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Episode 3

Started from 1 and half years later almost 15 months have been passed away to twinkle to leave India along with her whole family in this time she went through lots of pain and tears. Twinkle bear so much very hard time for her to survive when she needed kunj most, but he was not with her what give most twinkle pain oftentimes whenever  she saw her baby which reflected Kunj shadow fully his face always comes in front of her eyesight and his harsh and cheap words about her which echoed in her ears most difficult Time for Taneja family they take care of twinkle like small baby. They didn’t let anyone know about twinkle pregnancy after when they get to know about twinkle pregnancy immediately after one week later they leave India and come London where Rt setup everything they all try to give twinkle happy life but she lost in her pain.. the baby she carrying  in her womb her pregnancy was also not simple due to stress her bp always on high level which not good for both mamma and baby. She didn’t talk very much just lost in herself. She didn’t care about Anything what happening to her she don’t know. At many times this condition to comes that twinkle can lost her baby this Rt and Leela can’t let happen it they wanted twinkle baby anyhow they know after this baby come to the world bring twinkle happiness as well. 24 hours Leela and Rt even fuzail too surrounds to twinkle. See she is happy or not.This 9months went so onerous for twinkle after baby birth twinkle condition not well. She can’t move out from her bed. Leela and Rt see baby everything twinkle didn’t care whether baby is hungry or not. Baby was crying in front of her and he just  look like a kunj like his father kunj blood running in his veins.Now baby was 6 months old. Who was weak didn’t get good potion inside in twinkle was crying for his / her mamma warm.

Twinkle was lost totally she forgot how to smile.That bubbly twinkle who always carry beautiful smile on her face and her dimples making her more pretty.

Everything has changed now kunj get busy in his life style hardly he remembers twinkle now because of maya.That reason was usha who make maya behind kunj.Maya unaware about Usha intentions.Just normally she was with kunj. Staying at Sarna Mansion.After twinkle leave India kunj didn’t try to find where is twinkle now.Everyone become selfish.Manohar who was still same on wheelchair.His eyes always finding twinkle everywhere he is obligated can’t speak and asked about twinkle.Manohar knows each and everything.Twinkle and Kunj Time was poor who didn’t support them.

Usha who finding girls for kunj always.Her motive is that kunj get marry to maya. But she can’t speak itself. Usha didn’t leave any single way to humiliate twinkle after her too.

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Beautiful mansion Rt and Leela house. They live with their 3 kids yes even twinkle baby was their more. Both of them fighting for baby.Twinkle baby is apple of Rt and Leela eyes. It’s true phrase asal se zyada sood pyara hota hai” now Rt and Leela have three kids that we can say after see their love for twinkle small baby. Fuzail even he too fan of his sister little baby.He had someone now with whom he can play.

First screen come. Leela and Rt sitting in living room.They both were talking about twinkle Rt always felt bad for his princess whatever happened with twinkle she didn’t come out from this after see her like a broken soul he feel numbers of knife hurting him. A father who always keep his daughter like a princess and give her best life. Never let tears fall down from her eyes he can fight for her only at one time he loose when Destiny decided tears for her. Today because of kunj twinkle life become like this. Father give daughter reason to live in this world when he find a boy for her whom he wanted that his daughter love her husband and make him her everything if he only broke her like anything that so painful for her and him as well.

Leela: you come I’ll see lunch.

Rt:hmm where is fuzail..h

Leela:yet he didn’t come.

Rt:you give twinkle medicine.Leela don’t know till when twinkle stay like this she just stay in her zone.

Leela:hmm give her time she takes time to heal fully.we should thank to god what condition she made of herself at least baby was fine now. The way twinkle pregnancy going I was just hoping nothing happened to baby after so much struggle we got baby.

Rt:yes Leela I just wanted my twinkle didn’t lose her baby this baby give her reason to live but look at twinkle Leela. She didn’t care at all what going on around her.

Leela:haa ji my daughter break down fully.

Just than servant come along with small baby in her hands who wrapped in baby duvet fully crying slightly she come to Leela and Rt. They see and give smile..

La mere bacha what happened give my little soul to me. Servant give baby to Leela and went. Leela place baby in her lap and look at baby who stop crying his lips fully become dry..

Rt:what happened to my bacha.

Leela:see till yet your maamu didn’t come.

Just than fuzail.

Fuzu:maamu is here.. Rt and Leela see him and fuzail come and sit beside them.

Leela:see maamu come.

Fuzu:see my rockstar what happened to him.

Leela:nothing just crying.Leela check whether baby was hungry or not she give her finger in baby mouth baby started licking like anything.He is hungry your sister didn’t feed him what I’ll do now. I’ll see her. Mera bacha.She cuddles baby.They went in twinkle room as soon as they entered in room and their eyes went on twinkle who sitting near window and looking at sky. All colors went away from twinkle life.

Rt:see her didn’t have her food too. They went towards her Rt keep his hand on her shoulder. Twinkle. She didn’t give any response.

