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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay and Bulbul decide to opt for surrogacy to get their child. He convinces his family to support Bulbul. He wants to get Bulbul out of her sorrow. Bulbul gets crazy to achieve motherhood. Vijay worries with her big expectations. Bulbul plans everything for the baby. He asks Bulbul to wait till they find the surrogate. Vijay and Bulbul find a woman in need, who agrees to become their surrogate. The woman comes to their house to stay with them. Vijay and Bulbul get done with the surrogacy process. Mandira has plotted to send the woman to their house, just to trick them, while she herself becomes the surrogate. She takes advantage of the situation and enters the family by replacing that woman. Mandira will bring big twists in Vijay and Bulbul’s lives.

Krishna Chali London:
Radhe gets mistaken about Krishna and Prashant’s relation. He wonders if they are still in touch secretly. He didn’t imagine Krishna would lie to him for Prashant’s sake. He doesn’t know that Krishna is lying to him for Shukla’s sake. Krishna is keeping Shukla’s request and hiding the tax issues from Radhe, so that he doesn’t worry. She wants to handle everything herself until Radhe becomes educated and capable to handle Shukla’s business. Radhe gets drunk to sink his sorrow. His drunken state upsets the family.

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