Spoilers 30th April 2019

Roop: Ishika regrets to give divorce papers to Roop and thinks all her happiness is dull without him. Kanchan asks her to go and bring back the papers. Roop tells that he is ready to marry Seva. Ishika is happy and comes to Shamsher’s house. Bua does their Tilak rasam and makes them have sweets. Just then Ishika comes there and gets teary eyes seeing Roop’s engagement with Seva. Shamsher has planned to trap Roop to marry Seva and keeping Ishika away from Roop.

Jhansi Ki Rani: Ross plans to attack Jhansi and gift it to Governor General. Manu fights with the bundels with her widows’ team and says Jhansi is ours. The fight with the bundels continue. Gangadhar sees Manu’s warrior side and gets impressed. Saku Bai asks Soldiers to kill Gangadhar. Janki and Laccho Bai ring the bell for help, but Ross tells that they will attack Jhansi after Bundels kills them and get Jhansi in their control.

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