Leela:Twinkleeeeee she shake her. See baby why don’t you feed him. Dekh iss ko iss ke lips bhi dry hogaya hai. Kam se kam apna toh khayal nahi rakh shakti hai apne bache ka toh rakh just a small work can’t you do it feed him on time not at all. Twinkle just blink her eyes like a ghost.

Rt:yes twinkle puttar even didn’t have your lunch too come.Rt hold her hand and take her to bed.Twinkle sit and looking down.

Leela sit beside her. Place baby in twinkle lap.Twinkle see baby who dying for her just looking at her from his small eyes.

Leela:apne bete ko feed kar okay I’ll come and see him.

Fuzu:yes didi than we both will play together.They went out of the room. Twinkle see baby.Yes twinkle give birth too baby boy. Who is nearly 6months old now.

His name is Ammar meaning of his name

one who brings a place back to life one who tends and maintains something “long-lived”God-fearing”, pious one whose presence brings joy to others”.

He is very cute baby he went on his father and mother almost.Ammar hold twinkle duppta patting on her chest and started crying twinkle see him tears come slightly she wiped it out.And started feeding him after drinking drop of his mother milk he feels so good become relax.Hardly he come near to twinkle when she feed him most of the time he just with his nanu and nani or maamu.

Ammar closes and his presence give twinkle Kunj is near to her. Twinkle about to pulled back baby but he didn’t leave his mother at all. She feed him more. After fuzail come in room twinkle composed herself and fuzail come and sit beside twinkle.Twinkle give baby to fuzail who wiped baby lips and making him take burped this is his work.Twinkle just lay down her back facing to ceiling. Fuzail place baby on bed and started playing with baby. Now fuzu got little brother boy with whom he play everyday he had complained why he didn’t have brother in ammar he get.Fuzail ticking on ammar stomach he was laughing loudly.

Fuzu:didi see him..

Twinkle:hmm you take him please.

Fuzu:hmm.Fuzail went downstairs along with ammar.Twinkle just thinking about kunj still each and everything playing in her mind. In this time single day and night didn’t went that twinkle didn’t miss kunj. She craved for him always.When she try to forgot kunj ammar come and didn’t let her forgot kunj.Twinkle can see shadow of kunj on ammar face.He is kunj blood but no one knows about this. Without knowing this everyone abused her so much after got to know about her pregnancy they abused her baby as well this she can’t bear it.

Leela:you both play together okay.

Fuzu:yes MAA. Ammar we’ll see cartoons okay fuzu sit and make him as well on his lap carefully he just now started sitting itself not fully.Ammar watching cartoons get happy. Leela and Rt see ammar.

Rt:don’t know why twinkle keep ammar away from her.

Leela:hmm if by mistakenly he get hurt that time she’ll come and scold us. I understand her pain.

Rt:what we’ll do today I’m feeling bored.

Leela:let’s go do shopping for my bacha.

Rt:yeah this is best.They both left for shopping. Later fuzail feels wet on his lap. He check ammar pee on him.

Fuzu:rockstar what you did. See maamu chii.

Ammar:in baby language huh.fuzail change his diaper and clothes as well.

Ammar rest his head on fuzail shoulder fuzail patting on his back making him sleep. Soon he sleep.Fuzail went in twinkle room and see her she too sleep he went near to twinkle he can see dry tears marks on twinkle cheeks. He felt bad but can’t do anything they all didn’t give any kind of stress to twinkle even handle Ammar they too.

Fuzail make ammar lay down near twinkle embrace covered them and he kiss on twinkle forehead. He went back downstairs get busy in his college work.

Other side Leela and rt went in baby sections and buy so many things for ammar already he have everything still they loved to shopping for him.

They wanted twinkle too enjoy this small moments.Her old painful memories didn’t let her come out.

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Kunj and Yuvi office they both working together take their business high level.

Kunj was on his cabin working just than maya entered there with lunch box,

Maya:may I come.

Kunj: he see her and give smile yes maya come.

Maya went towards him and take her seat keep the lunch box.

Maya: now stop working come have your lunch.

Kunj:thanks you take care of me.They both sit and maya make plate for him they both having lunch together.Yuvi come there and see he always tease them but they both didn’t take it in serious way.He come and take seat beside kunj having lunch too.

Yuvi:maya is the best who bring hot food for us.


Yuvi:Mahi toh huhu. Sab biwiya aeshi hoti hai what say kunj??


Yuvi: in this you were lucky twinkle take care of you. Kunj stop the food and look at Yuvi.

Kunj:please Yuvi.

Yuvi:sorry sorry. I’m thinking let’s go for dinner tonight I’ll give you all nice dinner party.

Maya:idea was good you both finished your work me and Mahi as well.

Kunj:sure.Later maya went and Kunj went and get busy and thinking about twinkle but in hatred way.

