is impossible

  3. SerialLover

    I don’t know what “protecting” Pooja from the news meant. And I didn’t understand why she was crying. She should be happy and thankful to her family for taking carer of her like a real daughter, and not go inside and do some non sense.
    Yeah, knowing this way, through mass media is definitely a shock for her.
    And I think, the promos were true. Even Rohit is trying to hide the actual culprit from Sona.

  4. I was worried she may try a suicide attempt, they’ve always shown Pooja to be delicate and this news came to as a shock to her. It’s the family’s fault as well once it was in the media they should have sat her down and told her the truth finding out like that was always going to end badly and like the above people mentioned sooner or later when she went back onto social media or see friends she would have found out anyway. Sukhmani said we could have handled it well, no they didn’t handle it well they chose to hide it from Pooja which was going to be impossible.
    I’m glad Pari got that rollocking from Rohit and glad he added do not come to my house.
    The best thing for Rohit and Sonakshi is to move out and live their own lives.
    Naren hides behind respectability as if he is so innocent and also Rohan is just like his dad, the two guilty ones bark the loudest. If he hadn’t invited Pari to their house under false pretences none of this would have happened

  5. I can totally understand what Pooja is goin thro???, it is not easy to handle such an embarassing TRUTH with the whole WORLD shouting at u???, it sould have been revealed in private. I wished Rohit should have listened to Sonakshi earler and revealed the truth to her, which would have made things easier for Pooja???.
    I think, Sonakshi took a bad decision to take responsiblity of Pooja???, it would have been easier to protect Pooja if she would have been with someone who is away from MEDIA CONTACTS?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, but i felt really BAD 4 her today???, just glad that Rohit is supporting her even in this moment, most of the times, the husbands take side of the FAMILY instead of the wife???, Rohit you a GR8 HUBBY!!!???
    The thing which i couldn’t tolerate is Rohan’s attitute???, actually it is coz of him, all this is happening???, he had s*x with that b*t*h PARI in his OWN BEDROOM, which led to LAND her BRACELET there and all this DRAMA. ???
    I wish this Rohan-Pari are exposed and Rohan thrown out of the house, to rot on the streets???, he doesn’t desrves Tanya, Tanya shoud have married AJ not this a*sh*le ROHAN.???

    1. Being adopted is not an embarrassment Lisa . Rather she should be thankful like serial lover said .

  6. Agree with everybody’s comments . Pari totally deserved what she got . I hope Rohit is the one who finds out about her affair and not Sonakshi or Naren so Sonakshi doesn’t get blamed for it.

    Coming to pooja…It was stupid of the family trying to hide it from her . The whole world knows . They need to sit her down and tell her the truth. She is old enough and she will be able to handle it . I think the precap is Sonakshi’s dream .

  7. Poojas reaction is justified but sippy family members are being towards Sona . They should show us something new . Not typical Indian women tolerating torture and proving innocence blah blah bla.
    One thing is good that Rohit didn’t misunderstand Sona .

    Makers should show us something fresh . If Sona leaves , Rohit should also go with her.

    This Rohan is up to next level . He said I love Tanya and loyal to her ? my foot man .

    Whatever I’m writing here after toooo many days . I’ve been watching this but never felt to write as same old thing being shown . Very disappointed .

    Shari huye ekdin hua bhi nehi sabka rang dhang Nadal Gaya . Getting disgusted over every sippy members except ronakshi

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