After sometimes later.Ammar wake up and see his mother he play with her cheeks itself.Due to his voice twinkle wake up and see him.She caress his hairs. Twinkle felt scared when he grow up if he asked about his father what she’ll tell him.

Anyhow he is kunj blood kunj name connected behind his name he is Ammar Kunj Sarna we can’t change this fact. World don’t know about this even Kunj didn’t believe ammar is his own baby.

One night change twinkle life totally.

Twinkle get up and take ammar in her hands.

Twinkle:babaji kyu yeh Kunj jesha dekh ta hai whenever I see his face and eyes I can see kunj face in him. When everything finished between us still. When you make my life hell I’ll live but you give me this baby. Left connection between me and kunj because of ammar. This fact I can’t deny in my whole life that he is kunj and my son. Kunj don’t know he and his family didn’t care about me. I didn’t wanted their shadow falls on him. I’ll never let him know about this I was pregnant with his baby and this baby was kunj. He is just my maa and papa baby I can’t call him my baby because I don’t have anything to give him.

My all self-respect his father smash.mitti me mila dena.Aaj his baby was with me. I was try to forgot kunj but ammar didn’t let me forgot him. Why I still love him I’ll never forgive kunj in my life what they all did with me.Twinkle take ammar and went downstairs and see Leela and rt come they shopped so much.Twinkle went near them and sit beside rt.Twinkle give ammar to Leela and she keep her head on rt lap.

Twinkle:again you went for shopping.

Rt:yes see we buy so many things for our son.

Twinkle:he is your son more than me na papa.

Rt:yes twinkle puttar.Fuzail and Leela try all clothes on ammar.Twinkle feel good they all loved ammar so much.

Maya tell to Mahi about their dinner night. Usha listen and get happy and she take maya select nice outfit for maya. Soon Mahi and maya get ready even Kunj or Yuvi as well. They come in hall.

Usha:see Bebe maya looking so pretty with kunj.


Usha:now you people go.they left for dinner Mahi and Yuvi sit in back seat while maya with kunj in front. While going to restaurant in the way Taneja mansion comes.

Mahi: don’t know where bade papa went.

Yuvi:why you care let them after whatever happened they need place to hide their face.

Maya: still Yuvi so suddenly twinkle and his family disappears.And Mahi she is your cousin your parents knows about this. Even twinkle didn’t come at Chinki wedding with your brother.

Kunj:you guys stop.The reached to restaurant and went inside Oder their food soon their food come and they enjoyed lot. Having fun and laughing loudly. After dinner they went for long drive kunj running behind maya.They walk hand-to-hand.

Leela put ammar all clothes in wardrobe. Rt and Fuzail handling him while Leela bring twinkle good she make her have with her hands and give her medicine as well.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes automatically.

Leela:twinkle puttar are you okay. Twinkle hugged tightly to Leela and crying loudly.

Leela consoling her rubbing her back. Twinkle bas puttar kab take aeshe karegi.

Twinkle: MAA why this happened to me I never did anything wrong with anyone still see my life become hell.Kunjjjj why he leave me you know MAA I can’t live without him still when babaji knows we’ll separate from each other’s than why’d he have given me baby. We separated from each other’s till our last breath but this small souvenir of our part making us connected somewhere MAA.

Leela:stop now why you think this ammar is your baby not kunj.I know kunj blood running in ammar veins but you give him birth not.tu uski MAA hai twinkle.I don’t know you wanted  ammar but we wanted him.No need of this to give ammar kunj name.He is twinkle son. Meri bachi jeena shik phir se us choti jaan ka kya kasoor hai. Iive your life twinkle don’t take tension about Ammar for him we are here always. Everytime a father only give identity not twinkle world we’ll knows ammar by you.

Take your time. Leela feed him and went down while twinkle get up and stand near window seeing snowfalls this snow making place beautiful covered all things. Like this all pain and tears given by kunj covered twinkle happiness somewhere. Servant come with ammar he give to twinkle and went back twinkle cuddles him still standing. Other side kunj near lake and feeling cool breeze. Water ripples echoing in kunj ears loudly.

Kunj:our relationship to like this ripples twinkle break down immediately why you cheat me.You know what twinkle we don’t have anything just nameless marriage. I never thought you’ll do this with me.We are just roommates only we don’t have anything.Our rishta like diya lo hawa aai and bhuj gaya.maya come from behind and give back hugged to kunj.Twinkle and Kunj both at the same time looking at moon.












Tears falling down from twinkle cheeks.

Just than their one man call his wife..

Twinklee as soon as heard twinkle name kunj shocked he turned and see she is not twinkle.

Kunj:pagal hu me.Till hoping for her we are finished. She must be happy with her vikram.Twinkle cuddles Ammar and cried lot.

What’ll happened when twinkle and Kunj meet::,,.jaane ke liye dekhiye and read kare iss pyaar ko kya naam Doon. Only on telly update ??..

Episode end..


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